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      Entry-Level Melee Wizard Build
    Maxyim has made a quick guide on gearing an entry-level melee Wizard. If you're looking to try a little something new for your wizard, this may be just the thing. In his thread you can find information on what to look for on gear, as well as stat priority and of course, a suggested build to use. Check out his thread here for more information and to leave any feedback.
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    ERR37 All In One Calculator
    Nensec along with a few others have been hard at work on a wonderful all in one Diablo III tool named 'ERR37'. This project is still early in development, but they are looking for any and all feedback and testing. You can check out more information and give feedback in their thread.
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    Scheduled Maintenance - July 10th
    This weeks maintenance appears to be only 4 hours in length. However as we reported yesterday patch 1.0.3b is already up on Blizzards download servers. This means we may see patch 1.0.3b go live with this maintenance.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    We will be performing scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, July 10th. Maintenance will begin at 8:00 AM PDT and conclude at approximately 12:00 PM PDT. During this time, servers and many web services will be unavailable. Thank you for your patience.

    Blizzard - Latin American Editors Wanted!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The Blizzard Web Team comprises artists, writers, and engineers. They help build and maintain the websites that form Blizzard's online presence, such as the website you're on right now. They're driven by a deeply-rooted passion for games and online culture, and if you share this passion, there may be a job for you with our Web Team.

    We're hiring two additional editors to help support our growing audience in Latin America. Specifically, we're looking for a native Portuguese speaker and a native Spanish speaker to join our existing Latin American editors*. Your job will be to help us translate and create new website content for players in Latin American countries, including new game guide updates, account management website features, feature previews, and much more.

    If you have exceptional language skills in both Portuguese or Spanish and English, a passion for videogames, web publishing experience, a well-developed sense of adventure, and the desire to be part of a creative team in a fast-paced work environment, then we would love to hear from you.

    Check out the job descriptions now: *Must be a US resident and/or authorized to work in the United States.

    Diablo III Fan Art Update
    Blizzard has released four new pieces of fan art to the official fan art gallery today.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The Diablo Fan Art Section has been updated with four new pieces of fan artwork.

    Would you like to share your artistic talents with the community? Submityour fan art today!

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    Diablo III End-Game Poll
    Within the last week there has been a great deal of discussion about Diablo III's end-game. Blizzard even agree's that there is a current lacking of a long-term end-game. There have been many different suggestions for end-game such as those from Kripp and Athene, as well as Sixen's recent video suggesting the return of Pandemonium Events. What do you feel is missing from Diablo III's end-game?

    There are many options out there, and not all could fit in a poll. Select as many options as you like, and leave any other options you like in the comments.
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    details on the 1.0.3b patch?
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    What is missing? Hmmm, I don't know, but I have some ideas:

    *Boss Rush Mode- I like to see how fast I can kill all the bosses =D


    *Random Dungeon Tool- (Actually this one should be available when you reach the Inferno mode) would be nice to farm itens and gold without being stuck in the same place ¬¬

    *Alternative Bosses- and some that could only be defeated in group (really hard bosses).

    *Bonus Campaign- (I don't know, maybe telling the story of Diablo I since it has changed a lot) as a reward for those who beat the Inferno.

    There is a lot of things, the problem is that would require a lot of work, and Blizzard doesn't like this word...
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    Pretty sure this post just made wands with life on hit and ap on crit skyrocket in price.
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    Quote from Ikkaros

    There is a lot of things, the problem is that would require a lot of work, and Blizzard doesn't like this word...

    You think Diablo 3 didn't take a lot of work to make?
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    What do you feel is missing from Diablo III's end-game?
    - skill updates every 2 months, finding new build/gear combos keeps the endgame fresh, pvp and ladder will not
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    I had to look up a few things before i could do the vote, i also watched kripparians "@Blizzard" Video.

    There are so much good ideas out there given by players to blizzard FOR FREE, i really don't know why the people working for Blizzard don't have such ideas although they are paid for it!

    They developed this game for 11 Years and had it Betatested for 2 Years or so. And then we get a game with lots, lots of major bugs/imbalances and no Endgamecontent although there are so much ideas out there and they wouldn't be so hard to implement.

