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    Only thing i am really opposed to it the changes on attributes. What was wrong with the current system? Two attributes makes you kill demons better, the other two makes you survive them better, nice and clear.

    Oh well, at least there will be new things to test when next beta patch rolls out. And fully agree with the Beckinsale comment Jay! :P
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    Hmmmm, much to look over and reread .

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    • I'm not sure I understand why 5 has to be a dedicated potion button - if they'd left it to choice, that's where it would have ended up anyway.
    • Removing the Mystic is probably for the best, there's already plenty of item customization systems (rare drops, sockets, etc).
    • THANK GOD they're removing the need to pick up white items. It became really boring and monotonous.
    • The stats change is WAY better. It's way more clear and consise. And I'm glad that Intelligence affects Wizard/WD damage. Thank you.
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    I know it seems really silly but I don't like the idea of right click to identify things. Having Cain identify things made sense since he's so old and wise, using a magical scroll is also fine, but having your hero just cast something will take getting used to. Practically though, it's a great idea and a lot more painless :)

    I'm not in the beta and haven't tried it, but I loved the idea of the Cube and Cauldron. Of all the updates and changes they've made to the game, this to me was one of the biggest improvements and it's the one change they've made in the Beta that makes me think "noooooooo!" and want to go to the official forums and rant like an angry testosterone filled spotty, virgin, teen geek.

    I'm happy with the removal of the Mystic. If they can't do the artisan justice, don't fight the losing battle. It would be nice to see a third artisan appear in an expansion, with extra cool features added too.

    I also don't like the changes to the stats. I liked that they were different and learning what the stats do and what you need is part of the game, and something you can usually get used to fairly quickly. I also liked the different attribute names too (attack, precision) as they made Diablo 3 feel unique rather than copy pasted from D2 or WoW.

    I'm not concerned with a release date as some are in this thread. The line "No one will remember if the game is late, only if it's great" is perfect and may appear in my signature at some point :P

    I posted a forum thread a while ago pondering about what in game system may still be being worked on that hasn't been announced yet, and some of the wording here (to me) still hints that there is something super cool lurking away in the game that we've yet to be told. I'm also wondering what secretive awesomeness they're doing to the rune and skill system.
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    Well I love those changes. They share with us informations like we want to. Now I am calm and I will wait till 2012 December.
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    Quote from Eldius

    White Items & Salvaging: What good are they to have in game if they can't be enchanted or salvaged?

    Thats a good question... now they are basicly in the game for the first 10 lvls... what sounds pretty stupid. The only thing you can do with them after that is sell them... but without the Cauldron you have to TP to sell them... so thats not a good option. They should give everyone a full white set at the start and just scrap the whole common item lvl Oo

    Quote from lorien1973

    Barbarians kinda got screwed with the stat changes, didn't they? Seems like they need Str/Dex/Vit and a little Intellect(?) - while other classes need maybe 2 at the most.

    Well if I understand it right then the new Armor = Defense. So it gives you %dmgreduction. So every class needs it to some extend. That would actually make it easier for the Barb... because now he gets +dmg, %dmgreduction in one stat. So Barb goes for Str/Vita. And everybody else has Classstat/Str/Vita oO
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    Nothing of note here.

    Great to see that they are going on 10 years and still tweaking THE CORE of the game.

    I am all for quality being king, BUT not when you decide to announce the game 4 years before it comes out. This game should have been announced at blizzcon 2010.


    p.s. I hate this development team, but i'll still buy it like a sucker in Q5 2012.
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    Quote from Laevus

    I know it seems really silly but I don't like the idea of right click to identify things. Having Cain identify things made sense since he's so old and wise, using a magical scroll is also fine, but having your hero just cast something will take getting used to. Practically though, it's a great idea and a lot more painless :)

    No, its completely pointless as in it completely trivialized identification and makes it purposeless. There is absolutely no point to identify, its just a complete time waster as it is, and so it was in D2 as well.
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    I dont see changes. But i see "c u in 2013, b***h".

    And... Wow-attributes system. Хватит это терпеть!
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    Scroll of identify gone

    Seems like a good idea, as there really was no reason to keep it there anyway, its just something you collect to use later and thats it. BUT i'm quite skeptical about the whole idea of "cast time" to identity

    moving button 5 for pots

    guess its a good idea, but it now seems kinda awkward where it is

    stone of recall gone

    well ofc, why does it have to be a "stone", a button like this seems quite fair. (but maybe change placement+the looks of it)

    mystic gone

    well ofc, there never was enchantments to items in d2 and why would there be? its just another free socket to add something in.

    Cauldron and cube gone.

    VERY awsome, one might consider this making it more of a pain in doungeons now, but getting back to town is somthing that i really liked in d2.

    when you are fighitng around for a good 15 min whit a friend and you find your inv full of stuff, its a good breather to go back to town and sell/buy/do stuff/look at stats and gear...

    me like!

    white items cant be salvaged

    good, let there be crap. so that one don't HAVE to pick up EVERYTHING and salvage EVERYTHING.

    Defense, Attack, and Precision gone!

