Diablo III Players Banned for Botting, Battle.net Authenticators Temporarily Unavailable, Blue Posts, Heart of the Swarm Beta Ke

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    Banning botters is good I guess. The damage is kinda already done and the economy is pretty screwed but still nice to hear they are doing something.
    This banwave will probably have no inpact on my D3 gaming whatsoever though.
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    I've had my mobile authenticator for a while. I have the iPhone one. Greatest free app if you're into blizz games. Definately worth it. Glad Blizz lets you get that one for free.
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    Would love a key, bye bye botters
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    Unfortunately without a real endgame banning bots means nothing (and it took too long), at least they enjoyed the game :D
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    I hope I can be one of the lucky ones :)

    Gold for life lol
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    Quote from Garrettt3t

    I hope I can be one of the lucky ones :)

    Gold for life lol

    also im glad blizzard is being proactive about this issue. I doubt there will be much change though
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    Working on the botters is a great improvement and glad they are on top of it. That being said, I am really wanting to do higher MP but like it was mentioned already a few times, the rewards for higher MP are not worth it right now versus the gear level, paragon and efficiency and pay off.

    higher xp rewards IMO for higher MP. 1 1/2 times more or even higher for the upper (mp5+) would make them more appealing to me. Or just calculate the average xp an hour versus the amount of health the mob has in the higher MP and use that data to factor the xp bonus. ~shrug~

    Example: a mob takes 1 second to kill on mp0 and is worth 100% xp, same mob in mp5 takes 5 seconds to kill so would be worth 350% xp.
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    Nice from them to acknoledge the xp thingy and MP levels and they did something about bots ^^ great day.
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    I find it interesting that they're building towards 5-10min runs, and that alk runs are 5-10min. Makes me think that they realized there is only 5-10minutes of "high density" content in any specific act (act 3).

    Either that or they see everyone is doing alk runs and they think its what ppl want :P

    I want this game: youtube /watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=HEvThjiE038#t=981s (no link: dont have 10 posts yet :( )
    Random open-world bosses would be pretty cool.
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    I am liking the Nephalem Valor system as it is - especially now I'm not loosing stacks when accidentally grabbing an action button.
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    Im glad theyre actually banning accounts, i just feel like its a bit too late and at this point in time they will have to be on top of it for the bans to be effective enough for us to see a difference.
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    The giveaway has ended for today! Check back in a few minutes to see if you've won a key!

    You can still continue to post on topic of course. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Glad they are doing something about botters, there is way too many games that allow people to get away with this.
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    Heart of the Swarm MINE!
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    I enjoyed act 2 a lot dont know why i just like sandy areas
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    Quote from KromtheImpaler

    So glad i won a key, never thought I'd get one tbh!

    My turn to win now, so I can test PvE stuff, which most forget exist..
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    I'm glad they did away with botters, though its unlikely that any of us would really notice, seeing as how the world resides in our games and we have little to no interaction with botters at all (except spam bots I suppose).
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    It's nice that Blizzard has given notice that they did a recent ban wave, but...


    ...why can't they do that for WoW too?
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    I don't see how people can bot on diablo but hopefully people wont be able to bot with the new sc2 experience system.
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    yayz for bannz and gimme my key plz
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