NEW Unannounced Blizzard Game

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    This is far fetched but what if they are expanding the Starcraft/Warcraft series and making it into a RPG style game (Not MMO) but kind of like a Diablo style of game.

    I can't believe this idea never crossed my mind.
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    I thought about a Warcraft RPG the other day.

    I think it'd be kind of cool. Stats you can choose on your character, all kinds of skills, make it very DnD/Baldur's Gate-ish. :P
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    I'd say if you forget about their Next-Gen MMO, and you take into account the WOW expansions are handled by a different team, it probably has to be Wc4. After SC2 is released and D3, the next game is gonna be War4. By the time War4 is out, WoW is probably gonna be starting to slightly decline and then post-WC4 their going to be doing pre-production on WoW-2.
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    I really think if they want something new IP or not they would have to go for a FPS. I think it would be cool if it was a starcraft spin off but a whole new concept would be awesome.

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    A Diablo RTS would be amazing, but I have a bad feeling that it's another MMO. :P
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    Blackthorne 2? :P
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    WC4 would be nice. I'd like to see a whole new franchise thought.
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    I would guess WC4 because they are working on both a SC and Diablo game already.

    And the MMO would be a new peoject, or Diablo.

    It could as well be that this new one is a new project of course.

    And with project i mean ... you know another game universe, another series (could be a single as well though).
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    I'd like something new. With Starcraft 2 coming out soon and Diablo 3 to follow... Hell it's about time.
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    WC4 definitely needs to come before they decide to do something drastic. I mean lets look at it:

    Diablo 3 --> Follows series' formulaic approach to hack'n'slash-type action, standard online RPG with single player, no monthly fee

    SC 2 --> Sequel to the most acclaimed RTS of all time. They try not to mess with the formula too much, and add maybe a few units as not to make a carbon copy of SC while keeping it easy to balance.

    Unknown Next-Gen MMO --> Not much to say here, but just something to notice. The WoW team is the WoW team and they've got their own thing to do, at all times. There's developers who are responsible for the monthly material while some are strictly always working on the next expansion, and I'm sure the WOW team is extremely expansive by now. This MMO is being developed by yet a different team, we are told its not from an existing Blizzard franchise, so its new and "next-gen" is all we have to go on.

    --WHAT'S NEXT?--

    There next project can't be an MMO. With WoW at its peak (11 million subs?) and possibly still climbing, they can squeeze out like 10 more expansions before starting to feel a decline, but Blizzard isn't stupid. All their expansions have been pretty massive, and their not even going to put any serious pre-production development into WoW-2 until the numbers actually look like their starting to wince. 11 MILLION subscribers world-wide. MMO's that have like 250,000-500,000 are considered profitable and successful. WoW has 62.2% of the world's MMO market. Lineage and Lineage II together own 13% of the world share. Everquest I and II have only 2.3%. So forget WoW-2, because WoW is simply too successful to start diverting resources to WoW-2.

    WC4: Warcraft-3 is also one of the highest rated RTS games. Its still played competitively worldwide. Of the average 150,000 users still playing on at any one given time, half of those are on Warcraft III: Frozen Throne. In a few years, when D3 and SC2 are both out and done with, WC-4 I think has to be the logical move for Blizzard. With WC4, they have top-notch games from their 3 franchises along with the world's biggest MMO (by a LONG shot) with another MMO in development and pretty much the freedom to do anything they want. Diablo 3 will rejuvenate the old D2 crowd. SC2 is the sequel to a still-popular RTS thats 11 years old. You can bet anyone who has ever played Diablo will be interested in D3. Tons of ex-WoW'ers (like me) are looking forwards to playing it. It will likely draw tons of new-comers as well who were maybe too young during the D2 prime and will discover the series.

    After WC4 you say? Probably the release of the Next-Gen MMO they're working on (MMO's have huge dev cycles). After that? I really can't even speculate.
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    What does IP mean? Some people have said its a new IP. I know it means a new franchise but what does the "IP" stand for?
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    I think we'll be introduced to a new universe when they finally announce it in five years.
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    I really hope they bring back starcraft ghost, I was so pumped for that game..
    Perhaps a starcraft MMO, I really can't see them making a diablo MMO since D3 has b-net. Warcraft 4 is a definite contender too.... Oh the possibilities !!
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    Actually, werent they going to resume SC: Ghost sometime?

    Forgot about that, its also a big possibility.
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    old news. there have been jobs up there for an unnannounced mmo for a while
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    Let's hope it's not another craft game. I wouldn't want to be schooling my kids in WC9 and all that. Something new would be nice.
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    It is going to be a next gen FPS MMO in a Blizzard Universe we have not seen yet.
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    Quote from "Red_Rain" »
    old news. there have been jobs up there for an unnannounced mmo for a while

    This is a "unannounced" project, NOT the MMO if you'd look.
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    well here is what I think

    - Its not a new SC since SC2 as well as its first 2 expansions are already underway as confirmed by Blizzard.
    - Its not Diablo3 or its expansion since those are both being done at the same time as well. Also confirmed that blizzard is planing at least 1 expantion for Diablo3.
    - The Warcraft storyline will most likely end with World of Warcraft once Sargaris is killed on his own planet in the last WoW expansion because really there is no where for it to go with the main bad guy gone.

    So this leave us with a few options but these are the ones that make the most sence.

    The unannounced Game(not the MMO) is most likely going to be Starcraft Ghosts, and will follow the story of 3 or 4 books that are being wrote (one is out already Starcraft Ghost: Nova)
    The MMO will most likely be a completely new game / Franchise. or a Diablo MMO(which is very unlikely in my opinon).
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    I think it's going to be a new IP. WoW had expansions to come as zoltrix said, so is SC2 and D3. unless they are planning 10 years ahead which might be bad...
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