Demon Hunter to see further revision

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    Quote from naksucow

    I'm interested to see what they come up with.

    Agreed. The DH didn't seem broken, but it was the least appealing class to me. I hope they come up with something better.
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    I really wish they would make the resource cost for a lot of the spells for the demon hunter lower, but if it offsets he overall damage of the demon hunter's spells, then i wouldn't mind them making her spells do less damage. I would rather have a demon hunter who can use multiple spells and do moderate damage, than have a DH that does hella damage, but can only use a couple of spells. While i was watching a lvl 13 monk video, where he was just breezing through a dungeon, and he would constantly use his spells like the resources didn't matter, and he has a spell that lets him dash toward to hit a mob, it made the game very fast pace and exciting. They need to do something liek that with the demon hunter. Because all the demon hunter can do atm is... fire a couple of pretty non-exciting spells, and be out of resources. And the DH can only vault 3 times, then she has to walk around... how exciting does that sound? Not At ALL. Boo for walking/running, more spell traveling pleaseeee~ =] anyone have any thought about this?
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    Hope they make it better not worse.
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    not a big deal it all it seems, should update this news

    We're not overhauling the class, just changing up what skills unlock at which levels and fixing some of their resource starvation issues. It's easy to change this kind of stuff. Spreadsheet stuff.

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    Glad to see this happening. :) Can't wait to play my DH when the game comes out!!!

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    Regarding the update, I love how much people (including myself) will read into this. Basically, to me, it says, "Guys, relax. This isn't a huge technical change, and the game is still going to come out this year." At least that's how I read it. :D
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    I am disappointed.
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    wow, it's rare to see something translated from my language to english.
    Kind of funny, too.

    In the future if you need some help translating from italian feel free to ask, I'll be glad to help ;)

    Back on topic: I've noticed looking at streamings that some players had trouble managing Hatred, they often had no resource at all and had to run and wait.
    But have to say they seemed not exactly the best of gameplayers and wasted or misused skills.
    Maybe there will be some shuffling up and down and Blizz will play with regen and costs but not much more.
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    They're just going to tweak some numbers on how much resource certain skills cost, and when other skills unlock, nothing too serious.
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    DH should weild sword with crossbow or pistols
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