DiabloCast: Episode XII - Spoiler Alert

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    Awesome podcast like always guys.. listened to it twice so far. =)
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    I have a theory. If you look at the classical consents of matter; earth, water, fire, and air, in different combinations and amounts make all the substances we have in our world. SO these 4 elements are the PRIME elements. According to classic thinking you could generate fire by adding heat to wood, and water was generated when it fell from the sky. My idea is that you could accumulate enough "hatred, lies, or destruction" to gather enough of these Prime elements together that Hatred could once again consciousness via the persona we know and love as Diablo!

    PLZ PLZ PLZ make it happen lol it makes so much sense! I mean lots of hate = a little Diablo becoming part of you, get a TON of hate, and I mean like pyrotechnics in kitten farm hate, and POW Diablo is back!
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    ...Except Diablo is the Lord of Terror.

    Anyway, besides that little detail it's an interesting idea, the idea that the Prime Evils are the essences of Hatred, Terror and Destruction, and that they can't really die so long as those three domains exist. It's an theory I've thought makes sense which explains why the Lesser Evils chose to exile the Three rather than kill them, and how Diablo could return in D3. It fits somewhat yes, but there's no direct support for such a cosmic mechanic.
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