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    Oh - also, I would like to see a full list of Affixes / Suffixes and their respective range of properties.
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    How does the Witch Doctor dogs work?

    Why do this dogs have a body frame that looks like a human cadaver crawling on all fours?
    How come if these dogs look like human cadavers crawling on all fours, the Witch Doctor is able to summon them summon his dogs just about anywhere, anytime?

    Why not make the skill accessible only after the Witch Doctor had killed a monster then he can summon the possessed body of that slain monster, thus the dogs that looks like something crawling on all fours.

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    Check out the leaked Demon Hunter skill list here from Blizzard China:

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    Need info about Rare/Champion pack spawns:
    • Rate of appearance:
      • Is there a minimum expected frequency of pack spawns? (e.g. If I don't see one for ~20 minutes of play, its because I 'missed' it in an unexplored area?)
      • Can / does a pack ever DE-SPAWN for any reason other than an Act-change or game session ending?
      • What factors influence pack spawn rate? (If any?)
        • Does the number of players in game affect pack spawn rate/timing
        • Does "missing/not-finding/partial-killing" a pack affect spawn rate/timing of a future pack?
        • Does completely killing a pack affect spawn rate/timing of a future pack?
    • Quality of loot:
      • Does loot quality vary based on 'difficulty' of pack abilities?
      • What is a pack's loot quality relative to a Resplendent Chest in that area? (e.g. Something like: twice as much loot, but same quality grade?)
      • Does killing the last member of a pack have an additional drop/loot bonus, pre-level-60? (Specifically ignoring Nephalem Valor in this question.)
      • Does a pack's loot quality vary DIFFERENTLY than other mobs based on quantity of players present in game?
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    Quote from DAI7ENSHI

    I'd like to know what aspects of the game change when more players join.

    Very much THIS. :) In gory details please!

    Detailed Stuff like:
    • Are all changes linear? (e.g. does going from 2 to 3 players increase monster health by the same % as going from 3 to 4?)
    • Any unusual Drop Quality changes? Note: excluding party-MF stats! (e.g. do blues have an increased drop chance, rares and legendaries remain the same?)
    • Any changes in item drop quantities?
    • Mob changes:
      • Increased quantities?
      • What % health increase?
      • What % damage increase?
      • Attack or cast speed increase?
      • Altered A.I. behavior? (e.g. cast spells more often)
      • EXP gain changes?
    • Will grouping generally result in faster leveling?
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    - ALL stat caps (movemenspeed was already revealed 25%)
    - how much damage from which weapon is used if you dualwield and use an ability
    - how is dual wield attacks per second calculated
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    A lot of thing already mentioned, i will add:

    - List of all item affixes
    - Item drop chance %
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    Basically the only thing I can think of is how exactly pets scale specifically. If they scale off of gear, how they scale from level to level etc. Either that or just a stat menu similar to our follower's stat menu would be nice.
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    Three Experience points questions.

    1 - What kinds of penalties exist when the player level differs from the monster level?
    2 - How do the experience points scale based on level (ie - x # of monsters killed over time). I've noticed killing 10 monsters at level 6 will give +20 xp, while at level 7 may only be +15xp.
    3 - How does ally kills affect XP when in a multi-player game (and in close proximity).

    In short, enough information to ensure that we know enough to limit the experience "penalties" which could be incurred while playing the game.
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    -Summons scaling with gear for WD. Do they get increased health, resistance, etc from your gear?
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    I want to know if I will be able to play the game in English from my home in Brazil and still usemy region's RMAH. I need to know how you change the language of the game (or how to obtain an English-US version) and still play the game normaly.

    Besides that, I want to know more about the Legendaries' stats and procs (if they have any) and how they work. Do they scale with something?
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    we have the world info comming with release in game guide. what about difficulty info ? all difficulties listed with changes , monsters lvls, damage, affixes etc etc whatever else change.
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    Some kind of item drop percentage calculator would be really cool :)
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    - how do you get really really good at D3?
    - please de-mystify the game.
    - could you replace the website with the D3 game client?
    - how do i control all the things you have limited my control over?

    Thanks to the developers for dealing with us crazy people - i want to know these things and yet I also know the irony of what I am asking for.

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    There are some skills like Monk Wave of Light that clearly take longer to perform than normal attacks, what's up with that? Are there more of these?

    How about Vault, Leap etc, how long does it take to perform these?

