Patch 1.0.5a, Barbarian With 2.6 Million DPS, Scheduled Maintenance - 10/25/2012, Witch Doctor Fan Art

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    Patch 1.0.5a
    Update: The KR page has maintenance for patch 1.0.5a.
    The next Diablo III Patch has hit Blizzard's patch servers. However there were no noticeable changes for us to find. This could mean this is a simple bug fix patch. The only changes are as follows:
    • A few changes to files related to " Xah'Rith the Keywarden"
    • A change to "Unique_Monster_IceTrail_Passive_Prototype"
    • A change to "a2dun_Zolt_Random_GoldChest"
    If anything else changes we will keep you updated as always.

    Barbarian With 2.6 Million DPS
    ErlendOlsen has managed to reach a whooping 2.6 million DPS on his Weapon Throw Barbarian. He showcased the numbers by posting a topic on our forums and also on the EU, including a video of him slaughtering Azmodan on Monster Power 10. Here is the video itself and also his build and profile.

    Scheduled Maintenance - 10/25/2012
    There will be a 2 hour scheduled maintenance tomorrow.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Thursday, October 25th. Maintenance will begin at 5:00 AM PDT and is expected to last for 2 hours. During this time, all servers and many web services will be unavailable.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Witch Doctor Fan Art
    Blizzard shared a piece of fan art from DievCalviz on DeviantArt. You can also check out his profile for fan art of the other four classes. For any artists out there, check out our Fan Art forums to post and share any Diablo art.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    DeivCalviz crafted a very menacing piece of #D3 fan art. His Witch Doctor & Zombie Dogs are ready for business! …

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    2.6 Million or 260K? =D
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    Quote from CherubDown

    2.6 Million or 260K? =D

    not sure if serious? :P
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    Azmodan has 138,425,408 health and he killed him in about 51 seconds.
    138,425,408/51 = 2,714,223dps = 2.7 million dps
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    2,662,027 by his own calculations. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    He used 52 seconds.
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    ....thats kind of rediculous
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    I found a nice Butcher's Sickle and a nice Three Hundredth Spear on the same evening so I figured, eh why not try that throw spec DTX has used. It is super fun. Granted I am nowhere near geared but it's a really interesting way to approach the barbarian. Also, these videos are awesome. All the variants that are tried. Very neat :D
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    Anyone willing to bust out their wallet (or have the e-fame to warrant lots of handouts) can manage a build like this. Granted, it's probably going to cost you bare minimum 1,000 bucks if not more, but doable.

    If anyone actually manages to get this gear through legitimate means, that is either finding the drops, grinding the money or playing the AH to afford it, I tip my hat to you.
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    Amazing accomplishment on all that damage, but the think I don't like is, it has nothing to do with skill, you get the gear to overpower the content, and then completely ignore the mechanics of the fight.

    Also, why do you need a "weapon throw" spec if you can stand and tank the world?
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    Ranged barb better than ranged classes....ahhh who am I kidding, barb is the best class period.
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    That is CRAZY! I wonder if any of the ranged classes could achieve this feat...
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    hmm so the Barb is by far the best melee class (WW) and the best ranged class
    give him a pet and he can be the best summoner too :rolleyes:
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    hahaha so funny how ppl get angry when someone simply pwns them ...

    very nice job for dtx gratz hope someday I can do something like this
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    Just.... Awesome? LOL
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    Dont nerf barbs... buff the other classes :)
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    I don't get the point in him using a Weapon Throw build when he's just standing there taking the blows anyway (it's not just supposed to look cooler, it was also made to have some kiting potential), though by his own calculations even a 2H HotA build didn't pull as much dps, oddly enough. I wonder how WW Barb at such a gear level would compare.

    I would honestly be extremely aggravated if Blizzard decided to nerf Barbs off this alone. I agree that there's room for some tweaking but to make the argument that Barbarians are overpowered because they can do over 2 million DPS with virtually the best gear in the game is rather fallacious.

    Give anyone enough gear to tank MP10 blows and you'll be seeing them doing millions of DPS, too.
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    I hate the fact that you have to use one spesific weapon if you wanna go a weapon throw build. (the three hundreth spear).
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    Just tried the DTX spec and it's the most fun i've had with my barb in weeks! It's not as efficient as ww spec for farming of course but it's so much fun. I don't think you need that much gold to play it too, of course if you want to do mp10 you need ubergear but the rest is doable with a medium budget imo.
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    Is that buffs increase his damage ten times? Because in his profile numbers are ~260k.

    And what a loot! :Thumbs Up:
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