2008 Leipzig: Diablo 3 Bosses Dynamic Explained

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    yes i have to admit, i was sick of going to hell difficulty in diablo2, and being one shot pwned by mephisto. i also like the fact that mobs come with the boss, if there is a necro or a corpse-raising class, more corpses to use if he kills my pets!
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    Don't know what to think about it ;) Coz the pure H&S as D2 is going to change into more thinkable. Then, i liked to fight only the boss, with no mob around. That was cool, only me and him, now i don't know.
    Really don't know what to think about the change, i need to play it to tell you ;)
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    Quote from name="Medieval Dragon" »
    Quote from name=""Jay Wilson"" »
    It would be far more interesting if we could have a boss monster that wasn't just a giant sack of health that deals out ridiculous damage.

    So you won't be fighting a lonely boss. You will fight a boss and a horde of mobs. The boss and the mobs won't do crazy damage, but lower your health at different paces. They are designed to do that with different abilities -- however, these mobs that help the boss engage you are there to supply you with health orbs to continue battling the boss.

    Now people ... that's what I call genious. It is gonna be challenging, yes, hard. Yet entertaining and possible by using skills and tactics. And the best reward is you won't get carpal tunnel or have to port back to town to replenish health pots. Read the full interview

    100% agreed MD, this guy is a genious. Bosses that 1 hit-kill, like Duriel, always were retarded, imo. Besides, no boss should act alone, it just doesn't suit evil guys - they're supposed to ALWAYS use cannon folder and dirty tricks to beat good guys.

    And just to ice the cake, there's the logic: If I were Diablo, I'd camp in front of the Town Portal; Should the player come back, I'd use that imba fire beam and say "IMA FIRIN MA LAZOR!!!"

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    ... if there is a necro or a corpse-raising class, more corpses to use if he kills my pets!

    I guess that's why they took the Necromancer away. It would be the ultimate imba!
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    Sorry to sound pessimistic, but yeah - this will be great for HC players. No healing pots = SC doable! No healing pots = HC just got one hell of alot harder and sounds really undoable.
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    Here's a different take:

    I don't play Barbs because I just can't handle the "risk" of walking up to a monster and hacking away at it. But DII is a HnS game yet I'm afraid to HnS? WTF?

    So I always play a necro or sorceress or a ranged druid (i.e. no fury or rage melee attacks) or a bowzon. I have to think strategy rather than brute force.

    So obviously I like the DIII changes - it just formalises the way I play already.

    Those of you who play a barb are in for a culture shock and I feel sorry for you. You're now going to have to think. :D
    So we've got over the problem of colour in D3. Great. Now let's argue about everything else not yet set in stone and help make this game simply great! Game on.
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