Wiki update for Patch 8

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    Areas that need updates based on the latest patch changes: - Talk:Diablo_III_Patches Talk:Diablo_III_Patches
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    Some more changes from patch 8:
    - new sound for Checkpoint (changed from same sound that was used for completing a quest objective) and new sound for yes/no dialog prompts (like when canceling cinematics or using the Portal Stones)
    - they mentioned gold for quest rewards changed. (total from main quests now 503g, up from 285g; hidden event quests now give a total of 205g, up from 0g)
    - different (easier to read?) font is now used for various ui parts: floating combat text, quest tracker text, tooltips..
    - floating combat text used to truncate decimals, so life regen ticked as +0 if below 1.0. Now only skips ticks, and displays +1 when it hits that
    - new art for - Plagued Plagued (was: , now:
    - new art for - Molten Molten explosion (was: , now:
    - new type of chest called "Bloody Chest" (found in - Den of Fallen Den of Fallen - seems to drop same stuff as regular chest.
    - Stone of Recall and Nephalem Cube now rewarded at the end of 3rd quest (was end of 2nd and mid 3rd respectively)
    - Grotesques no longer contribute to XP bonuses such as Mighty Blow and Massacre
    - reduced the number of items that pop out of Haedrigs' apprentice's body (used to be bunch of white items + id scroll)
    - Ghastly Gravediggers apply a Chilled debuff in addition to knockback on their attacks
    - cast time on - Stone of Recall Stone of Recall shortened to 4 (5?) seconds (down from 10)
    - the gold collection speed of companions is noticeably faster (probably due to companion AI having to leash to ranged classes)
    - - Jar of Souls Jar of Souls quest wording changed to "Survive the skeletons raised by the Jar of Souls" (does this imply it will always be skeletons on every difficulty?)
    - Nephalem Cube slot and Cauldron of Jordan slot in inventory ui switched places (not sure reasoning behind this)
    - Nephalem Altar moved again, to the SE of the Waypoint in - New Tristram New Tristram
    (more to come)
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    I updated all the skills and added - Cyclone Strike Cyclone Strike. I also kept the old - Lethal Decoy Lethal Decoy in the navbox, so that both editors and viewers can keep track of what skills have been in the game as it progresses. - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

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    great info!
    any chance we could get some pics of some of these changes that dont have pics for you guys in beta?

    example, the new font (before and after) kinda thing.
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