[Tool] Android Diablo III gem price calculator (free)

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    You can use this app until March 18th as Blizzard will be shutting down the auction house that day.
    Be sure to get as many gems as cheap as possible before this date!

    Hello fellow players of this great game!
    Since I got tired of alt-tabbing to my browser to calculate whether or not I would make a profit on selling gems on the AH I decided to write a little tool for my android phone that allows quick input and comparison. The current offering of apps didn't fulfill my needs, which is the same reason I wrote the runeword finder app for Diablo II.

    What the app currently offers:
    * Easy and quick input of current gem cost
    * List the profit or loss of a specific combination of gems
    * Detailed profit view including all cost and requirements
    * List all possible gem combinations that will give you a profit
    * Will support the new 1.0.7 gems!
    * gem statistics

    What it doesn't offer: :(
    * guarantee you can sell it for the same high price you saw earlier

    You can download the app for free on Google play. Let me know if you feel something is missing or just plain wrong, I'll keep an eye on this topic. I'll be improving the app the upcoming weeks, so your suggestions might be added.

    Some screenshots to give you an impression:

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    I cant update the books price whitout the app crash. This need a little fix. Thank you
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    That's unfortunate, we've managed to reproduce the bug and will fix it ASAP.
    Expect it to be fixed in version 2.0 which is scheduled for release at the end of this week.
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    Due to the severity of the bug we've decided to release the bugfix earlier as version 1.9, it should be available soon and also includes some improvements such as a list with the current itemtype costs.

    This will give us some more time to work on the improvements in version 2. Should you have any requests or comments, please let us know here or on google play.
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    In the first screenshot, you should align the numbers to the right and put in some decimal separators, otherwise it's like guessing the number of zeroes in the AH ;-)

    Otherwise, great job. Gonna try it out right now!

    Okay, just installed, here are some comments (used my phone, tablet is at work):
    -You should put a description for the normal gem in as well, the empty selection in the dropdown menu is... awkward.
    -On the start screen, it asks me to provide a price for a gem. Didn't know how to proceed. Then I found the small little question mark on top right (that is unusual for Android apps) and read the "how to use" guide. It told me to select "done" in the action bar; problem is, I think I don't have an action bar in Android 2.3.3. So I kind of can't use the program the way you designed it.
    -If I select topaz and click on "possible profit" it says "Today's gem is %s!" and is "calculating profits" but never shows anything. Broken? Under construction? ;-)
    -There should be a small label on top of the dropdown boxes. Like "Gem color:", "Gem quality available:", "Gem to be crafted:"
    -The start page should not be the "define AH cost" page, but the "upgrade gem" page. Then, upon selecting the gem color and quality, you could add a popup asking for the current gem cost on the AH for the "originating gem" that you want to use for crafting the upgrades.
    -Like mentioned above, the numbers on the detail page need decimal separators and should be right-aligned.

    Sorry for all the blunt, unadorned feedback. It's better than I made it sound. I actually like the overall visual design of this app and the idea, but at least on my phone with Android 2.3.3 it lacks a bit usability. But I'll stick to it and look forward to your updates! :-)
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    Don't feel sorry Bagstone, your feedback is very useful for us.

    Since we spend some time building the app we get used to it and don't see every interaction the way new users do - after a while everything in the app feels natural. We also haven't run Android 2.x on a real device in a while so new design features like the actionbar and the menu items in it are obvious to us (the menu button you probably use often is no longer available on new devices). We do try to stick to the design guidelines Google has put out for Android 3.x and higher and try to apply these to the older devices as well, such as using the actionbar and displaying as few information as possible on phone screens. Considering ~25% of our current users use android 2.3 we've added this to our tests.

    Reading your problems with the possible profit window: I think you're running an older version which had the problems you describe. It was caused by the build tools 'forgetting' to add some new code which caused the app to either crash or behave rather unpredictable. Please try to update to the latest version and let us know if the problem persists (either here or mail us). We've just run the current version in the Android emulator and everything seems to be working just fine. The only strange thing is the arrow icon between the gems in the detailview - we'll fix this in the next version.

    Regarding the actionbar, you do actually have one :) It contains the menu items such as the help button, the app name and a button to open the menu or close the current screen.

    The decimal separators is a good point and one we've also been thinking about. The main problem we're facing is that in some locales/'languages' the , and . are reversed in their meaning. We'll definetly add this though! We just need to figure out the right way without confusing non-English users.

    Right-aligning is unfortunately more difficult since on a phone this is fine, but on tablets like the nexus 7 this will cause alot of empty space between the description and the value. This is also the problem with translations, as for instance in English:
    Page of Jewelcrafting is in German:
    Seite eines Juwelenschmiedelehrwerks and in Chinese:
    Which most likely is a common cause of nightmares for interface designers ;)

    The workflow we've had in mind for this app (and the one we follow ourselves, but we may be biased!) is that a player logs in to Diablo III and heads for the AH. The first thing you do is to figure out which gems you'd like to sell or buy and enter the current values for them. Next switch to the upgrades view to select the combinations you wanted to sell to check for profitability. The possible profit list was added as an extra to quickly view a full list of all upgrades that offer a profit. This just offers an indication as you'd have to enter all the values to get an accurate list. In the full version you get to see all gem combinations, in the free one there's only one gemtype per day.

    Once again, thanks for your feedback and let us know if your problems persist in the new version.
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    We won't be updating this app since Blizzard will shut down the auction house next month. Make sure you get the gems cheap while you still can!
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