    Back is:
    Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, and Vitality

    Awesome! it feels more like Diablo now and the stats make more sense. one problem can be that a player like me (barbarian for life...) will only get items whit STR and VIT, making them my only useful stats (like a Warrior Tank in WOW only values stamina->str->parry->mastery->dodge) and everything else where kinda useless.

    this is something we cant answer now and can only be answer later game once the game is out.

    character stats directly on the inventory UI

    Perfect, as you usualy look at stats and gear at the same time anyway its just a streamlined work-around that works perfect.

    if i ware blizzard i would have take the chance to move stats to the right side of the equipped items and still having the more exact statistics on the same place. it just would feel better

    There’s a lot of work left to be done, though.

    does not make me feel good. but i'm looking forward to the skill/rune changes
    and thats my thoughts...
    in short i like these changes and support them 100%!
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    Our hope is that by embracing our iterative design process in which we question ourselves and our decisions, Diablo III won't just live up to our expectations, but will continue to do so in a decade when it's released.

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    All of these changes are great, I completely agree with it, with having to go to town to sell and scrap items might sound annoying but it will make the feel of the game so much better, picking up everything and scraping or selling it from your inventory makes no sense, why not just have everything go to ur inventory and auto scrap common and grays. This small change will make the game easily 2x-3x more addictive.
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    Quote from Tenhi

    Aaaand am I the only one who doesnt like the Stats Change Oo? Imho it leads to things like "You are a Monk -> Dex/Vita" or "You are a Wiz -> Int/Vita"...

    I agree. so for a monk and demon hunter stacking dex is the way to get more damage. In essence its attack. Is it just me or are the new core attributes almost the same and renamed ?

    Quote from Tenhi

    Also if they moved the 5th Button to a Potion Button we only have 4 Buttons + Mouse? Hrm not sure if I like that... with only 4 Buttons you definitely cant put Buffpotions in your Bar (if they keept the Buffpotions xD)

    The buff potions may very well be for the potion spot, noone is saying it has to be health potions. It is odd however that they are locking it.
    Quote from Tenhi

    The whole Town Portal/Cauldron/Cube thing seems fine. Same with the Scroll. Then again I dont understand why the first say "We dont want to break your momentum" and now they take out the in-field salvaging/selling and force you to TP to sell/salvage your stuff... doesnt that break your momentum? They even say "It’s a good idea to break up combat so that players have a moment to evaluate their gear and crafting options before venturing back out."... doesnt that go directly against the "keep the momentum" thing?

    Good, Im not the only one tho thinks this fold back on itself a little bit. I personally liked the idea of not really having to go back to town. Now that common items are no longer able to be broken down it makes me wonder if people would really pick them up. Getting a full inventory and going back so much would kill the momentum. the common items would only be good for selling really, unless Im missing something...

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    i smell 2013
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    Quote from Tenhi

    Thanks for the News Post Molster.

    Aaaand am I the only one who doesnt like the Stats Change Oo? Imho it leads to things like "You are a Monk -> Dex/Vita" or "You are a Wiz -> Int/Vita"...

    I think the stat changes will be okay. Sure we will all get stats like you suggested above, but currently every single class goes for attack + vitality. At least the above leads to item diversification. Right now anyone can use anything. These stat changes should eliminate wizards with two handed maces and Barbarians dual wielding tiny daggers. Sounds good to me.
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    And my feeling that it's fundamental structure is terribly flawed grows stronger. They are way over their heads. :QQ:
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    The only issues I don't like with these changes are!

    1.) Why take out the mystic? give her other things to craft or create or customize
    2.) Just right click to identify items? thats just dumb. bring back the scrolls
    3.) Keep that 5th hot key for a skill and put the potion hot key somewhere else. People want those 5 hot keys :)


    1.) The stat changes and UI looks great now :) keep that the way it is
    2.) I thought the nephalem cube was a cool thing to have to salvage items you dont want into materials. I liked the idea of keep fighting and just salvage what crap you had right there and keep playing since it will take awhile to actually achieve higher end items. Having to teleport to town now just to salvage materials to your blacksmith will take alot longer and be less fun since there isnt anything in town thats exciting. So it's just going to seem annoying!!! To fix it you should give us the nephalem cube back and also keep the salvaging in the blacksmith so now if your in town your fighting hordes of demons you will be able to salvage materials at that time

    From what im hearing it sounds like they are picking small things that were already good in the game and changed it. It also sounds like a Q2 release now which im not surprised one bit. I'll wait ............
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    There just seems to be no pleasing anyone. I don't think I could live my life this negatively.

    That said, I like most of what they were doing. There was something I actually liked about the Cauldron and the Cube, but I can live without them.

    And I'm just happy to hear what they've been working on. I think people are worried that all of these changes are going to take so much more time, but I don't know that they will be that bad. Stat changes are substantial but don't play the same part as stats would in a game like WoW. Skills and runes are still probably the thing they are spending the most time on.

    But, oh well. There's plenty to do in the real world until the game comes out.
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    It sucks that they removed enchanting. Enchanting was also a way to get rid of runestones. I hope they will keep something to get rid of runesstones.

    Overall I can't imagine game coming in Q1, maybe Q2 if we are really lucky.
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    So my barbarian picks up an unidentified wand, stares at it for 5 seconds and says "Butt scratcher, perhaps?" Finds a monk fist weapon and ponders, "Why do demons carry back scratchers?"
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