    Just some example Ideas explained for people who didn't watch the videos or don't know what is meant by "Infinite Dungeon" or "Pandemonium Event":

    Infinite Dungeon:
    Seems to be "stolen" from Torchlight 2, but it is a really good idea... there are different ideas about how to enter this dungeon. The one i liked most was that you can enter the Dungeon after you have killed Inferno Diablo with 5 stacks of NV... killing Diablo with 5stacks would basically mean you beat Inferno Difficulty. Then you descent from Heaven to Hell through the Dungeon to take the battle to hell itself.
    In short the types of enemies there are completely random, they get stronger with every level you descent into the dungeon starting at Inferno Act 4 difficulty on level 1 and every level the mobs get +5% HP/DMG or something like that. But of course the chance for lvl63 loot is increased with every level too. Every 5 levels you have to fight a random Boss with updated stats who has a very high chance of dropping good loot and after each boss there will be an angel-npc who offers repairs, access to stash, selling, etc. and you may pick new skills (although it doesnt matter that much because bosses and mobs are random anyways).. if you leave the dungeon you have to start from the beginning. To make it interesting you may only die three times and after the third time you have to start from the beginning.

    You could easily combine this with some kind of "Highscore" showing how far people have already progressed through the dungeon... some may reach level 25, most will only reach level 5. And then of course you want to get better gear to progress even further to get even more gear and a better highscore.

    Pandemonium Event:
    I didnt play D2 very much but it seems like there was this special quest where you had to farm a lot and had to beat stronger versions of bosses and then you could fight "Uber" Diablo, Mephisto and Baal all at the same time for challenge and even better loot.
    It would mean for D3: Beat Inferno (Kill Diablo), then do some farming (whatever it is, similar to ponylevel staff, but you have to do it on inferno) to be able to summon updated/stronger versions of different bosses (for example butcher, Zoltan Kulle, Ghom and Izual)... you get a questitem from each of them and when you combine all four you can open a portal to "Uber xy". There you have to fight stronger versions of Belial, Azmodan and Diablo all at the same time. I also liked to idea of splitting Diablo into the 7 evils again and then fighting all 7, but then they would have to add new models. Only problem is that bossfights in D3 are different than in D2... meaning they can't just put all 3 Bosses into one room but they would have to create one superhard new bossfight where all 3 bosses are involved... of course you would have to farm a lot of gear for it and the bosses drop very good... moreover you can do the quest only once per day and have to do the whole farming every time.

    Its just a short summary of the ideas, if you want to read more about it you can use google there are multiple threads talking about these ideas.

    What i don't like are ladder resets.

    About Kripps Ideas:
    I like the idea of lowering the stats on gear and instead giving more basestats to the characters.
    PVP-XP and Championlevels sound very nice too especially with "mini ladderresets" meaning only the Championlevel/PvPlevels are reseted but you may keep your gear and characterlevel so casuals aren't frustrated because of loosing their stuff and hardcore gamer can farm everything again.

    Athenes idea of making only gold tradeable via RMAH sounds good too... i really hate how the RMAH interacts with the GAH right now.
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    For me, I usually only keep playing a game for a long time if it has at least one of the following "features":

    - Constant updates that add more content. Common example: most MMOs. Caveat: I don't consider new difficulty levels for already existing content to be new content. This includes harder versions of the bosses.

    - User-created content; in other words, it must allow mods, addons, user-created missions, or something similar that enables users to add new content. Best example I can think of: Neverwinter Nights.

    - Enough sandbox features to allow emergent gameplay. Best example I can think of: Minecraft.

    None of the options in the pool would extend the time I would keep playing D3 in any meaningful way.

    I played Diablo 2 for a long time due to it's mods; I was already bored with the vanilla game by the time I finished it on it's easiest difficulty. As a side effect, I never played on Battle.net, because it only allowed the vanilla client. Diablo 3 is, most likely, going to be similar for me - but with the heavy disadvantages that it does not allow mods, thus cutting most of it's longevity for me, and that all gameplay happens on Blizzard servers, which means I'm unable to play whenever my internet acts up or someone starts a download, not to mention Blizzard's weekly maintenances actually happen during one of the main time slots I would have to play.
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    It's a mixture of a lot of things for me. I think more drops would be nice, not necessarily BETTER drops but just that feeling of getting legendaries seems to be a lot less than uniques/sets in D2. That for me would help a lot, more legendaries all around.

    Besides that PvP coming is nice and Pandemonium type events aren't bad.

    What I don't want is some sort of "raid" or "dungeon" system where it basically is so hard you can't solo it and is going to require more people and then the loot that drops is exclusive to that boss at least nothing more than an item or two.

