Diablo/HellFire Patch Notes

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    Just leaving this here so I can do it later.
    [spoil="Diablo I"]
    The information in this file is also now available in "update.txt"
    in your Diablo install directory.

    (download only, not an automatic battle.net update)

    1. Fixed sound problem with Windows NT 4.


    1. Fixed some Battle.net issues.

    2. Reverted a change made in 1.08 that, while correctly
    calculated distance, caused unintended gameplay issues


    1. Adds support for Battle.net gateways.

    2. Changes default Battle.net font so that it is easier to
    distinguish certain characters while in chat.

    3. Adds command completion to Battle.net chat. It can be accessed
    by pressing the "tab" key.

    4. Fixes some minor battle.net issues.

    5. Displays cancel dialog in situations when server is busy.

    6. [PC Only]. Multiplayer character files are now located in the
    Diablo directory. These files are visible, more descriptively
    named, and may be moved from one computer to another.

    7. Color cycling On/Off now appears in options menu. This will
    help some low end systems and systems with troublesome drivers.

    8. Spawn is now updated.

    9. [Mac Only] Improved Mac vs. PC multiplayer, modem, and direct

    10. [Mac Only] Added Input Sprocket/multibutton mouse support.

    11. [Mac Only] Added option to share processor time.

    12. [PC Only]. The registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER is used rather


    Serious bugs (crashes or freezes)

    1. Fixed crashes associated with being attacked or killed by a
    Black Death (Zombie class). This includes the crash upon
    resurrecting after being killed by a Black Death.

    2. Fixed the freeze upon touching a Hidden Shrine while equipped
    with only indestructible items.

    Medium bugs (affecting gameplay)

    3. Prevented players from becoming stuck inside a wall when Town
    Portalling down into a dungeon.

    4. Fixed bug that made some Hell difficulty monsters too easy to hit.

    5. Fixed the Mana Shield bugs that could make a player invulnerable
    and/or invisible to other players.

    6. Fixed the bug that prevented Rogues from properly disarming traps
    on levels 13 through 15.

    7. Fixed bug that rarely transformed unique items (like the Optic
    Amulet) into some other (usually mundane) item when saving the
    game and then starting a new game.

    8. Prevented repeated castings (128 or more) of Mana Shield from
    disabling the casting of any more spells.

    9. Fixed bugs that prevented items with the suffixes Thieves,
    Speed/Haste, Balance/Stability/Harmony, and Piercing/Bashing/
    Puncturing from working properly.

    10. Fixed the bug that caused Mana Shield to become less effective
    with increasing spell level.

    11. Fixed the bug that caused excessive damage when a Mana Shield
    expired due to an attack.

    12. Prevented bows with fire-hit damage from interfering with the
    behavior of Gargoyle class monsters.

    13. Allowed right-clicking (casting/drinking) belt items in positions
    5 through 8, while the Spellbook is open.

    14. Fixed the bug that froze Lazarus (and made him invulnerable to
    arrows and spells) after player had entered his lair, then left
    (or died), and finally returned.

    Minor bugs (graphics or sound)

    15. When in effect, the Mana Shield graphic appears to all players.

    16. The casting of a Nova spell is now visible to all nearby players.

    17. Fixed the bug that caused shields to disappear when worn after
    wielding two-handed weapons.

    18. Adria's books appear white now only if a player can read them.

    19. Equipped shields always appear properly to all players.

    20. Nightmare and Hell difficulty monsters now display the correct
    number of hit-points (HP).

    21. In single player, the sound is no longer shut off by loading a
    saved game while Diablo is in his death throes.

    22. You may now change the name of a character to an existing
    Battle.net account.

    23. Fixed the incorrect display of special Battle.net chatroom

    24. Fixed the incorrect display of German text in the German

    25. Fixed renaming character to existing character bug.


    1. Battle.net accounts with unique names are now implemented.
    On Battle.net, you can claim a unique name for your
    character and protect that name with a password.

    2. Added ability to /whisper, /squelch, and /unsquelch in and out
    of Battle.net games.

    3. Fixed potential memory corruption bug that occurred when
    casting town portal.

    4. Added data protection to direct connect networking module.


    1. Prevents invalid players from interacting with other players

    2. Prevents invalid packets from crashing players from games

    3. Fixes the Hidden Shrine freeze which was caused by touching
    the shrine when not holding an item with durability

    4. Fixes the Black Death crash which occurred when fighting the
    monsters with an active Mana Shield and Full Health

    5. Corrects the functionality of the Rogue's Disarm Trap skill


    1. Halts the functionality of illegal spells in town

    2. Fixes duplicate item generation at the Blacksmith or Witch
    within the same game.

    3. Improves speed issues resulting from more intensive memory
    management in version 1.02.

    4. Improves the handling of latency and packet loss over the


    1. Corrects the NULL cell buffer errors and other draw problems

    2. Fixes intermittent crash in Join Game screen

    3. Fixes data corruption problem which could cause a player to
    get locked out of Battle.net when creating a new channel

    4. Improves error handling for dropped network packets

    5. Provides more descriptive messages when unable to join a game

    6. Fixes the problem with some equipped items not being seen
    by other players in multiplayer games

    7. Prevents Lazarus's red portal from disappearing after
    leaving his lair

    8. Fixes the Level Advance Indicator remaining on screen after
    character attributes are maxed

    9. Fixes inaccurate display of game creation time

    10. Games shown in the list of public games on Battle.net will
    not disappear anymore. The list will be refreshed only if
    the user closes and reopens the Join Game dialog.

