The Man Behind the Cain

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    Great interview, very interesting to know how many different characters he has played. He sounds like a very down to earth guy. Can't wait to find out what happens to Cain in D3!
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    great interview - thank you Mr. Gough for taking the time for us! :mage:

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    Hey that was a great interview and thanks so much for conducting it.
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    It makes me wonder if he have used his deckard cain voice to prank people in stores or something like "Hello dear friend, can i have a pack of ciggarettes?" or something:D would've been fuckin awsome:P if i had his gift i would've used it pretty frequent just for the fun of it. Pretty amazing how fun voices can be.

    [Edit] gr8 interview btw:) thanks.
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    I was quite, and pleasantly, surprised by the length of this interview when I first read it. Gough definitely went beyond what I had expected at least. A nice fellow it seems :)

    And in retrospect, putting that little disclaimer at the top that this is not the same Gough that played Albert in Batman was a good thing. I figure most of the regulars here can tell the difference, but the link Blizzard threw us from Facebook begs to differ. - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

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    +1 just for the title of that thread.
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    Quote from Noomba

    Oh man if Cain dies I hope I don't get all teary eyed, especially if they made it into this beautiful emotional cinematic scene.

    Very nice interview too, very interesting. Thank to Diablofans and Michael Gough.

    Also R.I.P. Alfred :(

    I cryed when i found out wirt died. I mean he sold me a 20 all amu!
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    Does anyone else think he actually looks like a younger version of cain? lol
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