Restored Items in TW Region Now BoA, Revised Fan Made Screens, Blue Posts, Poll: Favourite Act IV Environment, HotS B

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    Those UI ideas look really polished and really well thought out... Great work OneTwo!
    I hope Blizz takes these into consideration...
    As for the items being bound... I like the work around buuut... humph, I reckon there could be another way...

    Looking forward to release of HotS!
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    Quote from iZara

    Is there any area of Act 4 that is really fun and enjoyable? Act 4 needs more dungeons with more elite packs in it so you don't have to do the entire thing to get your NV stacks. Until then, we'll all just continue to avoid it.

    This is my sentiment as well. While being fun the first time around I've really started to loathe Act4, which is a shame, really.
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    Talking about nephalem valor, I think it's still too harsh to remove all 5 stacks for simply changing skills. This type of restriction doesn't promote "fun" play, because if I encounter a particular pack I can't beat, I can choose to either lose all my stacks by changing skills (not fun), skip the pack (not fun), or cut my losses and make a new game (also not fun). Removing a single stack of valor would make it so people are not changing skills randomly all the time, while not penalizing players to the point that changing skills once a 5 stack is reached becomes something that isn't even considered.
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    that should how lobby for D3 should look like but I doubt they will revise it, esp. that it's been almost half of the year w/out PVP.. they should have only sold this game for $30.. half the price coz no PVP
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    fan made sooo cool. i hope some day blizz will make something like this.
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    Nice Lobby he got there,would like to see that implented


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    That battlenet fan made interface looks very cool, with these dump items to be BOA is nice idea to stop been duplicated. Keep going!
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    Hope the dupe fix comes to other regions aswell. Should have been implemented from the start.
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    It would be extremely awesome the D3 layout looked like that, with the option to search for games the same as D2 did.
    Those screenshots are very impressive for fan-made.
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    A bit too late on the BoA stance, it's been what, 2 months since people reported this mess?
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    That D3 lobby looks so amazing. I really hope they're gonna grab some of the ideas from that and get some 2.0 going with that!
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    It would be sweet if the lobby screen would get a rehash. I mean, it's much more well put together and useful, accessing all the features one would need right out of the lobby.
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    While I fully support the move to stop people benefiting from the rollback system to duplicate items, I'd rather it was more punitive. Not being able to profit from a deliberately offensive action does invalidate actually doing it, but I can't help but feel this is equivalent to "I botted for 200hr but don't worry, I didn't find any good loot". Can't say I can offer a better alternative though, so gg :D
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    Those 2 logging screens look neat. I do preffer the 2nd one from the top with all the toons on the bottom bar.
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    Moldran (the barbarian) was telling that in Tw and china they was coping the item claming to have been stolen at least 1 month ago if not 2. I'm a bit sad that this took so long to be addressed. Anyways is good news. The lobby looks very cool indeed!
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    I don't understand why they take so much care for Asian players over the rest of us - granted huge market but we aren't paying in buiscuits.... This kind of item protection should be implemented everywhere. UI suggestions are nice. Bring on the Swarm!
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    account-bound items sounds like a really good solution
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    Those ui changes would be awesome, it's intresting that for a simple thing as "binding to account" we had to wait this long.
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    I'm glad there's someone else who like to "photoshop" like me.
    I made quite a few threads to write about ideas with the help of "self-created images" in the italian forum and I received a nice feedback from the italian community.

    Anyway this is my first post and I logged-in only to say how amazing onetwo's work is.

    It's great that there are people out there who can make Blizzard re-think their own games design.

    Keep up the great work Onetwo!

    P.S. I'm astonished that that thread was created in February.
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    I like the new layout he proposed. however i dont really spend that much time on those screens, most of the time is spend in game.
    Features like the bigger chat window and the public games list i really like. If they just added custom channels with it,, that would be nice.

    + a little eye candy never hurts. Its nice everything seems easier accesable from the main screen.
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