    We had the Standard of Heroes and the Annihilus Charm and that was basically it. I'm fine with earning achievements from it, or banner sigils or patterns, but I don't want it to get out of hand like raiding in WoW.
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    Whats a pandemonium event?
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    Diablo 3 doesn't have the legs of its predecessor, but it's not, as everyone seems to be concluding, for a lack of content. I believe it's because the items are boring, and the way you get them is boring. They thought the item-hunt would be as fun as it was in the last game, but they didn't realize that they had compromised it. The auction house has made it so easy to buy and sell items that it's where you get your gear, not the game itself. It's like a funnel; you can ignore the AH, but ignoring it will be harder and harder as you approach the endgame where the game demands better gear -- and here's the most important part -- gear that won't drop for you, because they have balanced drop rates around the playerbase as a whole, and not individually, on behalf of the AH. It's why you don't find sets or legendaries as you play, either. Practically, the only things that ever drop are blue or yellow, which is another thing that makes the item-hunt less interesting. And because your primary attributes are on items now, there is a very small window of viable itemization that all items have to be in for them to be worth anything to anyone, and because they're completely random, they almost never are. Add to it that most items that drop are much lower-level than you, no matter what level you are.

    All of that makes the item-hunt a lot less rewarding than anyone had hoped. It's so much more efficient to shop than to farm. That's what has made this game's appeal so much shorter than expected. Now, I should say that even still, the game has brought me plenty of hours of fun, and the game is well worth the money in my opinion. It certainly doesn't have the lasting appeal of Diablo 2, which I played off and on for years, but that only means it's down to staying fun several times longer than most games do.
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    Pandemonium Event doesn't sound different than what Inferno is, a static content you can beat once you have the gears, and after that, what?...

    I'd like to see a system like Maps from Path of Exile (video). Maps are items you can trade, and once you activate it, it opens a portal to a random map with custom rules.

    You'll farm for those Maps because they can have interesting loot and are fun to play due to the random factor.

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    As it is right now, for me, there's no incentive at all to keep playing D3. I haven't finished Inferno yet, either. But, to me, inferno acts as Hard/Nightmare/Insane or whatever you want to call it in other games, i.e. nothing I actually care about. I thought I would, but it's so different from how I actually expected it to be, and it's not even to play right now.

    Keep in mind, I only played the first two weeks of launch before I had to go away. Came back yesterday and I'm not really feeling the vibe.
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    PvP patch with a ladder would help a bit compared to the other options, (in my opinion), but Desann makes a good point about the major impact the Auction House system has had on item hunting. It's what the Diablo franchise has been all about, pretty much. Take that away and Diablo is just basically an empty shell.
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    Quote from Sojourna

    PvP patch with a ladder would help a bit compared to the other options, (in my opinion), but Desann makes a good point about the major impact the Auction House system has had on item hunting. It's what the Diablo franchise has been all about, pretty much. Take that away and Diablo is just basically an empty shell.

    The thing is, though, without a use for the items you find - why hunt them?

    To this day I still haven't finished D2. By that I mean hitting lvl99. That's the incentive for me to play D2, and to get enough bank to support and level a smiter strong enough for Uber Trist. While doing that I will find loads of items fitting other classes and many different builds. I just don't get that feeling with D3. I thought I would, seeing how easy it was to swap skills without having to reroll. But it's completely different.. Where's the carrot?
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    Infinite dungeons would make farming so much more enjoyable.

    They would just need to categorize it into 3 different difficulty like inferno.

    Infinite Dungeon #1 - Act 1 skill level mobs

    Infinite Dungeon #2 - Act 2 skill level mobs

    Infinite Dungeon #3 - Act 3/4 skill level mobs

    Then randomize the dungeon map using all 4 act maps.
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    We are need group content

    Bosses for 4ppl which cannot be killed solo, something like scripted group bosses. They should make PvE challenge.
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    Quote from Ron1n

    We are need group content

    Bosses for 4ppl which cannot be killed solo, something like scripted group bosses. They should make PvE challenge.

    Which would help...whom exactly? The few people who actually have three more friends who still play Diablo and have free time at exactly the same periods, otherwise, they would be missing a person to do the run with? Not exactly the biggest demographic to cater to. If they make end game content, it should be available to everyone who finishes the game on Inferno.
    A soft answer turneth away wrath. Once wrath is looking the other way, shoot it in the head!
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    Quote from arcturesmengsk

    Pretty sure this post just made wands with life on hit and ap on crit skyrocket in price.

    Would be nice if people actually started putting up wands like that on AH to begin with...
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    ZOMG ~runs as fast as she can to the blizzard store~ OMG A TY... sold out -_- mother of god...
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