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  • Female Wizard 11.6%
  • Male Wizard 6.2%
  • Female Witch Doctor 1.9%
  • Male Witch Doctor 12.4%
  • Female Monk 5.4%
  • Male Monk 14.3%
  • Female Demon Hunter 11.6%
  • Male Demon Hunter 10%
  • Female Barbarian 3%
  • Male Barbarian 23.5%
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    With the revelation of the male Demon Hunter, we finally know the look of every character option. Now that we have this information, who do you like the most? Choose your favorite character and feel free to discuss your choice in the topic below. It should be noted that there are no gameplay differences between the male and female versions of each class.

    For ease of comparison, there are pictures of each character below, along with a short description of each character. More in depth information on the skills and traits of each class can be found in the wiki links before each description.

    DiabloWiki.com - Barbarian Barbarian: A melee battler who relies on heavy armor and brute force to avenge the destruction of the Worldstone and sacred Mount Arreat. Even though the Barbarian is returning from DiabloWiki.com - Diablo II Diablo II, many skills have been added for DiabloWiki.com - Diablo III Diablo III, such as Ground Stomp and Hammer of the Ancients, which are mixed in with more familiar skills including Whirlwind and Leap Attack. Despite many changes, the overall playstyle of the Barbarian in Diablo III should be similar to the previous incarnation. Barbarians utilize Fury, which builds up when dealing and recieving damage, as their resource. Some of the Barbarian's skills cost no Fury, and others, such as War Cry, build up Fury for early on in combat.

    DiabloWiki.com - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter: Quick ranged attackers who thirst for vengeance against the monsters who destroyed their towns and families. A Demon Hunter relies on quick movement through Vault to create distance between themselves and advancing demons, while also utilizing traps to create chokepoints and ranged attacks to slow and damage enemies. The Demon Hunter features returning Amazon skills, currently limited to Multishot, although more Amazon skills could be introduced in some form. The Demon Hunter's resource system is currently under development, but it appears as though they may use two different pools. Hatred is a quickly regenerating resource used for low cost and burst damage skills, while Discipline is a slowly regenerating resource used for more strategic skills and gadgets.

    DiabloWiki.com - Monk Monk: Fast, combo-based melee fighters who spend much of his life honing their bodies to be an instrument of their one thousand and one gods. The Monk features a combination of holy and martial arts skills, along the lines of Seven Sided Strike, while also adopting the Paladin's auras. Not much is known about these auras other than the fact that they are part of the Monk's skillset, and short descriptions can be found in the wiki link above. The Monk also features some hybrid healing and attacking skills, which could prove invaluable if there is a lack of Health Globes in a tough situation. Monks use Spirit as their resource, which builds up when the Monk uses any of their three step combo skills and is consumed when using signature moves similar to Breath of Heaven or Wave of Light.

    DiabloWiki.com - Witch Doctor Witch Doctor: A voodoo spellcaster who hails from the Tribe of the Five Hills of the Torajan jungles in southern Sanctuary. Witch Doctors can use a variety of mid ranged spells such as Firebomb or Locust Swarm along with their pet Zombie Dogs or Gargantuans. The Witch Doctor also has a wide range of summon-based attack spells along the lines of Plague of Toads and Wall of Zombies, which summon minions for a short period of time to deal damage. Witch Doctors use Mana as their resource, which functions the same as in Diablo II.

    DiabloWiki.com - Wizard Wizard: Supremely confident masters of the magical arts working towards personal gain and reputation. The Wizard is a long ranged attacker that has a wide range of skills based around Arcane, Lightning, Cold and Fire damage. The Wizard features versions of many different Sorceress skills, such as Meteor, Hydra and Teleport. The Wizard also has control over a few ray based skills, namely Ray of Frost and Disintegrate which can be used to devestating effect. Wizards also seem to have a few melee based and armor skills; Diamond Skin and Spectral Blades among others, which opens up the possibility of Battle Mages who get up close and personal with the minions of the Burning Hells. Wizards use Arcane Power as their resource, which is fast regenerating and capped at 100 but is otherwise similar to Mana.

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    The male barbarian.
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    Male DH ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! I love ranged attacks and he fits my magical qualities too, being dark and demonic as well i think he fits perfect. MY favorite by far, next would be Wizard, then Barb then Wd then monk.
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    Male barb!

    Good job Jackzor :thumbsup:
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    The male Barbarian! Because it is a Barbarian with a beard! :)
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    Ya I've said it before...Witch Doctor is the coolest character EVER. That is all.
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    Male or female DH to be honest. I've always had a kick for van helsing looks.... it's a jersey thing ^_^.

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    male barbarian, i like to get up close and personal =)
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    My first character will be either a male monk, or male wizard. The most aesthetically pleasing character model is that of the female monk.
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    Female Wizard for the smexy. Second pick, I would agree on the Male Barbarian. Old, bad ass geezers! Who can argue with that?
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    What's this? I don't have to be transgender to play a glass cannon? Thanks Blizzard. Props to male Wizard :hammy:
  • #12
    Female wizard 100%! :D
  • #13
    Male Demon Hunter... I like the dark style, but the female wizard is REALLY GOOD too... if you understand what I mean... =D
  • #14
    Male Witchdoctor, clearly :thumbsup:
  • #15
    female characters distract me with awesomeness. so il be the kooky lookin male wizard so i poon noobs and look funky. always been a fan of the simple armored glass cannons
  • #16
    Well, It appears the female barb has no love.
  • #17
    Aesthetics: the female Demon Hunter (Not just because she's hot either)
    Play-style: First char will be Male Witch Doctor all the way. Gotta love voodoo!

    P.S. (a girl that does voodoo?)
    If that made sense to you, Bravo! I think I even confused myself...
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    Quote from Jamoose

    Male barb!

    Good job Jackzor :thumbsup:

    Why thank you.

    I gotta go with the male barb as well.
    armored glass cannons

    I'm pretty sure thats an oxymoron :P

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    Male Monk

    Oh yeah. Punch fallen in the throat and make them explode, all that good stuff. Plus, he's got a wicked beard.

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    Female Witch Doctor and female Monk. They will be my first two choices.
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