Introducing the Paragon System

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    So I guess it's time to start swapping to mf gear. Do people use some "script" or do you manually swap out a few items?
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    so no guaranteed legendarys? :(
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    I think the majority of changes are heading in the right direction. Maybe not the path I would have chosen, but the end destination is starting to get some sparkle on it.
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    Two steps forward, two steps back I feel... It's like they're running in place. Bring out these awesome new systems and ideas, only to remove even more choices for us (IE: No MF on gear, capping MF).
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    Quote from Nuvian

    i liked what i read until this part
    "With the Paragon system in place, we’re capping Magic Find and Gold Find to 300%"
    That will finally kill the game for me. MF is a great thing to have in diablo and it helps you make choices when you gear up. MF/GF vs dmg/defensive abilities. MF is a big part which makes diablo fun.

    As a D1 and D2 player this removal of MF makes me very very sad. :((

    If i could i would get down on my knees and beg them to remove the cap.
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    Quote from Frostinferno

    Quote from quin0r

    "official launch announcement in the days ahead."

    so no patch this week. uninstalling.

    Don't forget that these blogs are written well in advance of when they're posted. There could still be a chance of it coming this week. The fact that two blogs were posted back to back already today almost makes me want to bet on it.

    yup, what he said
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    How much experience per level?
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    How much stats do we get per level? (x100 how much would that be?) any1 know?
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    They forgot to thank Kripparrian for the original idea (Watch:
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    Quote from Ruppgu

    Paragon levels = awesome, I'm glad we get more powerful as we play more.

    Cap on MF though? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the ONE thing that that majority of people agreed upon..... we DO NOT WANT A CAP TO MF. I'm extremely sad about this....

    I think what people were upset about was that they suggested a cap of about 150% on MF, which is ridiculously low. However this new MF cap is only slightly below the max MF so doesn't make too much of a difference imo. MF was already capped by the max amount you could have of it on your gear, now the cap is just a bit lower, and means that at paragon level 100 you don't need any mf on your gear :)
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    Gr8 idea :D
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    This announcement is extremely awesome! I hate MF on gear and find it to be a bore to have to have MF gear and regular gear. With this system the more you play the better your MF% and GF%, much better. Plus I want to become more powerful (100 Paragon levels x (1 or 2) to each stat each level).
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    Quote from Archet

    This sounds really exciting. I may actually be back for this one.

    And a reason for those of us already at 300 mf to quit.
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    level 100 paragon will give you +200vit, +300 main stat, +100 other 2 stats
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    seems good, i like the overall idea...
    but, we still lack endgame content... what do do when you can farm act 3 and 4 easy?

    tbh, i think there is 1 secret announcement to come (i hope <3).

    100level (or unlimited) inferno dungeon 2-3 elit packs per level.
    MUST clear every elit pack in that level to go down into next. ( or other mini quests)
    lvl 1-5 about act 1
    lvl 6-10 about act 2
    lvl 11-15 about act 3
    lvl 16-18 about act 4
    lvl 19-20 about pony level
    lvl 21+ harder... and harder...

    lvl 100 well... you will never get to level 100

    this will be more rewarding the further down you get, (increased loot type quality)

    but then again, blizz never announced somthing so "outrageus" before, EVER... i mean guess its me and my little gamer brain thinking of somthing that should be REALLY fun...

    in the end, its going to be like this:
    *oh dude i just beat dungeon lvl 22!*
    "oh cool!! furthest i have came was lvl 19"
    *want to go together? se how far we can go if we WORK TOGETHER?*
    *bam dungeon lvl 24 cleared....*
    "total wipe on lvl 25, we need better gear, better skills, better teamwork..."
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    well, i can atleast say i saw this coming. Now all we need is some type of ladder and we should be good to go.
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    Quote from egg3rs

    super, 100 more levels to grind through....

    this is blizzards idea of "fixing" the end game, 100 levels of grinding, at a slower rate than 59-60?

    pure bs, color me dissapointed

    lololololol you're so totally not playing the right game if this change pisses you off. This is actually an amazing change that gives great replay value and adding stuff to do. While some might not like the gradual removement of MF and the fact there is a cap of 375% now (with NV) at least the process they are doing it in is a nice one.
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    They need to add Pandemonium events, seek out unique monsters that spawn randomly throughout the world and have a chance to drop keys. Once you get all the required keys, you get one portal to Greed's Realm. Inside of Greed's Realm, there is hordes of treasure goblins and the boss himself, Gheed!

    Edit: Or just have goblin's randomly drop keys since they already randomly spawn and can be tricky to kill sometimes :)
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    Quote from stuharis

    And a reason for those of us already at 300 mf to quit.

    Really? You're gunna whine about the fact that over time you can get rid of some MF gear to make way for some much better DPS/Survivability gear?
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    I wonder if the paragon system is going to be account wide?

    We know that a lot of you out there are level 60 -- maybe on multiple characters -- and this system provides a way to make progress every time you log in to the game.

    That line, to me, makes it seem like its going account wide, but who knows?
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