DiabloCast: Episode XXIV

Poll: Which resource is your favorite?

Which resource is your favorite? - Single Choice

  • Hatred/Discipline 16.2%
  • Spirit/Combo Points 15.8%
  • Arcane Power 34%
  • Mana 10.6%
  • Fury 23.4%
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    Just recently, Blizzard put their new Diablo III Community Site to work by tossing up a blog post on the basics of each classes' Resource System. This weeks' poll is simple! We want to know what your favorite resource is, be sure to let us know why in the comments!

    • Fury
    • Mana
    • Arcane Power
    • Spirit/Combo Points
    • Hatred/Discipline
    In our previous poll, we wanted to know what made the Diablo franchise your favorite out of all of Blizzard's other worlds, and it appears that the majority of you do it for t3h lewtz!

    It seems as if the Beta has struck us harder than ever just this week, so of course this is what we discuss! If you missed the twenty-third episode, you can check it out here. Otherwise, the twenty-fourth episode covered the following topics:

    If you've missed any previous episodes, check the archive!
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    Watching it right now. lol Inception much ?
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    Not everything is inception, bud
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    Quote from slipknotjake

    Not everything is inception, bud

    WHAT ? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo... :offtopic:
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    Favourite resource has to be fury, it suits the barbarian combat system so well. It makes sense to only be able to spend resources when your smacking something or getting hit.

    If favourite by appearance I'd say the wizard, I like sparkles :P
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    the video keeps starting like 30min in for me. odd.
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    I think spirit/combo points is a great Idea. Makes you stay in the fight while backing up and going back in to deliver spells and combos at your advantage. It seems to me that the Witch Doctor will have the most problems. Slow mana will not go well in inferno difficulty and it just doesn't seem like he will have enough dmg to do it including with his pets. dmg over time is not that great when everyone around you is slaughtering. Seems like a single player person and that is it to me. but I love the hatred/disciplin for offense and defense. sounds even more fun to only do certain spells. It will make things more difficult which seems more fun to me than just running through lvls.
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    Quote from Sayith

    the video keeps starting like 30min in for me. odd.

    Because it's live! The recorded version will be added later today.

    Many thanks to Caniroth for the awesome sig!
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    Arcane power for me.
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    I really think the Fury globes are the nicest looking overall :-) It has a sexy bottled-fire look to it :-)

    The Arcane power is amazing too, and damn near tied :-)
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    I voted Fury because the globe LOOKS the coolest. But since I'm probably going to main a Wizard, I'll say Arcane Power too because of the speedy regeneration.
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    Fury looks cool, I like the way it regenerates, and I'm more and more leaning towards making a barb for my first character so that got my vote.
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    If I have to choose one I pick spirit, however its a toss up between that and Fury. Why? cause you need to smash some faces in to smash even more faces in! not only more faces get broken, they get broken even harder! I also go with spirit because the monk is what I plan on playing first.
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    I like arcane power, cause it's shiny and I really really want to play Wizard!

    Many thanks to Caniroth for the awesome sig!
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    Arcane looks like the coolest but rage is nice too. Spirit is nice but for me it looks like sand more then spirit. Why not let Monks use sand and have necro using spirits in a expansion or something like that :D

    I voted mana be-course that recourse is old and I still love how it works.
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    I chose arcane power because it looks the coolest other wise it would have been fury but its just to orange for me maybe a little bit redder
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    Red and Blue makes sense for the resources of the demon hunter not just by meaning hatred and calmness but it makes more sense if you look at it from a photographic colour relations. What you normally do is make a triangle with the cold colour as the top of vertices and the other two bottom vertices being the hot colours. If you look at a colour circle and you choose the blue as the cold colour the hot colour will hit around red~orange~yellow. Although the yin and yang idea is interesting it just wouldn't work, not only because of this mixture of the colour pallet but also because of the environment.
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    6:29 Seriously? Islams? Come on man. Try not to sound so ignorant.
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    Diablo 1 is in the battle-chest.

    Sadly for me, Spirit is my favorite. I feel its most original and interesting. It's sad because 1. I would like it to look more like for as opposed to buttermilk, and 2. the Monk is in the bottom half of classes I like.
    If that made sense to you, Bravo! I think I even confused myself...
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    Arcane Power and Fury are tied in awesomeness for me :D

    I think I like the Wizard's the most :wiz: , even though I use the Fury globe as my avatar.
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