Diablofans Diablo 3 Beta Key Contests! 450 Keys to win!

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    People on Twitter are fast! Curse my slow stubby fingers. Just happened to be checking Twitter today when @TheChatGem posted a question. I replied correctly (witch doctor) in what I thought was a fast time. But apparently others were quicker. There must be some people out there who monitor Twitter in a constant state of cat-like readiness. Hats off to you. Congrats.

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    This contest sure beats the d3db one at least, aka, "hey lets just have bots spam refresh". :)
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    Only god knows how much effort i've put into this contests and still, no beta. :(
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    Good luck everyone (and myself :P) for the beta-key contest :) I have reinstalled D2:LoD and pex a WW barb, the class i always love ! Can't wait for Diablo 3 and pexing a barbarian :)
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    Keys , keys were are youuuu my darlings ?
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    Everyday I say: Enough, I won't participate in this Twitter/FB giveaways anymore... And everyday participate again... =_= I want live like before T_T
    Sorry for bad English ^_^'
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    Hehe me too dude ! Be patient and everything could happen... like win a beta key for example... or not :(
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    Going to sleep while dreaming of picking up a beta key hehe :P Bye Bye all
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    Really would love to win a beta key!!
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    I want to win a beta key because I love Diablo! I've been playing since the original came out in 96. Played the D2 with my wife and got her into the game to play and now I want to play D3 and get her to play as well. She's just not sure about wanting to play and I think it is going to be a wonderful game and would love to show her with a beta key! Did I mention her birthday is Monday? It's her golden birthday. She will be 27 on the 27th!! So I would love to surprise her with this special present! Not to mention I'd love to play some myself! Lol. So please help make this possible!! Thanks. :)
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    I can't wait until D3 comes out! I really want to play the Wizard cause it looks like loads of fun from the videos I've seen! I think my second character would be a Monk cause that looks like fun also. I hope it comes out in April though cause I don't want to wait until Christmas to be able to play. But we have all waited this long, so what is waiting a little while longer, huh? Lol.
    I just want to play!!!!! Please let me win a beta key!!! Thank you! :)
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    Hope I win one of these contests. Would much rather be sitting playing the D3 beta than out drinking!Thanks
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    Yay giveaways.I wish you guys the best of luck!
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    Good luck everyone. I have participated to many giveaways but none of them have given me key so far. I hope i can get one and start playing and testing the beta. There's no other game i want to play so much than Diablo 3. So much hours spent on first and second game...JUST CAN'T WAIT THIS GAME!
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    WoW thats a lot of beta keys. Best of luck to everyone who enters and I hope you get in. Im sure all of the keys will make many many happy diablo fans. I for one am a bit excited . I have really wanted to try it!!!
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    I want to play a barbarian. I like the whirlwind and leap skills. I just really want to be able to play and also see how the demon hunter works as well. Cause I am thinking I might want to start that way first. Just not too sure. So many choices.
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    I can't wait to test out the wizard. I really want to use the Disintegrate and use the fire. It looks very cool from the videos that I've watched. Otherwise the Electrocute looks like fun to try out as well. I just can't wait for the game and to be able to play with my husband like we did in D2! But now the only thing we all need is either the game to come out or win a key.
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    I love Diablo III, it looks great ! If I got a beta key, I would definitely do some videos on YouTube. Good thing is the competition for the beta key :-) I wish you all good luck, and hopefully that will get us :-)

    Good Luck !
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    im so exited for the D3 release, had so much fun in D2 good luck to everyone! :)
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    Well look at it this way everything will be polished and awesome when it is all completed. I am glad sites like this one is still giving opportunies to get into the beta. Congrats to all the winners. I am keeping my fingers crossed with the opt in. I cant wait to try the new rune system and pvp. I sure hope the coop is more then just 4 coop players I have so many friends I want to seige the dungeons with. :d3d: :Thumbs Up:
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