Diablofans Diablo 3 Beta Key Contests! 450 Keys to win!

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    Crikey That sure it alot of keys!

    good luck to everyone in the contest and the questions on facebook and/or twitter :D
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    It sounds like I need a beta key so i can actually convey some worthwhile speak-matter. Why do you torment me so D3?
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    I don't know what to say really. I mean, it's random so who should I thank? I guess I'll just have to thank every involved party..

    Thank you Blizzard for giving these keys to fans and fansites.

    Thank you DiabloFans for, well, giving out the keys you were given.

    And, ultimately, thank you Dice God for rolling in my favor this time around.

    Good luck to the rest of you!
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    I'd love to get a bet key because I've studied a lot, I think I know a great deal about the game but most of what I know is basically theorycrat. I'd like to get in the beta to start tinkering with builds and skills, looking for bugs and contributing a lot more to fansites. Right now I've participated in almost every giveaway there was and no luck. Hope Diablofans is gonna be the one that makes me happy!
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    Diablo 3 is definitly most expected game for me, especially now, when my progress raids in WoW are over, and SWTOR became too boring to play. I hope Blizzard won't postpone D3 release anymore. And now all I can do is to pray to get this beta! Please, give me one! :)
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    eventhough its hard getting an beta key through the twitter and facebook competitions, (mainly because of the F5 freaks out there). i wish all the people the best of luck winning one, and i also congratulate the onces allready won a beta key. i hope you enjoy the beta and give as much constructive critisism that blizzard need to make a perfectly fine game for all these astuud game-freaks out here.
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    yea its definatly rly rly hard to win one of those precious keys.
    everyone wants them sooooo badly.
    and I wont exclude myself from those feelings... ;)
    give one of them to me, for europe pls!
    thx and greetz, Rav
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    I'm playing so many games at the same time. However i cannot get the taste of Diablo by playing all those games. I'll go on playing them until i have a Diablo character and then i won't care about them for any single damn second. SO PLEASE RESCUE ME! GIMME THAT KEY WHICH WILL BE THE GREATEST GIFT IN MY WHOLE LIFE!...
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    I've been so bored with WoW lately. I really need something to tide me over while I'm not raiding. This game looks so amazing and I can't wait to play. I signed up for the WoW annual pass so I get it for free :D . Good luck everyone!!!
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    This seems really cool, unfortunately I don't have facebook or twitter but I'll definitely try the others :P Looking forward to the build post, that'll be pretty interesting seeing how everyone plans on customizing their characters. Good luck everyone hope you guys get a beta key.
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    Challenge accepted. :D I have been waiting for so many years. Please give me chance. I have a lot of Blizzard game in my Battle.net account but they didn't give a key. :/
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    Glad to see my favorite community host a contest like this. Yes, a member with just a couple of posts calling this website his favorite community must feel like a hoax, doesn't it. Well, I'm not much of an poster, more like a reader. Anyways, good luck to every participant!
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    I got a key! thanks a lot! of course I will tell you about my experiences in beta when I have tested it!.
    Good luck for those who are still hoping for a key!
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    Sooo many contests ands still so hard to get one XD
    been online at d3db for about 12 hours during the open windows and registered to 4 or 5 more contests ^^
    You just need to be patient and it will work out for you it already did in wow vanilla mabe here too

    Good Luck everyone!
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    LOL been a member for the past year and still havent won a beta key yet, but ill keep trying
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    make me happy! :miniD: :d3d:
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    Congrats to all who have received Beta invites. I truly envy you guys.
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    Can't wait for this game and would love to play the beta. Really enjoyed D1 and D2 in the past with its awesome story and ever changing maps and great atmosphere.
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    Ok, still want beta for my girlfriend ><. Nice chance to get extra one here, thanks. From Russia with love ~~
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    It's really nice that they are giving us a change to finally try Diablo 3. Living in Mexico is kind of hard to get any beta key, so at least we have this chance^^. Good Luck Contesters!
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