    Are there 'true instant' cast skills? Like for example trinkets were in WoW so you could activate 2 trinkets and Hysteria with a single macro since they didn't invoke the global cooldown.
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    Oh, one more thing. Health of pets? Resists, chance to crit? Behaviour models (AI)? Overall info on pets, cause all we know is damage (which seems a surprisingly low percentage of your weapon damage to be honest). Is there an unsummon function?
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    what the game guide should include:

    - detailed info on every monster on each difficulty
    their function and abilities as well as base stats:
    hitpoints, damage reduction, movementspeed, damage, resistance to crowdcontrol and whatnot.

    - detailed info on boss modifiers
    how they affect abilities and base stats of monsters.

    - a video presentation for every single skill and passive
    - provide a %-value or formula for ambiguous wording like 'has a chance' , 'may' and 'can'
    - clearly state when runed variants completely replace the basic skill, like sleet storm.
    - clearly state when runed variants lose perks from the basic skill, like acid strike.

    - reveal in what fashion damage over time skills & proc effects such as backlash and cascade benefit
    from faster weapons with comparatively lower min-max damage.

    - how on hit effects work with dots, damage for x sec, aoe, aoe dots, channels,
    and the likes of prodigy, arcane dynamo, way of the 100 fists, etc.
    - same for on crit effects.

    - in what order every single +damage% buff and +damage% taken debuff is applied
    to determine our damage output.
    like glass cannon and marked for death respectively.
    - conversely in what order every single -damage% debuff and +damage% reduction buff is applied
    to determine our damage mitigation.
    like resolve and war cry respectively.

    - info on synergies for skills and passives
    f. ex. having frost nova is more effective in conjunction with evocation
    or using ancient spear with no escape
    - and synergies across classes
    f. ex. disruption synergizes with razor disk and haunt

    - a general guide for the auction house
    - how to use the search engine to find specific affixes.
    - what order the search results are displayed in.

    let me finish this with some questions:

    - how come there aren't any magic/rare craftable spears or polearms ?

    - when channeling snow blast, intensify or plague bats is the damage buildup constant and linear until the peak
    or can it be sped up with ias ?

    - does damage from 'missiles' include magic damage shots from caster mobs
    or is it only archers, spearthrowers and the like ?

    - is 'life after every kill' only for the one who inflicts the killing blow
    or is it for everyone in xp range ?

    - does the bonus damage of grievous wounds and stinging steel calculate simply with 100% additional critdamage
    or is the damage from a crit calculated first and then multiplied by 100% ?

    - is the reflected damage from contempt for weakness,crushing advance, mirror armor and mantra of retribution calculated
    before or after your damage mitigation ?

    - when the values of an affix range from 10-14, can each value appear with equal probability (20%)
    or is 12 (median) or 14 (max) a bit more likely ?

    thanks for your attention.
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    I approve of all the suggestions regarding the stats and mechanics aspect of the game, but for the "game guide" i'd also love to have deeper insight into the lore of both people and zones - like blizz did when they revamped the sc2 site. Of course, Diablo hasn't got a lore as big and detailed as e.g. TES or WoW, but i trust Blizz's guys are very much capable of creating an in-depth lore for the guide :)
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    taking one of the things dolicsehrant said because it is a VERY good point

    - provide a %-value or formula for ambiguous wording like 'has a chance' , 'may' and 'can'
    This has got to be the most frustrating things to read when looking at abilities. There is a chance my power will go out when I use an ability too.
    20% chance and cannot occur more than once every 5 seconds is a good example!
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    If they make the game guide like the current Arreat Summit, the game will be perfect. By that, I mean, nobody ever went there except to find stats, variances, and some runeword you couldn't remember the order of. The majority of us that were serious about the mechanics in the game (specifically some of the menutia that I've seen asked for here like drop calculation, item generation, magic find, etc) used to hit up the Lurker Lounge.

    Basically, it would be like going to learn about WoW on the official site, and then heading over to ElitistJerks to crunch some numbers and get serious among Diablo players that were 178% more hardcore about grammar and solid content than EJ ever was. The new AS should give a cursory explaination of most game mechanics, and like all games they made back in the day keep us in the dark. The vast majority of players that became addicted to Diablo did so because of the puzzle that it was. Conversely, you could go into those mechanics on the new site, but only the Hardcores will pay attention. Interesting debate I'm having with myself here.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    I would like more information on how damage translates to skills. Particularly, how your DPS is determined when dual-wielding, which skills use your DPS compared to your damage per hit, and things like that. Don't need to go through and explain all skills, just what dfiferent "categories" there are for determining how your damage affects the skill's damage. Also, information on how +damage and +elemental damage interacts with skills would be useful.
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