Path of Exile

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    I've done all! I'd love to have a beta key if there are any left!:)
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    ^ this. between the D3 beta and PoE beta, and not having a key for either, my rainy day birthday has been pretty damned lackluster..
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    I'd love to have a shot at playing in beta. Hopefully you guys still have some keys to give away!
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    haha, yeah, I would appreciate if someone has the account and not using it any more too :D
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    Man this is absolute BS that you are posting this up. This is a fan site for Diablo games... not other games that directly rip of Diablo. I have not played PoE and frankly, refuse to do so. I checked out the page and i mean the whole lay out and health/mana system looks exactly like a diablo game with the orbs and such. Couldnt they at least try to make its own impact on the Action RPG... or are all their ideas stemming from Diablo... i dont see anything unique or original about this game. I understand the want/need to play a action rpg and were all bleeding outa our eyes to get the beta for d3 and more importantly, the actual game; but PoE looks like absolute shit and is a complete rip off the diablo saga. Also why are you posting this here in a diablo forum? Thats like saying how cool pepsi is on a coke forum. If you need a game to play till d3, buy an original game not some lame knockoff...
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