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    Ahoy there, fellow Diablo fans!

    Well, there's no point in beating around the bush any longer, so let's get right down to it. A few months ago we were contacted by Blizzard in regards to the domain name. While they appreciate all the work that's been put into running this big Diablo fan community over the years, they still want the domain name. Hmm, I wonder why? Now before you get all up in arms about it, allow me to explain a few things.

    First off, this fan site isn't going anywhere, it's just getting a new name:! Blizzard is actually being really cool about it, giving us all the time we need to make it a smooth transition before we hand the old domain over to them. So be sure to update all of your bookmarks and point 'em to instead. Your user accounts will all still be perfectly functional and, along with this new site name, we'll soon have a big site redesign up and running as well. A new name, a new look. Huzzah!

    Secondly, while Blizzard is indeed acquiring the domain name, they told me that this shouldn't be considered an announcement for the Diablo 3 game we've been waiting for all these years. They acquire new domains all the time. While this is true, I personally can't help but think that this is a confirmation of sorts that they're working on the next Diablo game. Sure, they can claim it's because they want to protect their intellectual properties 'n what have you, but I can't imagine they would all of a sudden be so interested in the domain if they weren't working on a new Diablo 3 game behind the scenes.

    On a final note, I want to thank all of you guys who've made this community so strong over the years. It's only going to get better around here and I hope you'll all stick with us. One of the nice things about this whole name-change ordeal is that Blizzard really appreciates the fact that we're a dedicated fan site and we'll be working with them much more closely in the future to bring you the latest Diablo game news.

    It's funny, I've had so many offers over the years from people who wanted to pay a lot o' cash for the domain name and I wasn't even willing to consider then. I set out to have a great Diablo fan site because I simply loved the Diablo series. Fortunately, with the help of some great people on the staff and fans like you, we accomplished just that. But when Blizzard came around asking for the domain, I was excited about it both as a Diablo fan and for their recognition of all the work we've put into the site. Fortunately for us, the domain name was available and it fit perfectly in line with the intentions of this site, so I registered it and here we are. will still be active for a few more months so everybody can have a chance to get used to the new domain. After that, it will simply point to the homepage... at least until they're ready to use it for something more worthwhile. One of the nice things about the new domain is that it's all-encompassing. Instead of the site just being for people waiting on Diablo 3, it can serve as the main hub for *all* current and future Diablo games. Isn't it nice to know you'll always have a place online you can call home? Hey, even Diablo's demon minions need a place to hang their hats too.

    Alright, that's all the news for now. I'm sure all of this news is gonna get the Diablo 3 rumor mill running like a mad banshee... so have fun discussing the announcement with your fellow Diablo fans!

    update: Some gaming news sites are reporting that Blizzard "purchased" the domain from me. This is not the case. As I stated in the above post, if it was my intention to make a profit off of the domain, I could've sold it years ago, but I didn't. When Blizzard spoke to me about their interest in the domain, I was happy to give it to them since they had no problems with us moving the site to and will now be working more closely with us in the future. So yeah, I just wanted to clear that up... there is no monetary exchange taking place, I'm simply giving Blizzard the diablo3 domain.

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    Hi guys, hope you receive well this news. is now the official US Site for any upcoming games. We are sad to see it go, but glad Mockery and Umaro spent so much resources and time to reserve this domain name -- willing to give it to Blizzard anytime they asked for it. Other people would have wanted a ransom for it. That shows you Mockery is first and foremost a loyal fan.

    Mockery granted the domain name in mutual agreement ... a fan himself, he was glad to. There was no sale. It was given free.

    Update to those who may miss it, I posted this at post# 330

    As said by Mockery -- former owner of the domain name since 1998 -- Blizzard has been flexible to allow us to transition to will continue to link to for one month until June -- for everyone to catch up. On June, will be redirected to or any URL they wish.

    Since the domain name has not been purchased, but given free to Blizzard, we get that benefit to allow the community to catch up and get acquainted with

    I understand some people isn't comfortable with the hype. We can't satisfy everyone. That's how life is. There is a lot of people that see past that and focus more on the news itself and what it means to the franchise.

    That same people that is right now pissed, will be the first coming back. Here is a rough layout of the future for this community:

    1. Blizzard will be linking to at some point supporting this community.

    2. Diablofans will become a registered member of the Blizzard Fansites Program.

    3. will have a shot at interviews with developers.

    4. will be giving away many beta keys of upcoming Diablo games.

    Those who are cussing us for some overhype, will be the first ones cheering up and participating in said beta key giveaway contests.

    In the end, we are doing our best to ignite hype, enthusiasm and hope in fans who have been waiting for a new game sequel for over 7 years. And when Blizzard is ready, we will be there. And we will be rewarded by giving fans of this community a chance to play closed beta.

    Back on 2006, I was given 100 Burning Crusade Beta Keys to give away. I created a Warcraft lore contest. It was a pleasure to talk to a lot of people via email and chat, process their info, and forwarding them to Blizzard. Lot of happy people, who enjoyed being among the few to play beta.

    Umaro told me not long ago of a fan who was so thankful to us for allowing him the chance to participate in the BlizzCon 2007 tickets giveaway. It was touching. The guy was able to go to California where he spent most of his time with his mother. She died a few months later, but he was thankful with us because that BlizzCon ticket allowed him to spend some time with his mother her last days.

    You don't know how much it means to us to be able to provide joy, information or entertainment for the community. I know some people loved the news, and others are sore. My apologies to those who feel sore. I know people will move on, and focus more on what the news means for everyone who calls himself/herself a fan. Something is looming. This is solid proof. Intangible, but certain.

    UPDATE: A rep for Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed to Next-Gen that the company has acquired the domain name, but the dev is staying quiet about the obvious implications.

    Nuff Said!

    The World Wide Web is shaken as ripples reach the following list of Gaming Sites
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    I knew it!
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    Diablo 3 Is Coming

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    WoW!!!!!!! Awesome!
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    Good news...tad over-hyped though...

    Look forward to keeping track of instead of from now on though!
    Arb / Variel
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    Awesome. I didn't shit myself, though. I wonder why? =s
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    Not really worth the 2 weeks of hype..
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    First page it was predictable from the start, with blizz grabbing all those sites was on its way. INCOMEING 1000201312031 replys
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    Omg Omg Omg!
    "No one gets to heaven 'til they've lived awhile in hell and even then it's rare that you'll be going there."
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    It's not bad, neither very exciting either though. Any website that was taken over by Blizzard could've done this.
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    Yeah, coulda released it two weeks ago
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    I bought a pack of diapers for nothing :..(
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    I love the new look of the site!
    "No one gets to heaven 'til they've lived awhile in hell and even then it's rare that you'll be going there."
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    Hallelujah! This rules guys. Excellent work and I really really like the new design. I'm so happy right now.
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    I'm happy about the changes, but I feel the hype was way too huge for what it actually was. Blizzard better be planning to dish out D3, because this sort of hype and rumoring can get them in trouble if they don't act fast.

    And I'm talking days fast.

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    Wow, It's really cool that you guys were so patient with the domain name.

    I can't wait to see what happens! :D
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    :) :) :) :) Worth the Wait!

    Is there still something being announced tomorrow?
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    Quote from "bigtpsychoboy" »
    I love the new look of the site!

    banners cut off though

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    aww.. no board.. game..
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