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    Finalized Character Resources

    With the Beta tantalizingly close, Blizzard continues adding to their new Diablo 3 Community Site. This afternoon we got a glimpse of each classes' Resource System, complete with animated globes! Though this information is generally already known, by Blizzard posting an official page on the topic it seems the function of each system is finalized. Each system specifically supports the classes' generic role in combat, though doesn't completely prevent the possibility of creative, wild builds. - Barbarian Barbarians use Fury, which is generated by both landing and taking hits. Some skills generate more fury than others, such as Leap Attack and Ground Stomp. While other skills are Fury heavy, such as Whirl Wind and Threatening Shout. The Barbarian will begin to lose Fury if he or she is out of combat for too long. The Fury System urges the Barbarian to be aggressive by generating Fury from both damage given, and received. Yet punishes the player for staying out of combat for too long.

    The - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter has a split system, using both Hatred and Discipline. Hatred regenerates quickly, and is diminished by using offensive skills such as Bola Shot. On the other hand Discipline regenerates slowly, and is used for more defensive skills such as Smoke Screen, and traps. The Hatred/Discipline resources grant the Demon Hunter the ability to inflict damage from a far, or lure enemies into deadly traps.

    A - Monk Monk relies on Spirit, which is gained from landing swift attacks such as Fists of Thunder, along with other special Spirit generating abilities. Other powerful attacks only deplete the resource, such as Seven Sided Strike. Spirit does not diminish when the Monk is out of battle, as the Barbarian's Fury does. Spirit guides the Monk to dish out as much damage as possible, while receiving as little as possible. Many of the Monk's skills aid in not getting surrounded.

    Mana fuels the - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor, like in Diablo 2 Mana is gathered slowly, yet has a deep pool. The Witch Doctor may also take advantage of Mana generating skills such as Mana Steal, along with Passive - Traits Traits to help quicken the process. Most other attacks aside from Mana generating skills only diminish the resource. With the slow regeneration of Mana, the Witch Doctor is best off keeping an eye on his or her reserve. Fall too low and you may find yourself hopelessly thirsting for Mana in the heat of battle. - Wizard Wizards will use Arcane Power, a fast regenerating resource to fuel their vast array of magical spells and abilities. Using skills will only drain your Arcane Power, so pacing yourself in battle will be key to maintaining a constant bombardment of pain. The fast regenerating, yet shallow pool of Arcane Power supports all of the Wizard's skill disciplines, yet limits the amount of spamming which can be done at one time.

    Though each resource system has its general function for its specified class, this in no way limits your personal play style.

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    Maximizing the Devastation
    While the fundamental rules of each resource are set in stone, how they’re strategically spent can be greatly customized through passive skills, which can drastically alter how quickly and efficiently your resources generate or regenerate. Through the use of specific skills, as well as the near unlimited combinations offered by skill runes, you can fine-tune your character’s power through resource management and control. Now the choice is yours. Pick your favored class and learn to maximize the benefits of the resources at your disposal, rendering you an incredibly powerful hero and deadly foe of the forces of darkness.

    Special thanks to Verity for the lead, and Zhuge for helping extract those nice resource globes.

    Oh yes, the Beta is coming.. Find out what to expect From the beta and DiabloFans!

    Also be sure to vote in our latest poll, and listen to this week's DiabloCast here!
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    Fantastic write up! as I said in the other threads, the orbs are just jaw dropping nice.
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    They're really too amazing. The only one I don't care for is the demon hunter one, it doesn't say hatred/discipline to me, it just says red/blue.
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    Thank you Molsterr! I feel strange saying that.. O_O

    I agree Daemaro, I'd rather see Hatred as black, and Discipline as white or something along those lines. The class is very dark in general, so I feel it would suit the overall vibe of the DH well.
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    Quote from Daemaro

    They're really too amazing. The only one I don't care for is the demon hunter one, it doesn't say hatred/discipline to me, it just says red/blue.

    im going to have to agree with you on this one. It is an odd set of colors to pick. But at least there is some "dark" and "black" liquid in there to give it some "dark evil" feel. Its still one of my favs though just due to how its split. Otherwise I like the color of the wizard the most.
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    Yeah or hatred red discipline white, discipline just says white to me, not blue. Looks too generic as far as colors go right now. The rest though are amazing, Wizard makes me reconsider my first play choice.
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    I could see a White and black liquid mix for the discipline actually, would like nice, and yeah keep the red/black for hatred.
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    Very awesome!!
    Took them long enough lol.
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    Nice article, and the monk's spirit doesn't look as milky as it seemed in all the videos ^^

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    Nice article, Winged! I really like that the Barb actually gains fury from taking hits. Time to start theorycrafting.
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    I like the DH's resource, though it look like you just put a life and a mana orb together, just in dark version. Btw the text should be updated a bit, there are no traits any longer (WD).
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    Well passive skills, almost the same. :P
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    I suppose from an artist's perspective, it's a little difficult to make these pools look cool and meaningful, but in the end, they all look like fruit juices with cool lighting underneath.

    Barbarian: V8 Splash, Mango Peach flavor
    Demon Hunter: Juicy Juice, Watermelon
    Monk: Pina Colada
    WD: Blueberry Punch
    Wizard: Some drink you'd see at a specialty shop
    "All generalizations are false, including this one." -Mark Twain
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    Maybe Hatred could be black streaked white and Discipline white tainted black?
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    Very cool looking globes! :)
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    Beautiful globes! :-)
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    barbs globe is like the sun
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    Are these the actual ingame art?

    If so..

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    Quote from IronLeg14

    Are these the actual ingame art?

    If so..


    Yep they are!
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    @ Damearo: I agree, though I didn't like this idea of separated resource system in the first place. For a DH I would imagine some really dark purple or red liquid with some shadow creatures moving in it that you can barely see. But maybe I am just too conservative for this new idea of a separated resource for using spells and I will love it when the game comes out...
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