Five images for each item

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    Wow that's a really good idea when you can get it working!
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    Quote from Molster

    The issue is,
    lets say Chain_Mail_Wizard.png was saved at images/0/03
    and say Chain_Mail_Monk.png was saved at images/2/f3

    we would have an issue. so if we could simply have the template give the location of each file I could simply add that into the div as an attribute.


    for example and we would be golden, as the JS could just pull the location from the diz... thats the only snag, if we can get the wiki to output that, we are 100% go.

    So basically it's just an issue of how the files save themselves? Should be a pretty easy fix if you can contact someone about it. I'm excited to see this up and working.
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    well we dont even have to do something crazy like that. Just simple get a way for it to say the "direct" link of where its at, and were good ^_^

    Hell if worse comes to worse could always make it outbut the "img" link
    Image removed due to an invalid URL: LINK
    into the divs attribute tag, then I just grab that and strip the
    Image removed due to an invalid URL: src
    " from the front and the "> from the back, and bam, theres the link.

    edit: Im just confused what the point of the wiki forums is then? I just dont like talking on the I like the community on the forums o.0
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    Ah that's a good point. So why don't we have this up and working then!? Get to it! :P
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    We could always just copy the official site

    Also, keep in mind that most of the armor pieces are going to have both Male and Female images to display. So in most cases you aren't talking about displaying 5 images, but 10.
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