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    If they want a way to make higher MP levels more appealing, how about extending the time of shrines on higher MP levels? Shrines are so much more powerful on lower MP levels due to the amount of packs you can get through with the enlightened shrine or fleeting shrine up. If shrines lasted longer on higher MP's, it would be a worthy bonus.
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    finally a bot ban
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    It would be nice to see some significantly higher XP bonuses for higher MP levels...as it is, it's easy to feel pigeon-holed into MP0/1 for everything but key/uber farming. Magic find would admittedly be tougher.
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    xp scaling in higher MPs wouldnt be all bad, if they just upped the bonus a bit it would be sweet. it dont have to be as effective as low MP, but just come a little closer. that way the mad elitists can run their endless MP0 sillyness and the rest of us would still get a decent amount of exp for actually doing something challenging
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    serves those botters right, runinig the ah
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    It's good they are banning bots but they could do a better job at it.
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    i hate botters, always did.
    what i do like is sc2 hots ;D
    keyyyy plssss
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    So, they are looking into MP and MobDensity curios how that will play out.
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    I like holiday event, sad that we won't have the frozen hell for xmas in D3 :(
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    Good riddance. Death to all bots.

    MP public games would be nice. Not sure how to implement that without having some sort of "we're farming the act 2 keywarden" label on the game.

    I'd like to see NV not remove all of its stacks if you change a skill, but rather one changed skill = one stack removed. With swapping skill locations on the hotkeys excepted.
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    Quote from KromtheImpaler

    So glad i won a key, never thought I'd get one tbh!

    i wish could have won one too :P
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    I just hate all the gold spam I get from the botters! Hopefully that starts to go away
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    Could use a lot more of these bans.
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    Looks like the bot ban news has triggered a wave of scam mails. The mail I got is fairly convincing, only the header shows it came from what appears to be a private PC in china (probably from some poor guys infected home PC).
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    Quote from KromtheImpaler

    So glad i won a key, never thought I'd get one tbh!

    Thats awesome!! Congrats!

    I would be curious to know the exact method in which Blizzard identifies "botting." I bet there is some hidden back door, those snakes!
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    I wonder what changes they have in mind to make the other acts (I, II and IV) more appealing in terms of monster density. Then again, I play whatever act I feel like at the time, I tend to get burned out too quickly if I run an act more than 3 times a day. Good thing I'm not forced to do so as I don't really care too much for efficiency most of the time.

    Would be really awesome if they'd improve the monster density in act I for example. Then again, I don't really see a problem with how it is now from a casual player's point of view. I roll pretty much with everything Blizzard throws at me, worrying too much about balance only corrupts my gaming experience.

    That said, I always welcome improvements, and I must say Blizzard is doing a good job on that, on all their games.
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    Banning botters is always good to hear :D . And indeed the scaling of the monster power could be changed a little. The current system is most rewarding on a level in which it is almost boring to play.
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    I personally am happy with the Nephalim Valor idea, as it eliminates the need for massive amounts of underpowered MF gear that makes it extremely difficult to down elite and champion packs, especially on higher MP levels. Plus, it rewards players for killing said packs, which depending on the ability combination can be extremely challenging. I am curious as to what they might implement though for the times that we are only able to log on for say 30 minutes or so.
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    Let's hope the bot banning will help on the inflation and make gold rise in price on RMAH
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    Comment - would love to be lucky enough to win a Heart of the Swarm beta key! xD
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