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WWI Teaser Day 6

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    oo nice website interface =D
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    OMG that thing is way too wide to be a horn. It's somekinda mountain
    I like blizzard's new hack'n'slash rpg game. I just wonder why its called diablo :confused:

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    Pause at exactly 3.00

    You still telling me that doesn't resemble Diablo horn? I was skeptic at first, but then after watching the offical CGI of Diablo II, Diablo Horn is the closest thing to the "horn" thing at the right right now.
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    Definately Diablo's horn. And with the runes lit up, like in the Chaos Sanctuary, it has to be DIII.

    Not to mention, the smiley face, saying "I know you all have waited 8+ years for this, so here you go ya greedy MFers." :D

    I do also like the ice structure that looks like they are flipping us off.:confused:

    And don't worry about watching the live stream tomorrow.

    5 and a half means that they are gonna change the splash image tomorrow night too. They made it 5 and 1/2, because everyone thought that this was the last splash, due to WWI tomorrow.

    They will completely remove the ice tomorrow at 12am, and you will see Diablo, in all his demonic glory.

    Then they will announce the game on the 29th, Diablo's BDay, at the end of the convention, during the last 3 hours, where they only have something going on at the main stage. That way everyone can focus on the best thing to happen to gaming in 8 years.

    Or they could announce it at the very beginning on both the main stage and the tournament stage, that way they don't have to be crammed into the one room. But I'm putting my money on the closing ceremony.

    I wouldn't worry about staying up tonight fellas, it ain't gonna happen for at least 23 hours.

    Good night y'all.

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    There is a yellow/orange/reddish glow around eyes.
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    VICTORY IS OURS DIABLO FANS!!!!!!! I saw a picture of the bookelts being handed out at wwi paris they have diablo on the cover may be fake but saw it on
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    its diablo to denie it now is just hoping for the worst
    Waiting for Diablo 3
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    Welcome Diabloo 3!!!
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    BY ME...


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    Maybe NOT Diablo, but NEW Demon in Diablo 3
    Blizzard, please put back the single player offline mode!
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    Just wanted to add this as a highlight!
    see the shapes?!
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    Looks like a talon being held up, one of 3 I hope....I have also noticed the change in the eye glow colour to have a yellowish tint(anyone else think this may be Belial or Azmodan). I think the flesh under the eyes now rules out Arthas but it still could be a protoss the face shape is correct.

    The last smiley face rune seems like a star and 2 cresent moons to me look at from an angle.
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    Anyone remember my pic from a few splashes ago? The Cairn Stones that open tristram light up when you hit them all. They light up like the runs did, in the same shape... The runes are opening up a portal... Here is the pic I made with MSPaint a few splashes ago.
    I want it now!
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    Although I know theres going to be an announcment at wii08, and strongly believe it could be Diablo3... I think that little "horn" shaped object in the corner could just be the frozen throne... you know, the big tall icey tower from the end cinematic of WC3: TFT where Arthas ascends its steps and the exterior crumbles away to reveal a tower throne...
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    I figured simply posting the full image earlier wouldn't quite do it. So I took the image, increased the contrast and lightened the highlights to amplify the snout and face in general, while doing so I noticed that you can vaguely make out the top of sharp teeth. I did my best to increase the contrast further in that area, so I have 3 images, 2 separate ones focusing on the snout and the teeth respectively, and a third with a red outline to mark the two suspected areas if they are eluding you guys. CROSSING MY FINGERS AND HOPING!!! DIABLO 3 PLEASE!!!!!!!! For some reason the image link button isn't working, and it takes a million refresh buttons and minutes to upload a single page here!!! High traffic I guess... so I will just post the links to the images for now: I'm stoked!!!
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    maybe it's a pissed off Tyrael?I hope the smile face isn't a big F'U to all us hopping for Diablo 3
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    My god is this real? The world wont end if its announced right?
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    Ummm, that smiley face is looking directly at the Hel rune from Diablo 2. Odd that it isn't facing the viewer?

    Also, people that are being let in to WWI right now, and receiving their goody bags are reporting alot of things with pictures of Diablo on them, as well as beta keys for a new upcoming game from Blizzard.

    It's indeed Diablo 3, what we've been patiently awaiting for so long now...
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    Have to wait and see but thats no Lich King! My moneys on something Angelic from the Diablo universe, though it might just be big daddy D.

    BETA KEYS!?!?!?
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