Diablo: Demonsbane Review

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    After receiving the Diablo Archive, boasting 752 pages, just recently, I decided to read through it backwards starting with Diablo: Demonsbane by Robert B. Marks (of Garwulf's Corner fame).

    I am sure the Diablo Archive will be a jewel among my Blizzard novels collection. Better to have four Diablo novels on a single tome, than have individual books all around the place unable to find them at times. There is one thing I disapprove from the Diablo Archive however. For such a big tome, and quiet heavy in weight, the cover designer Richard Yoo or whoever chose the cover material should have gone for thick cardboard material. This huge archive is no pocket book. It is about two inches thick. The cover material is made of the same material as any other pocket book with the same thin thickness. The result is a jellyfish-effect when you handle the heavy book around. I usually read on my bed. At times when I am uncomfortable, I usually lie on my back and rise the book above me in the air. The weight is almost unbearable after 20 minutes, but the material doesn't help. Enough with the material rant.

    What can be found inside is worth the nuisance. For years, I have heard of Diablo: Demonsbane. A lecture painted in myth. Something I knew existed, but couldn't reach. It was a few years ago, when I first heard of its existence. It was released on 2000 in ebook format. I have a lot of Warcraft RPG books in ebook format, and even purchased Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor as an ebook. But for some odd reason I never got around reading Diablo: Demonsbane, even when I craved it more than any other book. Curiosity compels one's craving. I have never read a review of Demonsbane, or heard what it was about. I just knew it was the first of the Diablo stories ever released.

    I reported about the first printing of Diablo: Demonsbane on paper two years ago on July 2, 2006. It was titled Blizzard Legends Vol. 1. It contained a printed version of three ebooks from each game franchise: Warcraft: Of Blood and Honor (by Chris Metzen), Starcraft: Uprising (by Micky Neilson), and Diablo: Demonsbane (by Robert B. Marks).

    However, it is now with the release of Diablo Archive that fans have the opportunity to get this craved story more broadly as it comes bundled along with Diablo: Kingdom of Shadow, Diablo: The Black Road, and Diablo: Legacy of Blood.

    Personally, I was expecting something different in Diablo: Demonsbane. More of a dark fantasy meets Lord of the Rings with some fancy Shakespearian old-english language accent. Part of the myth I envisioned for lack of any knowledge of a Demonsbane's summary.

    I started reading on Sunday evening and couldn't stop reading. It caught my attention. It is a short novella spanning through page 685-738. According to the epilogue, these events take place on year 302 and seem to happen during the Sin War. Right at the end when I read the epilogue, it made me wonder. Did Diablo: The Sin War somehow retconned Demonsbane? I have no idea. What I do know is that none of the events of the Sin War trilogy seem to be mentioned in it. Nor did the main character in Demonsbane show up in the Sin War trilogy.

    Which book comes first in the timeline is also a mystery to me. One thing does gets mentioned that might help those who have better knowledge of the time line than me. Sarnakyle the Kejistan mage of the Spirit Mage Clan mentioned he was among the party of mages that killed Bartuc the Warlord of Blood at Viz-jun two years earlier.

    The story is centered around Siggard, a warrior who fought at Blackmarch with the Entsteig's army. They had fought demons there led by the favored archdemon of the Lord of Terror: Lord Assur. This archdemon has a peculiar glyph of invincibility that makes him feared by the Vizjerei Mage clans. There is however one thing that may kill him, and that would be spoiling it. I did see it coming when I read what could kill him, but was unsure as the requirements for it to happen were not clear at sight, specially with the interaction of Siggard with the other characters.

    Ever since the Night of Souls through the events in Brennor, it kept bouncing around my mind why Siggard can't remember anything about Blackmarch until certain point as if he had magically forgotten. As I was reaching the last pages of the story, it was more evident my suspicions were right, but the idea resulted contradictory. Making me doubt. Robert B. Marks wrote here a very nice story, and wrapped up with a surprise few could have seen coming. It keeps a fast pace, while adding elements of suspense. I enjoyed the read and don't regret it. One well-known character appears a couple of times, but heavily weights on the outcome of the story: Tyrael.

    I will be reading through the Diablo Archive in upcoming days. One thing I am glad of doing, however, is to have started backwards, reading Diablo: Demonsbane first. It is a pity this story was brought as an ebook and as a short novella. As an ebook, it didn't get the attention it deserved in 2000. And as a novella, it was too short. The story was worth an entire book of 378 pages. I hope the author writes a continuation of Siggard's adventures. Otherwise, I would like to read a new story from him again. Take note Blizzard. Cheers, Robert B. Marks.

