Updated Undocumented 1.0.5 Patch Notes, Monk 1.0.5 Budget Guide, Stay Awhile And Listen Author Interview, Official Diablo 3 Wall

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    Updated Undocumented 1.0.5 Patch Notes
    A few days ago we compiled a nice big list of undocumented patch notes for 1.0.5 and later updated it, but since then it has gotten a few more additions, so here are all the changes we've noticed in the latest Diablo 3 update. Feel free to add even more changes in the comments.

    Monk 1.0.5 Budget Guide
    TryHardEnmity has created a budget guide for Monks for 1.0.5. His video will show how Monks can farm well in MP2 with about 3 million gold invested in gear.

    Stay Awhile And Listen Author Interview
    The final part of the sneak peeks for the "Stay Awhile and Listen" book on Blizzard's history has been released on Shacknews and it's actually an interview with the author - David Craddok. He explains how he got in touch with Blizzard North over the years and also a few words about himself. You can read part 1 and 2 of the sneak peeks on this link and part 3 on this one. Or you could read the entire thing on the Shacknews website. Attention: it's very long and very awesome.
    Craddock: I've interviewed approximately 80, and the list is still growing as I fill in holes I missed the first time around plus flesh out seven more years of history. Readers will get to hear from all sorts of movers and shakers at the two Blizzards, plus hear from periphery "characters" that influenced the main personalities along the way. For example, Dave Brevik and the Schaefers met at a clipart company, FM Waves, where they made their first game. I interviewed their bosses there to gain insight into the Condor cofounders' formative years in game development.
    As for the most compelling interviewee, everyone I talked to was excited to share their perspective so that's hard to narrow down. If I have to choose one, I choose Dave Brevik. For our appointments, I'd meet him at his office and we'd cross the nearby train tracks and walk a few blocks to the local Starbucks for coffee and conversation.
    On the way, we'd catch up: Games, family, whatever came up. I enjoyed our catch-ups as much as I enjoyed the "business at hand" talks where I shoved a recorder in his face. (Just kidding. I placed the recorder between us on the table. I did shove it in his face during the walks back to his office, though.)

    Official Diablo 3 Wallpaper
    This awesome wallpaper of all playable characters in Diablo 3 was published during this year's Comic-Con in New York when Blizzard announced its upcoming book "Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls".

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    That wallpaper is pretty awesome! :)
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    I love the look of the Monks claws.
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    Is that the world stone in the back? I feel like im being teased.
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    Quote from RayWorld

    Is that the world stone in the back? I feel like im being teased.

    It does seem that they are surrounded by World Stone fragments (fragments being massive chunks). I also would not have guessed that Wei had produced this piece. His style is really evolving and becoming more painterly. Great stuff. I try not to get too excited for the way the artists depict cities and landscapes. Caldeum, anybody? :/ Wish we had been exploring that whole city... sigh.
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    I like the wallpaper a lot. Now if only there were more sizes...
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    awesome wallpaper thanks
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