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    So basicly i got tired of manually swapping into shrine bracers every damn time so i made a small autohotkey script to do this for me.

    Figured maybe someone else might be interested in this aswell so heres what ive made.

    Simple to use standalone Exe

    Autohotkey files


    You need GDI+ librarys for the autohotkey files to work properly


    This way i can keep track of if its ok to activate shrine or not. And to make sure im not using the shrine bracers after activating the shrine.
    I also added a graphical keysetup window that shows up when u start the program. It will save the bindings and location u set for the visual and the item to swap in a small settings file so it doesnt require seting up each time.

    Ps. Feel free to use and abuse this if u like it, also if u have an idea on how to do this better than how ive done it. Please do
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    Wow that looks great!

    Does it only work with Diablo in windowed mode?
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    Someone i know used a gear swap tool back in Vanilla to change his equipment into magic find to last hit elites and got punished for it (his paragon got reset, so no more MF for him). I don't think Blizzard will tolerate this add on if it catches you using it.
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    This is actually a good script but is it legal? i would like a response from someone inside :) cause this is an awesome tool!

    ps: Geart work!
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    It's not legal at all and you can get reset/banned, etc.
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    Quote fromValkasยป
    Wow that looks great!

    Does it only work with Diablo in windowed mode?

    works in windowed/fullscreen what ever u want, since u set the cords yourself it works on all resolutions above 10x10 pixels
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    I did something similar, but the color indicator is genius!
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    Hi, it sounds interesting. What about a skills build swapper ?
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    Could you post a short guide? Can;t seem to get it to work! Thanks
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    @OP: I would definitely put a bold big-ass notice that this tool is used at people's own risk and that it is against the TOS that Blizzard have drafted for this game.
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    An autoclicker script doesnt change or interact in any way with diablo files

    It runs on windows to control your mouse and keyboard.
    If i move the mouse with my hand, my head, with magic :P or with an autoclicker its the same for the game, they cant know.

    I used autoclicker to swap all my gear before the sweeping wind nerf (I miss these days).

    Moreover the official diablo mouse has this option in settings :facepalmsign:
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    Are people sure it was an auto-click tool for swapping gear that got peopels paragon levels reset and not a different exploit? My most common diablo-ing buddy mains DH and used to use it to run Whimsyshire runs for weeks and never got a notice of "stop that!" or anything.

    Pretty sure you're allowed to do this; as long as you have to press the button yourself and its not happening automatically.

    @OP I'm sure its easier enough to reconfigure; but consider also Warzechian Armbands for conduit pylons (swap to nemesis > warzech > back to normal) and personally I@d love one to swap my shield over at a blink; but either ways; thank you :)
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