Restored Items in TW Region Now BoA, Revised Fan Made Screens, Blue Posts, Poll: Favourite Act IV Environment, HotS B

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    Yeah those UI suggestions look pretty sweet. I also like the items becoming account bound.
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    My favorite area is still the cathedral. Must. Smash. All. Barrels.
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    Is there any area of Act 4 that is really fun and enjoyable? Act 4 needs more dungeons with more elite packs in it so you don't have to do the entire thing to get your NV stacks. Until then, we'll all just continue to avoid it.
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    Noticed the thread yesterday in the Recent Posts section, can say I am really impressed on how reordering things and just adding a few small things ( which should have been there already ) can add so much value. Hopefully they will incorporate some of his ideas! : )
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    i really wish they would have taken some of these changes to the diablo 3 lobby into consideration when the game was still in beta and these were made it would have made the game feel a lot more like its predecessor and would have really given it more of a community feel
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    first they ban botters, now you fight duping, its a very good christmas for all of us!

    also a HOTS key would be a very good christmas for me :)
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    Great news about duping but I'm sure it will reduce dupes but not so sure it will really stop the dupers unless both the old "hacked/stolen item" and the restored item gets account bound.
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    I think that the TW server change should be brought to the US and EU servers as well. No reason for somebody to sell an item they restore anyway. If they're concerned about it for profit they should look after it in the first place.
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    Quote from Arqentum

    'community' will roar against soulbind items. soulbind-for-n-hours change wil come soonish

    Agreed. Would be lame if you cannot sell your 100 million worth item to other players when you found a better one. Sell it to a vendor for like 5000 is quite a difference lol.
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    Can I haz beta?

    On topic: I'm glad they did something to discourage dupers. In my opinion the expansion should include an authenticator, and they should do away with account restorations.
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    Quote from Arqentum

    'community' will roar against soulbind items. soulbind-for-n-hours change wil come soonish

    unfortunately I don't see account bound for a limited time being a solution - for the TW market at least, since the main problem lies with commodities, especially gems.

    Currently on the TW server, radiant stars are only about 2-3 mil, about the same price as flawless stars(!)
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    That UI is amazing don't see why that was not implemented from the start.
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    Hopefully this'll help reducing item duping!

    Can't wait for it to go live On EU:)
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    Quote from Vykun

    Onetwo did an amazing job with those screens. First time seeing it, and already sad that it isn't in the game. At this point Blizzard has not only dropped the ball, but they are currently chasing it down a flight of stairs and into oncoming traffic. For shaaaame

    I think it would be great if they did update the main screen with something like Onetwo's work. From the get go, I didn't like the "feel" of the main screen (same with SC2). Feels too isloated.

    Of course there are a lot of higher priorities that they should be working on before I can get into the game again! Here's hoping!
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    wow i love the screens, would be so awesome if blizz will do that
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    thats some really nice screenshots.. would love to se them implemented in game.
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    Beta Key Beta key beta key~
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    Also why no edit button. Regardless, I'm curious as to HOW bad things were in asia to prompt this.
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    The UI looks great.
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    As stated before.... Sure it sucks that your items are account bound if you get your account restored. But it's better than having to start completely from scratch.

    I guess there is only 2 environments in act 4, the gardens areas and the spire levels. Both are well done but I like the gardens area as it's a little brighter but still Diabloish
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