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    Quote from "emilemil1" »
    But my confuuuusion!!!

    What about meeeee!!!

    Anyway... I think that it is best to have max 3 systems with much customization than 50 with a little each. The primary systems used in D2 were Skills and Items (not attributes). D3 is so far using Skills and items as primary systems, and Runes as a secondary system.

    I'm ok with a secondary system for Items, or something completely new, but I would not want another secondary way to customize your skills. Or even worse; secondary on secondary, like a way to put runes in runes. It would be too much to keep track of without careful planning.

    You claim that the attributes distribution in d2 wasn't a major customization system, and i say you are totally wrong.

    Every type of build you wanted to make, you had to put the stats in certain places and amounts... It was a crucial thing as far as customization went in D2.

    So, we had items, stats, skills.

    In D3 we have skills, items, spell runes, and?

    I think this is it.
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    I placed my attribute points in exactly the same way for every build except for Bowazon and ES Sorceresses.

    Str for gear (no exceptions)
    No Dexterity (except for Bowazons)
    Rest vitality
    No Energy (except for ES Sorceresses)

    The customization is amazing...
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    Theres a different between a pvp and a pvm sorc, where you put all of your stats on Dex or Vita...

    Reaching max block with chars that used a shield...

    wasting the absolute minimum on Strength and put everything else on Vita was very important for barbs for an example...

    etc, etc...

    Now i know this isnt much. But we cant ignore the simple fact, that if you didnt put your stats right in d2, you would get pwned in PVP, and you wont be as much effecient in pvm.

    I know what Bashiok and Jay said, but they didnt mean that it didnt customize anything in D2, they meant that it wasnt enough customization and that they want something different.

    If they said they didnt like the attributes system in D2 it dosnt mean it sucked and that it wasnt one of the ways you could customize your character.

    In D2, stat points = one of the three major customization systems.
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    D2 was primarily PvE with PvP enabled (but almost not supported at all).

    I never PvP.

    I forgot about the shield thing, but that is actually not attribute customization, that is item customization. A shield = For max block, without = nothing at all. There is no customization there.

    Hands down, attributes were the ultimate cookie cutter system. Everyone did the same thing because there was one specific setup that gave the best result. The best customization you could get is choosing a full dex build instead of a full vit for a Bowazon, which really isn't much at all.

    And what do you mean by this:

    Theres a different between a pvp and a pvm sorc, where you put all of your stats on Dex or Vita...

    Why would a Sorceress put points in Dexterity?
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    If they remove attribute points then its boring, i like that part very much in D2 i don`t want them to be automatically its like you lost the control over your character.
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    Dude, when you use a shield, on every clvl, your Dex should be higher than a certain amount so you can have max block which is 75%.

    Its not that you only use the shield and you got max block... No.

    A sorc for PVP, using a shield, had to have a certain amount of Dex at level 99 which was a pretty high amount, so she can have max block....

    "D2 was primarily PvE with PvP enabled (but almost not supported at all)." - It wasnt supported game-wise with some UI's and such... but there is a large part of the d2 community which lived off of PVP... and only PVP. No one can ignore this fact. PVP in d2 was the highest you can get. The most hardcore builds and characters were pvp, with the craziest gear.... All of that pvp dedicated... anyway...
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    I think it might be a good move for Diablo 3 to remove customizable attribute points.
    Fleshes out the classes a bit more.
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    I meant that shield block doesn't have anything to do with attribute custmization. You went with max block with a shield, or you don't use a shield. So the customization is actually to sacrifice vitality for blocking, not vitality for dexterity.
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    Quote from "emilemil1" »

    I meant that shield block doesn't have anything to do with attribute custmization. You went with max block with a shield, or you don't use a shield. So the customization is actually to sacrifice vitality for blocking, not vitality for dexterity.

    I dont get it... The Dex is for blocking, so whats the difference... Your just trying to confuse me out of this argument xD
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    Awesome news, good job, keep it up! :)
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    It just doesn't add any customization... I don't decide where to put my points. I can't use a shield and decide to not max block, it would be a bad decison. So I can't customize it. = No customization

    I might choose to be a shield Barbarian, how much attribute customization does that give me?

