Diablo 3 Beta Patch 13 - In-Game Screenshots

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    But seriously, Patch 13 seems to be that milestone where the release date feels that much more within arms' reach.

    I have no beta access; so, thank you for these screen shots.

    And btw, the guy who basically said "no vid = dint happen" was funny.
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    it seems better loot at king's kill.
    any info about loot at next kill? it is a bit less important as first one?
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    Kansas Carry on my Wayward son

    Edit: added youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGtu4Bb5dec&feature=related
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    awesome ss
    now i can't wait for the beta key :QQ:
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    I wish I had never seen beta playtroughts...
    Still... I hope this is the last of the big rune or whatever changes.
    It's nice :)
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    Thanks for the screenshots. It really make me wanna test out diablo 3 as soon as possible. But i have to pray hard for a beta key. Anyway thanks for making the effort to post up the screen shots. Kudos!

    Have fun with the game! Hope i be able to join you all in a co-op game in days to come. :D
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    thanks for the screenies boub although id love to be in the beta to see it first hand :)
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    I dislike that the skill panel is dead center of your screen and huge unlike before where it only did 1 half and you could still move and play

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    Also the videos that play when making a new character have changed that demonstrate their abilities.

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    I already dislike how you set up your skills when creating a new character. There's abilities that I do not want to be placed on my mouse but it wont let me put it anywhere else, even on elective mode. I can only hope that it lets me later when I unlock more skill slots.

    Edit: This patch really broke the simplicity of swapping skills. If it isn't broke don't fix it.
    Edit2: Yea, "elective mode" doesn't do anything. I can only place monk generators on left mouse and dashing strike on right mouse click. Those are the only places I can place them. I really hope elective mode is bugged and they get to fix it.

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    I like the system changes overall, but I hope that Skills UI is temporary. It looks too huge and empty for the amount of information it displays. Kind of bland aesthetically too. I hope it stays at the size it previously was. Also I think the 'Elective Mode' Check box should be inside the Skills panel, rather than in the gameplay options. (Same for the 'advanced skill tooltips' checkbox, if they are going to be implemented)

    One more thing, the popup when you level up and unlock a new rune effect now shows the icon of the rune, but since all runes now have the same color and less distinguishable at a glance, it would be better if they showed the icon of the skill the rune affects instead.

    By the way, I just noticed they reduced the level when each active skill slots unlock. Yay!
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    nice thx for the info. Lookes a lot better now and the new rune system lookes great :)
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    holy rusted metal batman! i've been checking out the D3 website daily and I honestly never heard of this site, till now! I saw these screenshots... and I have to say, I am honestly impressed. Always been a Diablo Fan, since Diablo I, and I've been impatiently anticipating this game since I beat the hell outta D2. I was even playing the PoE beta, yes, its a great beta, not sure if I love it tho... Now to get myself a D3 key!!!

    So, so, so excited after seeing these shots! Thank you!
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    As far as I saw on one of the streams the new skills still allow the barbarian to be an AoE machine.
    The new rune icons are very ugly, I hope that they switch it back to the colorful circle shaped ones.

    13 is my lucky number. I feel like THIS patch I am getting into the beta.
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    Yea.. It's getting rather annoying not being able to drag and drop abilities on the bar. What was 1 simple step to swap ability positions before is now 3 bothersome steps.

    Edit: Being unable to dashing strike over small gaps isn't fun either.
    Edit2: Runes really need a downside to picking them. There is literally no reason not to pick a runed ability over its original.
    Edit3: A stone called "town portal" doesn't exactly feel right. Just keep it called the stone of recall and its original icon, even on the bar.

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    It's great to see they're putting so much work into the UI and making it simplistic. I personally like the public chat feature. Hopefully this means the release date will be soon *cheers*.
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    Quote from Sindrious7763

    It's great to see they're putting so much work into the UI and making it simplistic. I personally like the public chat feature. Hopefully this means the release date will be soon *cheers*.

    The UI is actually less simplistic.

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    What is all this?

    "Primary, Secondary, Defensive, Conviction, Techniques, Focus"

    What is the point of all that?
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    So, as you level, you magically get "skill runes" out of nowhere, for specific skills... what?

    Barbarian is running around, kills a zombie, levels up, and -- BAM!!! Skill rune activated for a skill!
    "Wait a minute..." Barbarian says, looking excited, yet puzzled. "Where'd this skill rune come from? That zombie didn't drop anything but a bit of spare change. Heh, I guess I was I just carrying around a bunch of blank runes that didn't work yet and didn't know it? Yeah, maybe that's it, but why did a rune unlock for a skill I have never used before? I mean, I know I'm smart and powerful as all hell," Barbarian chuckles a little at the unintended pun, "but did my subconscious just suddenly realize, 'Hey, I think I figured out how to make that one skill that I don't use different! Yay!'" The Barbarian is frustrated. "Take it easy, big guy," he tells himself quietly, for he just realized the steroids he got from the witch doctor might finally be making him go crazy. "I gotta talk to the 'doc."

    "Nah, mon; that's how it goes," the witch doctor assures him, "this 'doc been learnin' new moves left and right! And sometimes three or four every level!"
    Barbarian looks grim. "But what about these runes--these "skill runes"? Where'd we get 'em? And why do they activate at certain levels? I don't see a description on any of the ones that have activated already, but the squiggly-lined one only works with this one skill."
    Barbarian fiddles around with the all the runes he has, trying to find the right rune for the right skill. "Damn, I just had the right one here somewhere. Maybe it wasn't a squiggly one... is this it?"

    Two hours later (and after having to attack the air and a tree to figure out the right skill with the right rune), Barbarian finds the right skill rune he was talking about.
    "How the heck do you manage all your runes, 'doc?"
    "Sewed 'em all on my old girl scouts uniform! All lined up, with skill names and all 'dat!"
    Barbarian pauses. "Uh... where'd you get a... nevermind. I think it's time for me to stop thinking about all this and just go kill some more stuff. So long, 'doc."

    Barbarian eventually goes crazy, becomes poor and inept at killing things, and tries selling his runes on the market for some spare change to get him by... but since runes are no longer tangible (even though characters clearly have them to use), Barbarian cannot. He gives up and decides to place the unused runes in his stash, knowing full well that they will never be used again.
    Then, one day a humongous monster comes to town, and while it's killing everyone, Barbarian runs to his stash to retrieve his skill runes to try and save the day with them, but he can't pick them up because they're not tangible, so everyone dies.

    Nothing ever makes sense ever again. The end.

    Just a little story I cooked up for you guys. I like what they're trying to do, honestly, but there's still something counterintuitive about the skill system that I think takes away from the game.

    What if cain, or somebody new and super cool, gave the character five blank runes toward the beginning of the game, telling the player that they will each be unlocked at a certain level. Then, all skills could be augmented with a specific rune at a specific time in the player's D3 career and there wouldn't be an obnoxious message like "You've just unlocked SKILL, SKILL RUNE, SKILL RUNE, SKILL RUNE, STAT, STAT, STAT, STAT" at every level.

    tldr; Give me a skill rune, let me unlock it at a certain level, then keep playing to unlock another one. Also, change the skill rune graphic back to the last set; the current runes look horrible and childish compared. The last rune graphics were fucking amazing looking and really added to the game.
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    people are never happy are they, so much moaning about the smallest of things

    guys they will not be able to make every person who is gona get diablo happy

    you do have your right to say your opinion but dont moan as if its the end of the world or the worst thing thats ever happend to you

    its only a game and there will be stuff that you dont agree with
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