Diablo III PK and PvP

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    pk must stay!! I use to collect ears lol.

    Pking is part of the game to me, if it's removed Diablo won't be the same. But, I think it should be restricted to a small degree. They should just make it where pkers have to face some kind of consequences for their actions, but still allow them to PK. Like make Pkers hunted or something, They should have bounty hunters or Player Killer Killers PKK!

    As far as traditional PvP goes I hope it is greatly expanded compared to D2, but also keeps it roots to a degree. For example, structured PvP with team play and what not that has a ranking system (arenas), and then duel games like there are now that have really no rules and are just senseless killing :D
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    ummm,isnt that what hard core was alll about?
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    Quote from "HaF_613" »
    PK'ing and Dueling are essential parts of Diablo, Especially in HC where I played. It adds a certain fear and adrenaline rush to the game and keeps you on your toes... I don't think the Diablo I style PK'ing should be brought back, but definately keep the D2 style. I don't think the game would be fun for so long without the PK and "PKK's" out there. Its a whole other element and it was always one of the things that kept my heart beating fast. Don't take that away. It was fair enough to give people a chance in d2 and it should remain that way.

    I agree that PvP is essential, but the way the PK is used now on D2 is not, that even something that i just hate. If you want fear and adrenaline, then play hard, and try not to die, use less pots, but being stronger than a guy that just because he has a f*****g program is able to kill you, that's not the kind of adrenaline rush i want. I love dueling, but I can't do it, cause of tppks.

    I'd love to have a system were both players have to agree the hostile status. Or like i read in this thread or other, can't remember, games where the system is like in D2, but with more control over TPPKs..
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    Diablo is the way it is now because of Blizzard. They let way to many kids hack B.net and do little about it. Now if they do their job like they do on WoW and keep Diablo 3 hack free then you don't have to deal with little kids using programs and cheating to win.

    If both players have to agree to hostile then there really is no point in PK or widespread PvP at all then it just a horrible arena fight. Its the fact and ability of suprise that makes Diablo so great.

    If they add that tab under create a game where PvP is enabled or you can toggle it in game then it could still have a little bit of suprise and probably still work out. They really can't look at Diablo as an only co-op game they to think down and dirty and make this PvP great so it stands out from the rest of the games like the other 2 have.

    (Diablo 1 = Hello? Not even knowing hostile, lots of deaths for no reason and lots of fun, they had bounty hunters , PKK's, etc, that game had supreme PvP but obviously a little overboard for most)

    (Diablo 2 = Hostile function lets you know people are hostile at you and gives you PLENTY of time to get to town with the added patches that disabled the hostile person to go in YOUR tp or take a WP right away, so no tears blizzard already pussified PvP enough compared to what it was, it can't take much more)
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    PVP MUST STAY!! and the hostile system should stay too as the way it is!
    ...i mean who dsnt like spamming 16k hammers all bo'd up with the merc holding infinity (auto re-gens mana) at the bridge at the rogue encampment ^^

    btw...blizzard needs to fix the fucking dupe issue ffs!!!!! dupes ruined d2 for me :(
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    If they turn Diablo 3 pvp into bullshit that WoW has become (everything 100% consensual, world pvp dead, have to do arenas for gear etc), I Can't believe the current gaming population are such pussies that are afraid of a corpse run with 0 penalty and blizzard is actually catering to them.

    Here's an idea: if you don't like PK's, lock your fucking game with a password and play with people you know. Public games should have a sense of danger, it's fucking Diablo. Don't need to pussify it for the masses.
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    Quote from "Medievaldragon" »
    Bashiok talks his view on PK and cooperative PvP play in Diablo III.

    Diablo wouldn't be diablo without pvp. It was a key part of the game and the only way to see if your character was really strong. I don't know about you guys but all my characters,(except my sroc) could Hell Baal by him self. And if i can do the hardest boss on the hardest difficulty i need something else to do, so i would duel and thats how i would tell if my character was strong or not. I'm not saying that the old dueling system was good because it sucked, i'm just saying if they modify it that would be fine, and maybe add a booting system to games so if some guy is a jerk the room can vote to boot him. Just a thought.
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    Quote from "eskimo_tim" »

    btw...blizzard needs to fix the fucking dupe issue ffs!!!!! dupes ruined d2 for me :(

    No joke, dupes gotta go. Nothing worse than watching your 290's disappear right after you trade for them. I just hope they dont flipp out if another maphack comes up. Big deal we know where to go. If they make the dungeons that big and maze like we should know where to go. I think for maphack they should have a strike system, like 3 strikes and you account is gone. But deleting cd keys is just rediculace, i lost 3 cd keys and thats what made me stop playing LoD
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    Wow, you guys complain about how they must make Hardcore PvP different so you can't get TPPK'd and lame stuff like that. HOW ABOUT FIXING TPPK??? Doing TPPKs usually requires a hack or something to do it really quickly so it's cheating as it is. Eliminate cheating would make PKing fair and you have the choice to leave the game if you don't want to risk dying.