    Let's see. I don't need any Energy, so that it out of the picture. I need enough Strength to wear my armor, but definitely no more, so there is not any customization there. I need enough Dexterity to maintain max block, but no more, so there is no customization there. The best attribute to put my remaining points in is Vitality.

    And that is it. There was a best way to build the character and I had to follow it. What are my choises? My stats were purely based on my item choices, so where is the customization? Why not just making an attribute spending bot that automatically places the points according to this template.

    I did not customize my skills. I customized the equipment, and my equipment customized the skills.
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    The truth has been revealed, stay tuned for more dirty secrets here on Diablofans!!!
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    Awesome interview guys!!
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    Nice interview. I like this, a good start of the day after coming home from school! ;)
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    Good work on this interview. It's nice to get some excitement pumped back into the wait. I think they've got a lot more put together than they let on. Sure they've got major systems they're probably pulling teeth on, but at least they're willing to work at it and only include something that is worthy. Like the skill system for example....I'm excited to hear that they're trying something new in that area. I hope it works out.
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    I agree, too much customization just leads to confusion and balancing issues. I think customization is great but it has to be kept in check. Between gems, skill runes, new skill system, I feel that one system for items would be just fine.

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    Everyone should stop talking about the chat gem. I feel like they just put it there in order to generate confusion, which is essentially what is happening. F*** the system, and stop hyping it up!!! lol.
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    Oh, but hype is what it's all about, my friend. What would a fansite be without hype? :D
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    Jay Wilson: Well, if we did something like that, we would fall right back where we were in Diablo II. As far as stat point expenditure, we don't consider it to be a very strong customization system. Now, there are ways within the game to customize stat points mainly through items. However, there are still a lot of things and systems that we haven't even shown yet that are going to be new ways to approach your items that will allow for new "customizations."
    Diablofans: How will you balance the power of an item in comparison to its drop rate? In Diablo II DiabloWiki.com - runewords runewords were extremely powerful, yet the required DiabloWiki.com - runes runes were also extremely rare to come by, or at least were supposed to be. Will there be items as rare in Diablo III that are as powerful from the start, or will players have to slowly improve the quality of their items, through crafting/runes/other systems?

    Jay Wilson: Throughout the history of patches on Diablo II, there were a lot of updates to runewords and they really powerful from when they were introduced. At one time or another though all of the different item types were the most powerful, like DiabloWiki.com - unique items unique items were the best, or DiabloWiki.com - rare items rare items at some point. Our general approach for Diablo III is to make sure that every type of item has a place to be useful. For example, maybe we'll have a DiabloWiki.com - legendary item legendary item, which is the new name for our DiabloWiki.com - unique items unique items, be the best DiabloWiki.com - helm helm, whereas rares will have the most powerful chest DiabloWiki.com - armor armor, and so on. Having a spread like that will allow for a more varied itemization system we hope.
    Excelent! This is what I hoped they'd do. Also glad they changed the name to Legendary Items, makes more sense that way.. In D2 uniques were rares (not unique because everybody could have the exact same item) and rares were uniques (unique because the stats always varied a little from item to item). Always confused the fuck out of me, the new name is better...
    Jay Wilson: We removed DiabloWiki.com - Ureh Ureh from the game as a setting to try and get the game out sooner.
    Man, they are removing things to get it out faster, and it's still taking too long.... This is worrying me now :(
    DiabloFans: Can you tell me a little bit about the[flash="width=20 height=20"]http://us.media.blizzard.com/1901200114/_flash/chatgem.swf[/flash]DiabloWiki.com - Chat Gem Chat Gem before we have to part ways?

    Bashiok: DiabloWiki.com - The Chat Gem The Chat Gem... It's working correctly and has more than exceeded our expectations. And nightmares.
    I would have been dissapointed had he said anything else :D
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    @ Jamoose and emilemil1
    I'll cut it out lol, stats in d2 are not balanced well so the customization suffer from that. I mean to have a great customization each stat point need to be equal, in the way you don't know where put your points because each stat are tempting.

    For d2, to got balanced stats, I guess energy need to add magic damage (add more damage to your spell) dexterity need to be more useful not only for block, attack rating never work correctly... life and strengh is ok, but strengh can add more physical damage and life some resist.

    Anyway, for d3, stats will not be customizable in the same way so...
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