    11. Fixes problem with soundcards that do not support the Set
    Format command (i.e. ESS1888)

    12. Fixes problems writing to system registry

    13. Numerous fixes to item integrity
    NOTE: With this patch, when the game detects duplicate items
    they will be removed from the game.

    14. Improves error correction related to line noise in modem games

    [spoil="Hellfire 1.00"]
    Version 1.0
    Readme File
    November 7, 1997

    About This Document:

    Thank you for purchasing Hellfire.

    This README document contains last-minute information about Hellfire that
    pertains to general problems and questions you may have concerning this
    software or your computer. Should you experience any problems with Hellfire,
    please refer to this file for additional help on answering questions about
    the game and solving technical difficulties.




    IBM-compatible computer with a 60 MHz or faster Pentium(R) processor.
    Sixteen megabytes (16 MB) of RAM.
    150 megabytes (MB) free disk space.
    Diablo (TM) inserted in the CD-ROM drive.
    An SVGA graphics card and SVGA color monitor.
    A 2x CD-ROM drive.
    Windows compatible sound card with DAC.
    A mouse.

    Hellfire supports the DirectX(R) 3 drivers that are found on the Diablo CD.
    Other versions of DirectX may lock up, cause a crash, or give you strange
    flickers on the screen.

    If your computer does not have DirectX installed, or has an incompatible
    version, reinstall DirectX 3 from the Diablo CD-ROM (refer to the
    documentation that came with Diablo).

    Since Hellfire is based on Diablo code, it likely has the same
    compatibility problems with other programs. The Diablo README.TXT
    notes problems with Microsoft PowerToys, and with the Merlin assistant
    on NEC computers. If you use these products, you may wish to consult
    the Diablo README.TXT.


    Transferring Diablo characters to Hellfire:

    Diablo single-player characters are stored in files in your Diablo
    install directory, named "SINGLE_#.SV", where # is replaced by a
    number from 0-9. In a similar fashion, Hellfire save files are
    named "SINGLE_#.HSV".

    Look in your Hellfire install directory, and find a savefile number
    not yet in use. Find the Diablo save file you want to transfer,
    and copy it to the Hellfire directory, remembering to change the
    number to the unused number and the extension from ".SV" to ".HSV".

    When you start Hellfire, the character will be "converted". Stats,
    experience, and gold will transfer directly, but items will be
    removed (to maximize the amount of gold, you may wish to sell all
    of your character's items before transferring)

    Diablo cannot read .HSV files, even if you name them .SV; doing this
    is likely to crash Diablo, possibly seriously enough to affect other
    save files.

    Note that the game does not support multiple characters with the exact
    same name. Transferring the same character a second time without
    deleting the first copy may cause problems.

    If you receive the error message "Unable to Open Archive" when trying to
    create a new character, you have probably run out of disk space. It may
    be necessary to delete files you no longer need since saved games require
    additional disk space.

    The "Print Screen" command does not work correctly from the "Character
    Screen". If you use it, you will need to "Alt-Tab" out and end the

    The "Auric Amulet" mostly works, but certain conditions (such as trying
    to pick up a pile of over 5000 gold with a full inventory) may cause
    some of that gold to be "lost".

    Blizzard Disclaimer:
    Hellfire(tm) is not supported or maintained by Blizzard Entertainment.
    Blizzard Entertainment has not tested or certified the quality or
    compatibility of this product. All calls or inquiries regarding this
    product should be directed to Sierra On-Line, not to Blizzard

    [spoil="Hellfire 1.01"]HELLFIRE (European/US) PATCH README v1.01

    This patch provides fixes and enhancements to the Hellfire 1.00 product. It provides a new executable (HELLFIRE.EXE), an interface library (HELLFRUI.DLL), a patch text file (Patch.txt), and a version text file (Version.txt.

    List of changes
    - Fixed Gossip (same gossip from each towner every time)
    - Fixed disappearing quests (upon re-entering the town level, quest statuses were incorrectly cleared through array bounds overstep).
    - Fixed generating spell books by Adria (would "morph" on new game).
    - Fixed the bug where picking up gold when your inventory is full duplicates the gold in your hand and fills your gold slot.
    - Fixed the Berserk spell to prevent crashes (large numbers of berserk monsters occasionally attacked dead monsters).
    - Fixed inactive monsters to prevent same kind of crash as above
    - Fixed entering levels; had crashed on some systems (seemingly randomly).
    - Fixed doppelganger's items to not clone Diablo
    - Fixed generating rings of fire behind a wall.
    - Sped up monk's open-hand attack (users complained he should be faster with feet than with the sweeping staff).
    - Various small internal fixes to prevent potential misbehavior.
    - Fixed monster hitpoint variable type for tough monsters (some monsters, especially in Nightmare/Hell difficulty, had way fewer hit points than specified)
    - Changed Search spell to show items on automap, too (users complained they couldn't find things behind solid walls in Caves, Nest, Crypt).
    - Fix to unique items changing between games (veil of steel, arkaine's valor, etc).
    - Fixed to dropping and picking back up oiled items (bonus was lost).
    - Fixed Cathedral Map activation crash bug
    - Added sounds to Mana Drain and Disenchant traps
    - Monster hit points in Nightmare/Hell are +100/200 instead of +1.5/+3
    - Fixed monster stats display in Nightmare/Hell to reflect the halving.
    - Balance/Stability/Harmony now does something[/spoil]
    The Chat Gem Lives!
    Diablo III Analyst
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