Interview with Alkaizer

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    roflmao, at the end he didn't even played 12-14 hours per day? i love how ppl think that play 12-14 hours a day is few or normal, and i laugh even more when ppl consider those person like "heroes" or like they reached some kind of goal.

    No words anymore to explain what i think on those ppl, really, just laugh laugh and laugh
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    With the amount of time he played per day, I'm going to guess it's safe to assume he is single, doesn't have kids, and most likely, doesn't have a job.

    There were a few days where I wasn't even playing for 12-14 hours straight.

    What?! I'm lucky to get 2 hours per day. He played as much in one day than I do in 6 days. Unreal.
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    GJ man! btw, ty 4 the guide "how to do it" !
    1 man army
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