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    Do we have any plans on creating a template for articles that are about an achievement? I've noticed that at one time or another we've been having two users creating/editing achievement articles, with each using their own style. This is not ideal if we're to have consistency across the wiki. (I just recently deleted a couple duplicate pages.)

    I have also been thinking about including images for the achievements (including banner reward where needed) at the top of their respective pages, followed by a "Guide" section where applicable. Not sure where I'm going to grab the images from, though.

    Any thoughts?
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    We definitely need to move to a template. Marintha started the whole thing basically but it's a mess now I agree. What we need is:

    - category
    - description
    - name
    - next and previous achv (if it's a progression one)
    - points it awards
    - reward
    (anything else?)

    meaning, we need a data page for each achv. Templates can then be used like we do with the items to pull up the info and put it into tables for those meta achvs.

    I'll see if we can also get our hands on the icon art for the achv and their respective rewards.
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    Quote from Apoc
    (anything else?)

    A simple guide towards getting the achievement if it's something like, say, - Hassling Haedrig Hassling Haedrig (do all BS conversations). It took me awhile to figure that the last one I was missing was one where a player has to talk to him before starting - A Shattered Crown A Shattered Crown.
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    Right - once we get the pages up folks should be able to write in tips and tutorials on each achv page.
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    I know I'm fairly knew here but my big thing in any video game is honestly purely achievements. So as an achievement whore, one thing that becomes very useful and I know many other achievement go getters like to have is pictures. But for this game specifically, some of the most tedious grinding can be the lore books and world books.

    What I know would be helpful for anyone using a wiki to find achievements is to have pictures of the map for each book marked with the spawn points. Best example I can think of is the Hanging Tree book in Act 1 before the cemetery. There are I believe 3-4 different spawn locations, that can easily be marked on a picture of a map.

    Just my input, hope im not stepping over any lines here :)
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    Quote from Kryptomaniac
    Just my input, hope im not stepping over any lines here :)

    No worries. :)

    It's a good thought to keep in mind, but first we need to focus on building the data page for the achievements. ;)
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