Diablofans Diablo 3 Beta Key Contests! 450 Keys to win!

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    Don't give up hope folks, make some good posts and you may just get rewarded!
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    Congrates to the winners and really hope to win a key. I have been a Diablo from since day one. Played Diablo 1 and 2 for countless hours of enjoyment. If it wasnt for all of the botters and spam I would still be playing diablo 2 to pass up the time till d3.
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    Is there a limit to how many builds you can post for the build contest?

    Shouldnt the best builds be chosen, not just builds at random?
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    sorry for bad english...Good job to the web admins and hopefully gain a beta, greetings from Brazil
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    I hope Finland isnt blacklisted for the keys. Seen so many key giveaways but still havent heard of anyone who actually got one. But im not giving up! /random 450
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    when will the build contest begin ? i`m refreshing this page for 5-6 h
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    I <3 #random450
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    So, constructive post must be here or somewhere else?
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    Very good news to hear about this new beta-key contest, one more chance to explore this awesome World before the release. Im also very pleased about the latest beta-changes, hope that "everything will be okay in the end" ( if it's not okay, it's not the end)" :3
    Good luck everyone, good luck contesters!
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    Trying hard. I just heard some local websites are gonna do giftaways soon. Not sure if this is the eu giftaway. But I am trying to do some postings but also keeping the discussion on like I normaly do. But the same time I still hope I can win one key. We are all fans new ones and old.
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    Good luck everyone =)
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    Good job from blizzard and diablofans.com to supply the beta keys. Chances of getting one are extremely low.
    If you don't try you know for sure you won't get any...
    I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope to be "the chosen one" keep up the good work and wish you all the luck. (gonna need it ;) )
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    I would like to get a key so much, please I beg for one. The new patch 13 is so awesome and I can't wait till release.
    I'M trying (and tried) several contests to get a key, but never got any. I read the news on diablofans always, I just never comment, but this time I do, for getting a beta key.
    Thanks for the contest , and Good Luck (to me :) ) and to everyone else. :Thumbs Up:
    EDIT: I'm from Hungary and I'm sorry if I have bad english. Do you have any hungarian winners anyway ? :)
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    This is nice from Curse. Thank you so much for giving opportunity to people who actualy care for this game.
    I hope I'll be the lucky one and I want best luck to everyone.
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    These beta keys are really great and its good to see that blizz is giving another chances for europeans to play it, because we still need to wait a few months for finished game. And we (we Europeans :-)) are still writing and thinking what to say next about beta keys etc. because we are huge population of nerd gamers and Diablo is just something epic :-)..So Im glad that we all have chances to get that key and play as long as we can. Thanks to this Curse community :-)

    Btw, today (01:00 AM +1GMT- for me) there was another question on facebook --- Colors of 3 soulstones.. yeah who dont know them? shame that I was sleeping.. :-(

    So I hope that I will win this Beta key so I can nerd my way through it. Btw there are lot of polish people who have this key :-D

    Hail from Czech Republic
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    This seems to be the longer beta test of blizzard in any game, hope the game comes out better than we expect...
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    I agree with this. I wish good luck to evry one that's is trying to get a beta key for D3 , Hopefully i will get one , i could really use one , and try this beta :D Ty
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    Im still dont have any luck in any contest:(
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    I dont have the worst luck in the world, but man has these beta keys avoided my grasp. I've tried on almost everything and still no luck :/. I guess I'll try my chance here too :)
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    Crikey That sure it alot of keys!

    good luck to everyone in the contest and the questions on facebook and/or twitter :D
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