    Also, PKers in HC made the game sooo much more suspenceful. I remember on one of my top HC characters as I was leveling, this nice amazon offered to help me do Ancients. She helped me with them, and then offered the Worldstone Keep WP. Oh thanks, Amazon, you're so kin....*HOSTILE* *SHOOT SHOOT* *LEAVE* Holy shit. Two guided arrows from this Amazon 30 levels higher than me. I have no time to react and quit. I just stand there. The first one hits...BAM down to 10 HP. The other arrow is screaming towards me. I am moments away from death and probably going to be the end of me playing D2 forever. The arrow hits. *DINGGGGG* ASSASSIN WEAPON BLOCK. THANK YOU!!!!!! Never in my Diablo career was my heart pumping faster, and never did the game feel so "hardcore".

    After that I began to trust no one. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe not. But I started making friends and joining groups that did Baal runs and were trusted. PKers can force you to start communities, and I think that'd help Blizzard make D3 more co-op like they've wanted.
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    Yet another developer goes soft on PvP for the faint hearted, ah well, maybe Blizzard can pull off the PvP system, because in every game the past 3 years, the PvP system has been Garbage. For instance, Dungeon Siege 2, Titan Quest, Sacred, Hellgate:Lonon.

    Yeah I hope Battle.Net and Blizzard will keep all duplicating, hacked items, glitching, off of Diablo 3. A few months ago Iron Lore shutdown so they quit supporting their game Titan Quest, now 85% of the online gaming population uses some kind of cheat. Lots of kids go around begging to have the player duplicate their items, or they run around with hacked items. There is a couple mods out that allow all the rare items to drop by the 100's as well.

    I know Blizzard will try to keep this crap to a minimum and I look forward to being able to feel like I have good loot rather than seeing some player get it all from some drop Mod or blow everything away with hacked items, having no cheats allowed will make the Loot System feel more rewarding when online.
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    There will be PvP & PK. 'nuff said. :cool:
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    Quote from "Spaced" »
    There will be PvP & PK. 'nuff said. :cool:

    PvP is what made diablo what it is.
    If you dont want it go play fucking Maplestory.
    Quote from "Majpain" »
    Please GTFO and never return. D3 will not have a monthly fee.

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    I think the PK system in Diablo 1 sucked. You had no warning and I never got a character ANYWHERE. Every character I started some A Hole would come along and kill me before I even made it to level 2. However they fixed that with D2. It really became PVP. You take your chances but at least you know when someone is hostile towards you. I think the system needs very little changing from 2.
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    Quote from "Zippy" »
    They fixed that with D2. It really became PVP. You take your chances but at least you know when someone is hostile towards you. I think the system needs very little changing from 2.

    And I Agree, I'm tired of developers making poor PvP systems that are about as shallow as the public's baby pool in terms of how hardcore and free willed it is against one another. You might as well put a huge safety restraint on, that's how PvP has been the past 8 years in games, a huge safety restraint to keep you fine and dandy.

    I mean it's not that hard to be able to host servers with a changeable option to allow free will PvP meaning you can attack anywhere at anytime, and if you don't want it, don't host it. When I'm max level I would not mind going around different servers looking for my match in PvP against other max level players wanting to try out their loot as well. Having Diablo 2's PvP would keep uncertainty which is exciting and give max level players a reason to continue to play and farm for loot.
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    Quote from "Zippy" »
    They fixed that with D2. It really became PVP. You take your chances but at least you know when someone is hostile towards you. I think the system needs very little changing from 2.

    And I agree, I'm tired of seeing so many games the past 8 years Implement PvP systems that are about as shallow as a Public's Baby Pool. You might as well put a safety restraint on because doing PvP in most games lately is done with a huge safety restraint.

