No PvP-Specific Gear, Wizard Budget Guide - MP10 for Under 1 Million, Blue Posts, Project Blackstone

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    project black stone .com is defenetly the expansion for diablo 3 they allrady said they work on it.

    but for the love of god, NOT an other Warcraft game! even thought i think this warcraft battles sound more like those stupid online facebook games, like the c&c tiberium alliances recently made by EA.

    if they are gona make a warcraft game they better make it a good damn pure RTS like Starcraft 2.-
    No More Auction House!
    My faith is restored to them :Thumbs Up:
    Now just give us and a offline mode like sc2 B)
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    They introduced those funny potions ( anticold,antifire etc) ,I hope we won't use tokens on that only.
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    pardon, budget guide ? for paragon66lvl?? If you are Paragon of lvl 66 you don't need budget guide.
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    Thank you so much, Diablofans / Curse for posting my YouTube video on the home page. I think I got about 20,000 views from the site on that video alone, as well as a couple hundred new subscribers. My followers on were also very excited for me.

    You've motivated me to make more high-quality videos that might be worthy of your home page =)

    Come hang out with us on Twitch (I Live-Stream on there from 8am - 3pm PST Every day): We play a lot of different games, and I give away ALL the item drops =)
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