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    I've been using some of the screenshots from another thread to give a face to some of the Unique monsters that can be encountered in the Beta. If you happen to stumble upon more please feel free to upload cropped images to our wiki. Here are some guidelines for getting a good shot:

    - capturing the title/health bar of the monster is not important
    - avoid getting the cursor in the image
    - monster shots should be taken without the red "mouseover border"
    - try to get the front facing of the monster
    - shots should be taken in highest video settings at 1080p
    - all the better if you can capture them doing something interesting

    Images can be uploaded here: http://www.diablowik.../Special:Upload

    Just make sure they are cropped with the monster in the center (a 300x300px box is good) and the format is .png. Be sure to include the following in the description:

    [[Category: Diablo III Monster Images]]

    for proper categorization.

    Example: http://www.diablowik...lian_Damort.png
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    I have a couple dozen unique monster screenshots that I can edit and upload (though I'll probably need to run around and re-take a number of them, because the monster was highlighted), however, I'm unable to figure out where and how they are referenced in the corresponding monster page. It probably has something to do with templates, but since these aren't too well documented, I'm not going to try and poke around with them until I'm more familiar with the wiki's conventions.

    Is it any help if I simply upload the images as described in your post and let someone who knows the "secret" do the referencing? Alternatively, can you point me to where exactly the images for monsters are embedded in the infobox?
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    The templates are setup so they will assume the image is going to be the "page name + .png" . So all you need to do is upload a file that has the exact (case sensitive) name as the monster. Eg: Lloigor_the_Crazed.png (use spaces in the actual file name on your computer - it will automatically add the underscore when you upload).
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    What luck! That's how I'm currently naming them anyway. I'll get to cropping and uploading a few over the weekend then. :)
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    I haven't though to take screenshots of them. Next time I see them I'll take some and upload the pix. Always looking for new challenges :)
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