    Having the same PvP system in Diablo 3 that was in Diablo 2 with some improvement here and there would keep the game exciting. Always having that feeling of uncertainty and awareness while grouping can keep things on an edge. At Max Level I would not mind looking around servers to find players that are also looking for people to use their gathered loot on. This would give a reason to continue playing with a Max Level Character and also farming Loot which add's some end game playability for that spefiic character. It would make the Loot system more rewarding Online since it would give your character even more of a stand as well on top of no cheating.

    One of the things the Diablo series is known for is the hardcore PvP System, and I sure as hell hope they don't change it into a " Lets keep things in control and as safe as possible " PvP System such as Guild Wars, WoW, and LOTRO. I also hope they don't make a PvP system that is Half Neglected / Half Finished such as Hellgate:London's, Sacred, Titan Quest's, and Dugeon Siege 2.
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    In d2 hardcore ladder you have so much fun playing and leveling your character through the dangerous PVM which is very exciting... but about TPPK it just ruins the game, when you've spent 6 months working on your hc char and trading for awesome items that could go on ebay for a nice amount and your mfing or just in a level run and some loser that has spent a unthinkable amount of time and money hacking using TPPK, Chicken, Maphack, duping, and bots comes along acting like a friend and right when you have no intention of fighting or gear on they TPPK you hitting you with 2-3 ibs at 8k a pop only barbarians have a slight chance to live meanwhile there intown where they cant be harmed... you lose everything you've spent a long time earning (spending countless of hours days and months on a single character) for some loser and his geek squads corny laughs...

    If you want to play hc it doesn't mean you have to battle everyone or anyone pvp... and if you do want to do it should be your choice

    Get rid of TPPK its so lame, have players be able to accept being hostiled or simply deny, one idiot hostiles everyone and then you have to restart because no one wants to die.. get rid of all the other hacks also, and run rust storm more often

    I guess for all of you non hc players its not that big of a deal to you guys
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    Agreed with the poster above. I'd even agree to open Hostile, but not to cheating.
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    Well considering Blizzard has more $, updated Battle.net security, and whatever they want to create for further security, cheating should not be very common at all in Diablo 3, so worrying about hackers in Hardcore Mode doing the TPPK thing wont happen to much if we hopefully get the modes.

    On A side note: If some guy goes hostile on everyone, the group should react on it quick and maul him down, that's good stuff. I'd get a good laugh and a small rush out of it :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Ok for all the people that are crying about TPPK, listen here:

    TPPK IS A HACK!!!!!
    It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to TPPK without a hack that auto tp's and hostiles in under like 2 seconds. So thus dont cry about TPPK, cry about hacks and make blizzard do their damn job and keep the game hack free. Dont blame PVP or PK it's not the games mechanic fault that some 8 year old kid has the ability to use a hack online vs you. PvP is fine the way it is now (Even as pussified as it is) the hacks are the thing that need to go which Diablo 3 better do.
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    PVP in D3 could potentially be very similar to PVP in D2 with some modifications. My suggestion is that a new element of notoriety be incorporated into the game. In RL, ff you were a really efficient and feared murderer you would have a reputation and that reputation would be known by those who are sufficiently experienced and possibly murderers themselves, correct? The greater your reputation the less experienced one would have to be to know of you. For example, your children may already know of the most heinous of criminals that ever existed, but it would take an older, more educated and wiser person to know of the lesser or more esoteric criminals.

    If they can provide a mechanism whereby players are more attuned to a hostile individual's status (with experience) or perhaps create quests or events that allow you to buff your awareness without overtly tipping off the true nature of a player (i.e. the PK wouldn't get the obvious label "Murderer" appended to their name), there would be that lingering sense of danger - but it would be more realistic. You'd have to be very experienced to spot an edge-case killer, but the most grotesque and accomplished murderers are easily spotted even by lowbies.

    Quite opposed to the random "take your chances" feel of PVP in D2 but still in accordance with the evil and gritty Diablo environment that makes the game what it is.

    EDIT: In addition, your reputation can dwindle the longer you go without killing another player - thereby slowly eliminating the perceived threat to other players. You would have to kill again to bring it back up. It makes for a more legendary experience - a single player can be known as the one who slayed thousands, but has slipped into memory - his presence hardly known. You could make a character whose primary goal is to terrorize others - and then slowly play him into extinction - only to be resurrected more brutal than before at an unexpected moment.
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