Diablo 3 Beta Patch 13 - In-Game Screenshots

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    Seeing these pics makes me wanna play the beta even more. I've been dieing to test out the monk.
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    Sweet screenshots!

    Man, I'm getting that D3 cravings again. I need to stop obsessing and log back into Minecraft.

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    Screens look good but I don't like the changes at all :/ Seems to me that customization is very very limited in coparison to the early builds of the game. Developers also promised a lot of cool stuff that will stun every player and make him play the game for hours and hours while some of the most promoted things (like skill runes) just disapeared. I am very worried about next changes... I hope they won't cancel anything else and add something later in patches or expansions.
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    Niiiiice! Really nice work there,as for the big panels of skills etc. It's because they want you to change skills on the fly but not in a manner,running and changing..And with that method they restrict you from doing that,I don't find it bad to have a moment to relax and take a breath! Anyway,leave the beta now and go to launch! Cya in game guys :Thumbs Up:
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    always nice to see some decent screenshots! thanks!
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    I think the old skill UI lends itself to a much more fluid experience (not to mention UI uniformity) and can easily be tailor fit for use with the new system which, in my opinion, is clunky and counter-intuitive. The mock up below is a fast first pass I did with the old runes still in place (which are easier to differentiate as of now). The new fiery runes could easily be implemented as well.

    All skills are in one menu
    A more fluid experience/user friendly
    New system of hot bar integration (hand holding) still feasible
    Would not fill the whole screen


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    This is looking better and better each day. I just hope Diablo 3 won't be easy to finish just like Diablo 1 and 2 :)
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    These screenshots remind me of the time i was sorting images/watching d3 vids XD. you got to hand it to them bout how good the scenery/ui looks. Its so close I can almost feel it.
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