Resurrections, Shrines, Poison Clouds and Rune Effects

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    Now that the dust has settled since the second batch of images was released as a part of the Facebook call to arms, it's time to recap what has recently been said in Twitter.

    Some of these Tweets are already a few days old, but because they're interesting nevertheless, I'll recap them as well. I will go through the tweets from the newest to the oldest in a rough order.

    First off, Bashiok clarified how the co-op resurrection works in Diablo III in a two-part tweet:

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    @Diablo - Will you be allowed to resurrect your team mate in Arenas? If not, are resurrection potions still in the game for regular play?

    Diablo: @NocturneGS Once you're dead in the Arena you have to wait until the next round.

    Diablo: @NocturneGS No reagents for resurrecting friends in co-op, instead there's a short window of time to click on them or they're running back.

    While the bit regarding resurrections in the arena" class="wiki-link">arena"/> arena was hardly new news, I added it for completeness' sake.

    However, the second half regarding how resurrection works when playing with others was rather interesting. It seems that once your friend is dead, you have a limited time to click his or her corpse so that they join you in the fight against Diablo's minions. This sounds like it would create interesting tactical dilemmas if the time window was short. Then players would be faced with the choice of either fighting more safely, but forcing their friends to run, or risking their own safety and running to resurrect their team mates.

    I would assume this system will also have a sort of cooldown or a limit to how many times it can be used during the same combat. This would be quite necessary to avoid it being abused in harder boss fights, where the team members would resurrect one another several times in one fight.

    We were also informed that there will be no fundamental differences between playing alone and with friends in this reply to our member kiowa:

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    @Diablo Will there be any random encounters or quest that we won’t find in the Single play?

    Diablo: @kiowa81 We're building the game for co-op. Single player is just like playing the co-op game by yourself. So, no, no planned differences.

    Diablo: @kiowa81 Aside from difficulty, of course.

    In essence this means that there are no plans to having events such as the - Pandemonium Event Pandemonium Event or - Uber Diablo Uber Diablo, that will be exclusive to the realms. As someone who likes playing alone as well, I think this is pretty good news.

    Furthermore, @Diablo told us more about shrines:

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    @Diablo How many shrine effects will be in the game? Are there some new effects (compared to D2) or maybe negative or random (like in D1)?

    Diablo: @Rocky3007 Diablo III shrine effects are short term buffs designed to push you into combat to get the most from them. No penalties.

    A while back we were told that shrines had received a new look. However, we were still very much in the dark about the exact functionality of the shrines" class="wiki-link">shrines"/> shrines. All we knew was the couple shrines that were present in the BlizzCon 2009 demo.

    Now we know that negative and permanent shrines are out of the question. While they were featured in the original Diablo" class="wiki-link">Diablo"/> Diablo, it would seem to me that they're too unforgiving a mechanic to fit the general feel of Diablo III.

    A shrine tooltip
    What is also interesting is the short description of how they have approached shrines this time. It would seem to me that we could expect shrines with substantial, but short duration buffs. One speculative example would be a shrine that made the player and his entire party deal 100% more damage for 30 seconds.

    Regarding the already mentioned second batch of screenshots, we were also informed about the exact nature of the green cloud of poison visible at the left edge of the Monk screenshot in a reply to our member, Akuma_gin:

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    @Diablo The new concept art and screenshot are GREAT! What's the green cloud, a gas potion or a skill maybe?

    Diablo: @akumagin Looks to me like the monk just killed a rare monster with the Plague affix.

    I can only wait to encounter cold" class="wiki-link">cold"/> cold or - fire enchanted fire enchanted monsters, if the plague effect looks that cool!

    At the end of last week, we were also given several glimpses to how rune effects function. First in this reply to our news staff manager extraordinaire, Scyberdragon, we were given further insight into how runes change skills that aren't so much direct attacks:

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    @diablo How are you guys handling runes for ore passive skills like shouts or auras?

    Diablo: @Scyberdragon Depends. Mostly increasing effect/duration, but some do actually change to offensive abilities or change mechanics entirely.

    Without a specific example, it's hard to know what they have in store for us, but I could see it an interesting design choice to have Monk have only a limited number of auras, if - skill runes skill runes would change the function of those completely.

    In addition to that, we were given two examples of various movement skill rune effects, one to our staff member, FingolfinGR:

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    @Diablo The Barbarian Charge skill- Any rune effects applied to it that you can tell us about?

    Diablo: @swordadpt Furious Charge! So cool all by itself. One rune gives a run speed boost after use. Another leaves a trail that damages enemies.

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    @Diablo what effects (other than damage on impact) do runes have on mobility skills?

    Diablo: @FingolfinGR Witch doctor's Spirit Walk applying DoTs on enemies you move through is a good one.

    It seems that even movement skills will have an interesting range of variety to them via the skill runes.

    Stay tuned for more news!
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    Quote from Don_guillotine

    Witch doctor's Spirit Walk applying DoTs on enemies you move through

    Wow that's really cool,

    thanks for the news

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    Thanks for the write-up.

    I DON'T FOLLOW TWITTER! (cap'd just so it stands out) so I love the fact that you go through the effort of showing us the most interesting bits.

    Thanks again.

    You just lost

    THE GAME!!!
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    Well we also have a Twitter Tracker here on the site. You can check if theres been some tweets by looking at recent topics and seeing if anything starts with "Diablo:" and chances are its a new Twitter post. Or you can just get them from us :D

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    Good article, well informative :)

    I'm really looking forward to the new elemental enchanced looks of the monsters!

    By the way, here is a video of a PvP arena fight if you guy's didn't see it ;) That dude made alot of good videos for diablo, very informative! Specially the purgatory series!
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    Yeah, um, so...these are just a few tidbits to show us that D3 will simply be awesomesauce through and through. Ok, I can live with that :whistling:
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    Quote from nadenitza

    Good article, well informative :)

    I'm really looking forward to the new elemental enchanced looks of the monsters!

    By the way, here is a video of a PvP arena fight if you guy's didn't see it ;) That dude made alot of good videos for diablo, very informative! Specially the purgatory series!

    The PvP video is just the Blizzard's official one with a commentary over it.

    The video itself can be seen at the end of the B-roll footage. Which can be seen in our site's YouTube channel ("TheChatGem") or by googling "BlizzCon 2010 press kit", which has it.
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    Very good article once again, very interesting information. Each day we get closer to the release. Good stuff, good stuff. Thanks!
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    This was a pretty chunky little post, me likes.....Keep it coming
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    I like the idea about ressurecting your allies and the fact that there will be no permanent or negative effects on shrines... nothing hurts more than having your stats, skills and so forth decreased just because of the fact that you don't know how a specific shrine will affect you!
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