BlizzCon 2008 Diablo Panels Revealed

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    The official BlizzCon 2008 website has been launched revealing some of the Diablo III panels to be showcased by Blizzard developers at the event. Based on the description of the Class Design it is certain they plan to unveil more classes besides the Barbarian and the Witch Doctor.
    One of the highlights of any BlizzCon is the opportunity to sit down with Blizzard Entertainment developers to discuss new game features and delve into the development process behind your favorite games. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the developer panels we’ll be hosting at BlizzCon 2008. Check back in the weeks ahead as we add more panels to the list.

    Diablo III Class Design
    You’ve witnessed the raw physical power of the barbarian and the terrifying alchemy and diseases of the witch doctor. Now you can learn more about these heroes -- and see if any other champions emerge to defend the mortal world.

    Diablo III Game Design
    Get a detailed look at the design and development process behind the visceral gameplay of Diablo III. We’ll explore the influence previous Diablo games have had, as well as the new and exciting features the upcoming sequel has to offer.

    Diablo III – Lore and Art
    From lore to spell effects, from creature design to quests -- sit down with our writers and artists as they discuss the creative process of building Diablo III’s rich world of Sanctuary.
    Tickets for BlizzCon 2008 go on sale August 11th. Read more about BlizzCon 2008 at

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    Yay! Nice one md! I'm excited about this one. Hope they release info on a mage class (drools) :p~
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    sounds great, cant wait.i want new barb lore =]
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    Nice find thanks!:thumbsup:
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    Yeah so that the barb art whiners would simmer down with their, "Oh noes! Magic barb!"
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    Major updates at the October Blizzcon, huh? Great news, I'm looking forward to it.
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    Can't wait :)
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    So Blizzcon is in October then? I googled it to find the site but it didn't turn up...
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    No love MD?

    its alright, I know you are ashamed of me :-(
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    cant wait for some news

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    Nice one! Waiting..
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    Mage class... pfff! så original i want some thing new like WD, sure there prolly will come a Mage/Sorc but ihope there is many many new and cool spells like we never seen befor in any game, not like the zombie wall thougth. did not like that one at all!

    However i want to thank blizzard for makin Diablo 3 love u, and MD for all the great news, and my mom... hmm and diablofans, could not done it whit out u!
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    can't wait to hear about teh new class(es) ^^

    btw i saw teh medievaldragon in that wwi vid he was awesome ;D
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    Thanks for the update MD! I'm certainly looking forward to hearing more on these subjects. I wish I was able to attend BlizzConn in person. Oh, well... I'll hear it immediately afterward I'm sure.

    Thanks for continuing to keep us updated!
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    yea this year will definitely have some great focus on Diablo III
    Bashiok himself posted this on the forums
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    If your interest is in Diablo III, then I would highly recommend attending this year's BlizzCon.

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    I'm going to attend Blizzcon this year...because now there is a reason to. :D
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    yey, more classes. bring on the paladin like :)

    btw people, when do you think we will be able to play some demo or whatever on some blizz gathering?
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    Agree all this darkness and no holy warrior? OFC there is! Paladin ftw!
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    Damn... That is going to be sweet. Too bad I cant make that one :( I was going to throw fecal matter at the art team too. Damn the world.
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    Great news MD, seeing that countdowns has been the flavor of the past few months maybe you should make a countdown for Blizzcon too. 2 months and a couple of days left :D

    Btw the frontcover is sick :cool:

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