Diablo III - Angel Imperius Spotted?

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    This is not official, but an interpretation by Diablofans forum members Atrumentis and Daemaro based on the description of Angel Imperius from the Diablo: The Sin War Trilogy pocket book by Richard A. Knaak. The Diablo III artwork that may be found at the official Diablo III website shows an angel with a peculiar bright sword on his chest.

    Here is an excerpt from Book three: The Veiled Prophet:

    "THERE IS NO NEED FOR THIS DEBATE TO CONTINUE ... OR TO HAVE EVEN BEGUN, declared a majestic angel with robes of royal red and a shining breastplate upon which the image of an upturned sword blazed.

    It is not known who the angel in the image above is, but we do have clues that Diablo: The Sin War trilogy is canon lore that serves as ground for the development of the Diablo III Single Player. Angel Imperius is one of the five members of the Angiris Council in the High Heavens.

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    For anyone interested...

    Here is the link to the thread that has been discussing this all day. Got some good theories and such going on...join in!

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    It says upturned, but isn't that sword on the angel in the image turned downwards? It's the pommel at the top of the sword and the blade at the bottom? In any case, it resembles a cross more than a sword IMO
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    I don't really have any counter arguements for this.

    I've been thinking that the sign on the chest could be a few things (thinking outside the box).
    1. A Crusader symbol (shown here).
    2. Gaps in the chest armour.
    3. I remember seeing a Latin symbol (I think) that looks like a cross but has a circle on the top, which I can sort of see on the top of this symbol on the chest. I have no idea what it means though so...
    4. The sword is actually not upturned.
    Although these ideas are completely random, I try and think of other possibilities before landing on one for sure. The lore from the looks and strong opinions are going against the other ideas though, so it's probably what is mentioned above. Really interesting though, I'll have to get ahold of the books and read them to get a better insight. :)

    Currently reading the The Sin War (Scales of the Serpent, bk2).
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    Alright, I will close this thread. Any comments may be shared on the original thread here. Atrumentis PM me to bring up this theory. I have the novel right in front of me, and the description lightly resembles the artwork. We don't see the color of his robes, but the sword is unmistakeable.

    Each angel of the Angiris Council is described by Richard A. Knaak in the book. Each of them has different clothing/armor colors, signs and shapes.

    These are the five members of the Angiris Council

    Angel Imperius: Majestic angel with robes of royal red and a shining breastplate upon which the image of an upturned sword blazed.

    Angel Auriel: Female wearing softer blue robes. She's the most animated and merciful of the five.

    Angel Itherael: Gray-clad angel who doesn't look male nor female in aspect.

    Angel Malthael: Black robes and black breastplate.

    Angel Tyrael: you know him
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