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    Hi Folks,

    i was looking for a simple tool to keep track of my runs, but couldn't find anything that suits me.
    So i went ahead and build a very simple counter+timer in VB. (My first project ever, so properly pretty terrible code but it works more or less)

    If you got any ideas or find any errors just let me know. I'll try to do my best.

    Hope someone finds this useful too. Enjoy!


    • Timer with Start-Resume-Stop-Reset
    • Counter for Elites, Essences, Legendaries, Deaths, Goblins
    • Shortcuts for each counter (ALT+1-5 for '+' and CTRL+1-5 for '-')
    • Minimize to trayicon
    • Always on Top
    • Customize-able colors of timer, form, buttons and label
    • Customize-able fonts (Buttons do not scale according to width tho)
    • Reset counters

    • v0.0.1 - initial Release

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