Cuckoo Gaming: Build of the Week - Freeze Doctor, Fan Creation of the Week: Lightning Cosplay, Goblin Sculpture

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    Cuckoo Gaming: Build of the Week - Freeze Doctor
    Cuckoo Gaming has started a new video category for builds of the week. Hopefully they keep this one for a long time, because it might get pretty interesting.

    Fan Creation of the Week: Lightning Cosplay
    This weeks fan creation chosen by Blizzard is cosplayer Laura Jansen, who we've featured a few times as well. Click the picture below for the entire gallery on

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    This week's community spotlight shines on Lightning Cosplay, and the delightfully detailed designs of Lisa Jansen. Take a look at her renditions of the female demon hunter and wizard below!

    Check out more of Lisa's work on Deviant Art, and be sure to follow her on Facebook for updates and in-progress shots!

    Goblin Sculpture
    This cute goblin sculpture was created by DeviantArt user Drakkara. Click the picture below for full size.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    I remember seeing her as the wizard at one of the blizzcons, she does a really good job of her cosplays.
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    how big is that goblin ;0
    i wanna have one on my desk!
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    Quote from t0luene

    how big is that goblin ;0
    i wanna have one on my desk!

    I'd like to have a few... just in case I miss one in the game and I decide to smash one of the sculptures in rage.


    Ha. Bagstone.

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    this is the most boring WD build i've ever seen
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    That gotta best the most horrible witch doctor spec ever. How that junk got on the front page i don't wish to know.
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    Must be running out of viable builds, now we're showcasing builds that don't even work.
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