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    There's some new technology that a company is developing (I apologize, I can't remember the company off hand) that could replace captcha. It's basically a slide bar that you have to move until a picture comes into focus, like the focus dial on a camera. Perhaps they could use that?
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    i dedicate this post to that chick in the background :D
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    nice barbarian santa :D
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    Always good to see JW talking about D3 and being ethuthiastic about the future of the game!

    And I agree with other comments here, I would not want to be answering CAPTCHA questions if I'm playing. There has to be a better way to detect and stop cheaters without having to inconvenience legit players. I think casual players would be turned off and stop playing.
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    Diablofans is going to be giveaway-ception. Or something. Yeah let's go with that.

    Also, a captcha wouldn't bother me at all. So long as it wasn't overly obtrusive (i.e. interrupting gameplay when not in town / just entered the game etc).
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    Be not afraid Blizzard, I can store some of your stuff in my garage. The kitty looks nice too, does it comes in black?
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    I think Captchas is a terrible idea. The point is that you don't want to annoy legit users too much just to suppress bots.

    The absolute bot-free environment is one where all accounts are locked and nobody plays the game. One has to find a middle way. There are already some of measures that reduce cheats/bots/hacks, which all come at the cost of making the game more inconvenient for legit players. Examples:

    - Authenticators (additional cost, additional effort to log in, but works wonders against account hacks)
    - always online (mostly copy-protection, but also makes it harder to cheat/hack the game. Inconvenient for players)
    - ban waves (they also pick up legit players sometimes)

    Each additional measure will add inconvenience for legit players, and you really don't want to go to the extreme case where you have perfect bot protection but no players left.
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    Bashiok has a pro 'stache! (If I understand correctly and that is indeed him)
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    Though i find captcha mildly annoying i prefer them over bots, while I have never had any experiance with seeing any kinds of botting i suspect they have a heavy impact on the auction house market =(
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    i kinda wished bashiok was hurt a little in the capturing of those photos, nothing dangerous of course.
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    I would be more than ok with a CAPTCHA system :)
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    Didnt expect to get this lucky with a beta giveaway on this site again. Great suprise after a long day at work.

    Good luck to everyone who wish to win a beta key! Cya there
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    Too bad Jay wouldn't give away any secrets, not surprised but one can always hope ;)
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    How bout instead of a CAPTCHA to prevent botting, ban accounts that are logged in and playing 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No human could possibly do that, and if it wasn't bots, it would have to that multiple people are playing on the account, which is also a violation of the TOS.

    That's just my 2 cents.
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    Don't know why so much hate for JW
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    lol @ Jay: "when we released diablo 3, at the time we felt like it was the best game we could make" .... "and the diablo 3 we have now is the diablo 3 we want"

    I think the captcha idea is a bad solution to a bad problem, as it will only really catch casual botters. For the people making a business out of it, they'll most likely have someone monitoring 100s of bots, filling in a captcha/minute. That being said, it would be a deterrent, and I'm not sure how much of the economy is broken by casual botters (it might far outweigh the pros).

    Edit: also :( at no mention of d3up.com > diabloprogress & diablostats as a gear/dmg comparator tool
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    I don't think a CAPTCHA system would be any fun at all. It would get annoying really especially if it appeared in game or something.
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    d3up takes the win for stats sites in my book, do a shout out to that! Would be nice if we could get diabloprogress rankings tho on d3up.

    As for captchas, no there are better ways.
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    Jay Wilson needs to work on that pvp and less interviews LOL
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    bring on the captcha!
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