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    I am really glad that they finally banned those Bots. :) Its not all negative, you know, Blizzard really cares for us, and this is great news. :)
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    hope to get beta key. will be good if gold sellers get banned faster then they are. it is nice that number of botters became less
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    A Key would be nice.

    Botters are stupid player, who should play sims or whatever and can buy all only for them!
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    I hope they ban more botters more often. And I hope they also banned AH botters...
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    I really hope they increase the mob density of A1 and A2.
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    Hmmm banning botters and working on pvp, looks like I'm going to have to start playing again.
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    I think it's great they're finally doing some actual work to ban people who bot. I don't see why people have to ruin the game by botting, just because you can make actual money from it.
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    Another day, another chance.

    Goodbye botters.
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    lets hope they get rid of all the botters so expansion would be safer
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    It's good to know Blizzard is actually doing a huge banwave. Botting was seriously rampant. But whoever thinks bots wont come back, or that blizz banned 100% of them is just naive. The economy is based off of bots and its hard to believe that from now on everything will be different. If they do a big banwave like this one every few days, they might have a chance against public and semi private bots.
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    realy hope the ban of bots help the economy
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    I think a good solution for people wanting to run short games would be to improve the chances of legendaries dropping off the act's big bosses. That would also appeal to the people who miss the old Diablo 2 style of magic finding. They could make the numbers such that you can get more legendaries doing a cydaea-> azmo, ZK-> Belial, Jailor-> butcher etc route than doing the current routes. I personally believe this would be good for the game as it both makes sense (why wouldn't the lords of hell have better loot than some corpse in tristram?) and it doesn't mean the other routes would be bad. Actually, I'm going to go post this in the suggestions forums.

    Also, HotS <3 and all that. Cheers! ^.-
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    NV over all is a strong bonus for the game. It quietly addresses all the people who hated the idea of skill switching.

    It's an effective compromise - but the focus on overall game balancing here is disturbing.

    Is D3 balanced perfectly? No. Is it balanced enough in the short term to focus these "resources" on additional content (pvp, e.c.t)? Yes.
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    Day 2 lets go
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    I hope that banning bots doesnt just means deleting accounts. They need to get IP banned.
    On a kind of a side note, does any1 know how you get notified when you win a beta key?
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    I'd be content with Azmodan just having a Santa Hat for a month :)
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    Tsk, I'd just like for acts to have more random layouts. Maybe add additional optional subzones not tied to the story after the first time you've completed it.
    Once upon a time… the end.
    Moral: Next time, try twice upon a time.
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    Quote from TidalSnake

    I hope that banning bots doesnt just means deleting accounts. They need to get IP banned.
    On a kind of a side note, does any1 know how you get notified when you win a beta key?

    Another naive thought. This will never happen so dream on. Banning by ip will get blizz into more trouble than it would have if it banned per machine.
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    We waited a long time for these bans. Finally.
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    It would be nice to know how long this bot monitoring period is. If it's like two to three months, people still make big profit in that time..
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