Diablofans Diablo 3 Beta Key Contests! 450 Keys to win!

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    @thechatgem twitter contest
    night stalker is no rune spell
    your question asked for runespells
    so only witch doctor was wrong

    me wins give key
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    @killionaire same meaning yo
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    I'm really hoping to get lucky in some of these contests, I can't wait another day to play some D3! :D
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    Good luck for all contesters!

    I really want to play a beta mage, i think she will be the most funny character.

    Also the best to farm sojs ;DD
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    Very interesting contests :>
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    Good luck everyone and thanks for the opportunity.

    I already got my barbarian build ready for the contest but I can't find any thread to post it on. Please update the front page with the correct thread.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It seems the facebook and twitter contest is over? counted the amount of times youve given out keys there...its +-200 !!! damn ive been camping there all day for nothing :((((((
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    Happy go lucky good times batman!
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    Stay awhile and listen!
    From those four words many of us where captured, i have grown up with this series released from Blizzard, and remember when they were once Blizzard North! the series is rich in lore, which is the appeal for me a game must mean something and have a gripping story from start to finish, Diablo has capturesd this and taken us on the adventure, do i have a favourite class no i will play all, although i was subject to the involvement of a paladin, the fact that you can play by yourself or party up( which i hope to make many friends and be able to do this with)is a massive bonus, you do not need to absorb hours to be able to enjoy the product ala WOW, for those looking for lore, have a read of the book of cain, i got this to srall my appetite for a BETA alas this has fueled it, the book of cain tells more about the world of sanctuary and the battle between the high heavens and the burning hells, a fantastic read and awesome tale, i cannot wait for realease and truely get into the depths of it!

    see you all in the mortal realm of santuary
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    Ooo, almost forgot give me a key or i'l go postal and tele all around till i run out of mana

    and i have lots more where this came from , now i wana doo an exile on the back of my sholder to guard my back and smith my enemies
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    thanks for this chance to win a beta key :D im really hoping you guys will release this on ps vita later, i had a dream about that i think would be great you can touch the screen and stuff and the portablility omg. also my friends keep suggesting game's that are "better than diablo" but i don't care about them there all knock-off's of diablo and i said to them that there just impatient. :P
    p.s. I LOVED the first and second games keep em coming.
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    Quote from Dinamita_008

    and i have lots more where this came from , now i wana doo an exile on the back of my sholder to guard my back and smith my enemies

    Those stones are awesome!!! where did you get those?
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    DId i missed the characterbuild contest? on this page it states: -Not Yet Started-

    Edit: Damn I missed it!...
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    I love most of the contests here, mostly looking forward to the build-contest start :D
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