RMAH Release Date, Jeweler Will Not Add Sockets, Blue Posts, and Portrait of a Champion Winners

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    Diablo III - Race to the Finish Contests
    If you haven't yet, make sure to check out our three contests for Diablo III, where we will be giving away a total of three Alienware X51 computers.

    RMAH Pushed Back to May 29
    Blizzard has pushed back the release of the RMAH to May 29 to help ensure success of the system.

    Originally Posted by blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    As we mentioned earlier this week, we’ve decided to move out our target launch for the real-money auction house beyond our original estimated date of May 22. Our new estimated date for the launch of this new system is Tuesday, May 29.

    To learn more about the auction house system, have a look at the comprehensive Auction House Guide or check out the updated Auction House FAQ.

    No Artisan Can Add Sockets
    While the Official page for the Jeweler says that the Jeweler can add sockets, this was actually something removed from the game. There is no way to add sockets to items if they do not drop with the them.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Artisans cannot add sockets to items. That information about the jeweler in the game guide of our website is erroneous and we're in the process of updating it.

    Socketing was a feature that was in the game very early on, but ultimately it didn't end up enhancing the play experience as we had hoped. Instead it just kind of felt like a chore. It's a really good feeling to see an upgrade drop, equip it, and keep moving on. When adding sockets to items was inserted into that equation, it made it feel mandatory to return to town every time an upgrade dropped to pull the gem from your current item, add a socket to the new one, and carry your gem forward. There's already a little bit of this in Diablo III with gems, but the fact that you can make a choice in most situations on whether or not to use a socketed item makes a big difference. As another consequence, the ability to add sockets made the random rolling of a socket as an item affix feel kind of crappy. And given the way items and stats are generated in this game anyway–you’ll virtually never get the same item with the same stats twice–we don’t currently feel there’s a major lack of customization depth.

    Adding complexity to systems isn't a problem for us, but it has to enhance the gameplay, not add to it an element of tedium just for the sake of intricacy. Ultimately this is why adding sockets was pulled. Now, if we feel down the road that the item game needs some new flair, we'll absolutely consider additional customization features (such as enchanting or socketing). But we have to make sure they're designed in such a way that the game is enriched through the added complexity, without creating a convoluted item system that detracts from the initial excitement you feel when you get an epic new weapon or piece of gear.

    Blue Posts

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Who has Killed Zarhym?
    I have! About 5 times now.

    And based on Twitter mentions I've been receiving via @CM_Zarhym since Tuesday, it seems A LOT of other people have killed me too. It's kinda morbid to look at dozens of images depicting your own inevitable death.

    at least i hope neth is in game im not sure, and i was wrong about bashiok =( i was Baslock the Depraved =( i was denied!
    I don't think I'm in there. ;) But I'm going to have a good time hunting those two down. ;p (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    PvP Voice Over Sessions
    Listening in on PVP voice over sessions. Cool stuff! (Source)

    Blizzard Still Working Hard
    Keep in mind not everyone who's critical is a hater. There are many people out there making great points, whether their feedback about the game is positive or negative. Whenever reading posts on the forums I try, first and foremost, to determine if it's clear that the poster genuinely cares about this game and wants to be invested in it, even if it's because they want to see improvements in specific areas.

    This is a really important time for the company, as well as my team specifically. The game is out and in many peoples' hands. Now we're just listening carefully to what you think (and spending the hours meant for sleeping blowing up bad guys) -- while also doing our best to keep an open line of communication with you about common points of confusion, service issues, etc.

    It all boils down to a love for gaming and passion for a franchise. That's a pot where players maybe the meat, and Blizzard employees maybe the peas and carrots, but it's all just one collective stew. I'm hungry.

    Have a great weekend. Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Heroes Rise Short Stories
    In case you missed it, along with the banners for each class, a short story was also added. These short stories help add some extra depth to the lore of the characters you are playing. If you haven't read them yet, check them out. Here are some excerpts from each story just to give you a taste.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    With all five classes now unlocked on the "Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise." launch site, we’d like to draw your attention to the short stories we’ve written for each class. While the heroes you play in Diablo III will have their own destinies, as guided by your hand, these rich and intense short stories will help you to understand what it means to be a barbarian, demon hunter, monk, witch doctor, and wizard.

