Diablo3 - Dashboard my App for Android

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    Diablo3 - Mobile Dashboard offers you a way to read quickly and effectively your Diablo3 stats through your BattleTag. Know your career, heroes and all of their items . Follow your friends and find out when they level up or die (hardcore game mode) through the Android notification system . Compare your stats with your friends, know the details of their skills, items and compare them with yours.

    Check the status of the servers, no need of checking the servers continuously, the Diablo3 – Mobile Dashboard notifies you when servers are up or down.

    Main features of Diablo3 - Mobile Dashboard :

    Check your career quickly and clearly.
    Know which Classes you play the most.
    Know your progress through diablo3 game.

    Check all data related to your heroes.
    Check all items equipped.
    Check your skills or your build.
    Know your progress through diablo3 game.

    Heroes’ comparison
    Compare your heroes from diablo or with the heroes of your friends and know the main differences as the items equipped, skills and build orders.

    Follow your Diablo friends through the Diablo3 – Dashboard application.
    Know through the android notification system of any change in status of the heroes of your friends, receive notifications when your friends´ heroes level up or die in Diablo hardcore mode.

    Latest News
    Stay informed of the latest news of diablo3.

    Check Diablo Server Status ( battle.net )
    Check the status of the servers in different regions. America, Europe and Asia.
    Configure the notification system Diablo3 - Mobile Dashboard to check if there is any change in the status of the servers.

    The application allows you to change the language used by default and the API diablo3.

    To download the app:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.esthar.d3.sserver

    Greetings and thanks!
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    APP Updated to V2.0.3
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    pity theres no way to check AH thru app like that...
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    APP Updated V2.1.0
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    APP Updated V2.1.9
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