    Go grab your copy of the Diablo Archive.
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    Sounds like a sweet little story to me :) was it <100 pages you said? can it really establish some indepth character analysation in that short amount of length?

    and btw; I'm really starting to get intrested to read all the books once and for all, From the first book to the last, I see sin war is a prequel that came just "recently" (in old-fans mind, it just came out lol), I shall really start with those or?

    what is the timeline? what book is 1-2-3-4-5 etc
    thanks ;)
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    I ordered the sin war, too bad they only sent part 1 and 3 and the second one is coming later :) Don't wanna start it yet if I get caught by the story so deeply that I would wish to start book 2 immidiately after 1 and I don't have it! :)

    I'll probably order the other books after I've read sin war if its nice.
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    One writer that I would love to see writing a book for Diablo is Robin Hobb, I'm currently reading the last book of her Farseer Trilogy and I absolutely love her writing style, she can definitely bring the fantasy world of Diablo to life with her writing skills and produce a truly epic story.
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    MD you would ESPECIALLY expect to see him in other sin war stories considering the epilogue when it spoke of him fighting in so many battles and being such an impact, he should have been a key part to the sin war because as tyreal said he only saw this happen twice. But wasn't it an awesome read? couldn't put it down aswell
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    My first book from Diablo universe I read and.. it was amazing. I truely recommend this book forevar. The ending of the book is AWESOME. :D
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    I have a small question
    im planning on buying all of the Diablo Books, since i cant wait to read them and it will be a good time killer in the count down to Diablo 3.

    now, i have a few questions ;
    The books that the Diablo Series have are :

    * Diablo: The Sin War, Birthright
    * Diablo: The Sin War, Scales of the Serpent
    * Diablo: The Sin War, The Veiled Prophet
    * Diablo: Legacy of Blood
    * Diablo: The Black Road
    * Diablo: The Kingdom of Shadow
    * Diablo: Moon of the Spider
    and then , there's
    * Diablo Archive
    wich compiles
    - Legacy of Blood
    - The kindom of shadow
    - The Black road
    - and Demonsbane

    now, my questions are,
    if I buy the Archive book, i dont have to buy the other books with that title?
    so the Arhive book is actually 3 books + demonsbane in 1 big book?
    so if I buy the 3 sinwar books, Moon of the Spider and Archive, i have all the books of the Diablo Series?

    Also, what is the order, the correct order, in what the books should be read? or are they not linked to eachother and they are all stand alone books?

    thanks for the answers, once i get an answer on these, ill order my books!

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    answer was given :

    If you buy the Diablo Archive, you only need to buy the Sin War trilogy and Moon of the Spider. The Diablo Archive is a big book of 758 pages which contains the novels you would normally buy individually. The only setback is that the cover is not hardcover. It uses the same material as any pocketbook. So you gotta be careful handling it.

    The order is not easy to answer. Those are stories outside the gameplay, but still considered canon by Blizzard. None of the main characters of each book have been in the game thus far. That might change in Diablo III maybe.

    If I were you, I would start with the Sin War. That is more likely to impact the diablo 3 storyline as said by Knaak. Then read Demonsbane --> Legacy of Blood --> Kingdom of Shadow --> The Black Road --> Moon of the Spider.

    Demonsbane happens sometime during the long centuries that lasted the Sin War. Siggard lived for around 800 years I think.

    Legacy of Blood mentions Diablo the Dark Wandered has gone east. So that is obviously happening at the middle of Diablo II.

    Kingdom of Shadow -- that one is very hard to pin point in the timeline. Zayl the necromancer shows up in that book so it should be fairly somewhere during Diablo - Diablo II - Lord of Destruction xpac.

    Black Road -- I read a few pages many years ago, can't remember. I will finish it after I'm done with Legacy of Blood.

    Moon of the Spider I heard happens after the Worldstone was destroyed. Zayl the necromancer shows up. __________________
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    Just ordered all 8 books

    Sinwars 1 2 3, the 4books Archive book & Moon of the spider,
    they should arive in less then 14 days! can't wait!
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    Sorry to refresh this but with the new book coming up, I think it's time.
    Does anyone know where can you can buy all the books today? That is Sin wars + Moon of the spider and Archives, thanks!

    Edit: Never mind, Underdog's links still work!
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