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    What a lot of people seem to forget is that Blizzard has know about this site for a very long time and has not done anyhing to take it. If their interest was soley in "protecting" their property, they would have done this a long time ago. Instead, they now still have a huge fanbase for a game that has yet to be announced.

    Property Protection or Marketing Strategies? You decide ;)
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    Quote from "bigtpsychoboy" »
    you're entitled to believe what you will but i don't think that is true at all. Even Richard Knaack said that he "wasn't writing for a dead world" and the evidence that blizzard is working on something related to diablo is compelling.

    I dont believe it, I dont want to believe in it. But it looks closely like it. I mean look at the time since diablo 2... almost 9 years passed.... just sucks
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    Quote from "mockery" »
    We're gonna have the designer fix the top nav image so it spans the entire screen (for those with higher resolutions).

    Get him to fix the word "Fans" in the banner as well. Its REALLY grainy.
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    I can tell you all that there are no other announcements coming in the next day or anything, so don't get your hopes up about that. As I've stated before, I disagreed with Umaro's "half the web will link here" promo because I thought it would get some people overexcited, especially with a lengthy 2-week countdown. Still, it is big news for this site and obviously something for all the Diablo fans out there to get excited about.

    I'm also glad to hear most of you really like the new design layout. We're gonna have the designer fix the top nav image so it spans the entire screen (for those with higher resolutions).

    For those of you who prefer the old lighter design, you can still select that theme no problemo. We wanted to keep that one available for those of you who don't like darker designs, even though this new one reflects the Diablo game series more closely.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the support! There are many good things to come to!
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    Is it to early to get Diablo III tattooed on my butt?
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    im just extremely unhappy about redirecting to this

    if there was a black page on, id have at least some hope that something is happening.

    if blizzplanet redirected the forum to the worldofsanctuary, at least i would think that sometnig is going on.

    but diablofanboiz? come on. you are killing us
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    I wonder if this is related to project Hydra?
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    Funny how I never heard of project hydra until I looked at a star craft site...

    And by the way MD, I was right :)
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    another thing i am going to complain about.....

    why there still no dibalo pic by the address bar.

    you couldnt have tempted blizzard to let you use a diablo face logo?

    just saying.....the site is nice and i love it.:D
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    Quote from "NicoV" »
    I wonder if this is related to project Hydra?

    what is project hydra?
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    Quote from "Roffelwaffel" »
    what is project hydra?

    Haha don't make me go into that again ;P
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    I wouldn't mind if you would, I don't really know that well, either :)
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    Quote from "NicoV" »
    Haha don't make me go into that again ;P

    lol o well i was just curious ill let it go though i guess ;)
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    Quote from "russianKd"" »
    I think why blizz is doing this is because they're trying to buy out and take all the diablo 3 related impostant damains with alot of fans(like this one) and then in a couple of month turn them by pointing the url to the blizz home page, basically just destroying it. So that there are no hopes for D3, because, for instance, they're not even thinking about Diablo anymore. Its not me being pesimistic , but it's what it looks like, i mean look at all the other diablo 3 related sites that were bought off.. they all point to Think about it, sorry if I offended anyone lol. :(

    Blizzard = Company
    Company = like money

    Do you honestly think that blizzard would take the time to take down sites just to kill the diablo franchise which would make them TONS of money? They see that after YEARS... this site is still up and running, just like the others. Cmon now, think about it.. if blizz wanted, they couldve shut down every D3 site.. THEN made their own, but they did a smart thing, kept us fans TOGETHER, because we all inspire each other to stay hopeful through our friendships / blogs / etc. etc.

    Its GONNA happen.
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    Quote from "TheOutkast" »

    Its GONNA happen.

    i like the way you think.
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    WWI here we comeeee

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    It's not a question of IF but a question of WHEN! when do you ask? well i don't know, but it looks good that we'll hear something about all this razz ma tazz at the WWI.
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    Quote from "topaque22" »
    This is very good news indeed. It is without the doubt the biggest news concerning Diablo 3.

    HOWEVER it was very unnecessarily hyped. The world deal with half the (rpg) web will direct to

    Um.. no i think half the Web are probably mocking us. I see where the heart is at, trying to revive life into the Diablo Fanbase, but this was very very poor execution. I am happy with the news but very disappointed by the way it was delivered. Unnecessary hype and most of all it actually took almost two weeks to countdown. So we have to naturally assume that the Shadowy character in the banner wasn't anything and the "Xdays until X is shaken" was also NOTHING.

    Thanks for the news :) I like the new site, I like the new domain name, I hate the announcement

    Top Out

    thats about the same way i feel, but i wouldnt say i hate the announcement, just as you said earlier, the way it was delivered.

    the anouncement is great, being bought? anyone who says blizzard taking over (even if it is justa redirect to isnt a big deal, is a effin' moron.

    if they had no plans to create a diablo3, they would not even bother with the website. why? because it would have nothing to do with anything they are interested in.

    with that said, as many are saying, the hype was -way- overdone. it was a good deal, but you probably have a LOT of gamers upset about it.

    I knew it was going to be a takeover (talked with Umaro last night telling him i knew it would be) by disecting what they have admited it would and wouldnt be, it was the only logical option, but i was -really- hoping thered be some information blizz would have told them, instead of " this shouldn't be considered an announcement for the Diablo 3 game "

    something along the lines of "well, we cant really tell you anything, but you'll be happy with what we do with the domain" sorta responce was what i was hopeing for.
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    Bah, quite a let down, I figured this for quite a while.

    Oh well, back to sitting twiddling my thumbs.

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    So what happened to Umaro?
    Federer lost Wimbledon. Why? Becase none of you bastards cheered for him...

    You have to admit that he's good.

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