    Wayfarer – by Cameron Dayton

    It was a man. A giant of a man who towered over even these hulking things. A man who stood dripping in hot blood that steamed in the cold morning air. He wore a bearskin cloak across mountainous shoulders, and his legs were girded with piecemeal armor of mismatched plate and mail. Heavy oxhide boots. Chest bare and scarred. Thick hands, knotted and rough, were wound around the haft of a terrible weapon that matched his size. It was easily three times the length of Aron's axe, forged of angry black metal and notched along both sides of its uneven blade. It was a coarse and brutal tool of death, held aloft as though it were part of the man's own arm.
    This could only be a barbarian.

    Demon Hunter
    Hatred and Discipline – by Micky Neilson

    There was a barely discernible, persistent hum. The only signs of life came from Josen and two other hunters, one searching the derelict structures, another standing near a rundown storehouse. Whatever had happened here, they were too late to do anything about it. Now it was a matter of looking for survivors. That was, after all, the second most important thing her people did: feed and shelter those left homeless in the aftermath of unthinkable catastrophe. Guide them, encourage them, heal them, educate and train them... to do the most important thing, should they so choose: become a demon hunter and annihilate the hellspawn responsible for evils like this.

    Unyielding – by Matt Burns

    "The Patriarchs ask a hard task of you, one reserved only for the most devout of our order," the Unyielding had continued. He stared at Zhota for a moment, furrowing his brow. "You have attained the rank of monk, but there are times when I wonder if you are truly ready. There are times when I think you are still that fool boy who first came to the monastery. More beast than man, really... a wild thing with eyes clouded by emotion and intuition and all those other fleeting feelings that change on a whim just as swiftly as the winds. Are you that boy, or are you a monk?"

    Witch Doctor
    Doubtwalker - by Matt Burns

    Each season, after the Igani, the emptied husks of tributes were carefully sewn together in the shapes of dogs, their bodies filled with herbal composts and dried leaves. A boiled skull of a beast was used as the head, attached just above a mane of feathers. With the blessing of the spirits, these zombified beings served as loyal minions at a witch doctor's beck and call.

    Firefly - by Michael Chu

    That was our first meeting, and I still remember it vividly. Isendra embraced her role in teaching Li-Ming. She became a mentor to the girl, and Li-Ming gained a deep respect for the sorceress. They were more alike than Isendra or I had suspected. But Li-Ming quickly exhausted the extent of Isendra's knowledge. Their relationship changed, and Li-Ming began to treat the sorceress as an equal rather than a teacher. Isendra was changing too, and that worried me as well. She was far too permissive with Li-Ming's behavior. With nothing to learn, Li-Ming followed the vein of curiosity that had always driven her, and that was when the trouble started.

    Portrait of a Champion Contest Winners
    The Winners of the Portrait of a Champion Contest have finally been decided.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Throughout the months of March and April, you sent us entries for our Portrait of a Champion art contest. With prizes from Steelseries, NVIDIA, and Antec on the line, you submitted hundreds of breathtaking original works. It was a very difficult task, but at last, we have chosen the winners.

    Thank you all for your participation, and congratulations to the winning artists!


    Runners Up

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    Well Well looking forward to RMAH! Anyone else feel bad when endbosses of acts in later difficulties (Nightmare and on) drop really shit loot! The loot hype just isnt there comparede to Diablo 2, where the bosses dropped the best loot!
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    yeah... I mean... I know low level gear is not that 'important' but it still was an amazing feeling being able to go back to Diablo/baal and get some unqiues at low levels, and you knew where you could farm... now until we hit 60 and get the NV buff, bosses seem... pointless, which is horribly sad, as they did a hands down amazing job at making boss fights fun.
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    Im not sure totally how the Nephalem buff works but isnt it better farming the whole act first stacking it up with 4 people then go for last boss ?
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    Quote from Cakemonster

    Im not sure totally how the Nephalem buff works but isnt it better farming the whole act first stacking it up with 4 people then go for last boss ?

    yes, you want to farm up to 5 stacks of elites (or w/e the max stack is, im sick and to tired to think =P ) however, NV not only increases your magic find, but also makes bosses drop more loot all together (and makes them worth killing) give me a sec and ill edit in the link


    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    When you say extra loot, do you mean, extra loot. Or do you mean extra loot that is on par with what elite/champs drop. I remember from the article before, bosses do not drop gear that is as good as champs/elites.
    They will drop gear as good as champions and elites with this buff (because you have to kill champions and elites to get it, which was the point). With the buff active you’re guaranteed one extra item drop from the boss, and it’s likely that it’ll be 1 item per stack of the buff. Up to X stacks. We don’t know how many it’ll be, probably a handful.
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    holy shit that art is awesome...i wish some of it were big enough for wallpaper
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    Yeah, in group play, rezzing people and them coming up with 100% health makes near every boss a complete gimme.
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