[TOOL] DPS Calculator for Android devices

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    Hello guys!
    In order to learn Android SDK basics, I developed and just released this simple calculator that lets you compare two weapons or items and the DPS you can gain or lose from each one. This may help you find out which item is the best buy for you.
    You can download it through Google play. Here is the link:


    where you can see some screenshots (sorry for screenshots quality...they are done with an emulator and on your smartphone the application will look better!).
    To download it through your android device simply launch Google Play and Search for "Diablo 3 Calc".

    Current features:
    - Create an hero with your current equipment and save it
    - Calculate DPS gain from 2 different weapons or items
    - Calculate stats equivalences (like +1000 unbuffed dps equals +60 INT or +3.8 CHC and so on)
    - Support for dual wielding
    - Support for passive skills and buffed dps
    - Full support for devices till 5in size. You can still use it on larger devices but the layout will not look as good.

    Future updates:
    - Thinking about adding Effective Health Pool calculations
    - Thinking about adding full support for tablets by tweaking the layout to display more informations at once
    - Italian localization

    Notes on accuracy of calculations:
    - If none of your weapons has a +x% Damage modifier, the calculation is almost exact with a difference of at most 2 DPS.
    - If one or both of your weapons have a +x% Damage modifier the calculation may be off of at most 0.1% when single wielding and 0.2% when dual wielding (this is due to roundings applied by Blizzard to the min-max damage tooltip in the weapon view, which already takes into account the +x% Damage modifier). As you may have already noticed this is common to all the Damage calculators you can find out there and there is no simple way to avoid it. Still this is a very small error...if you have 50000 DPS the computation is off by at most 50 DPS so it should still be acceptable.

    Notes on privacy
    - Since it will eventually be asked, the application doesn't require any kind of authorization, like access to the internet, to the contacts, to the SD card and so on...as you can see in the authorization tab of the application download page. If you have any further doubt you can read about the Android Security System here: http://source.android.com/tech/security/index.html

    I hope you can enjoy it and find it useful. Please report me any possible bug or error in calculations (bigger than what I mentioned before) in this thread or through the contact informations you can find in the application. The interface should be self explanatory and easy to use but if you have any doubt or any kind of question about the application please let me know. I'm also really open to any suggestion to improve the usability and the usefulness of the application.
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    This is a very good idea, thanks
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    There is already an app for this on android that supports importing from d3 official profiles and gives not only dps calculations but also ehp and skill based dps/ehp calculations...

    It is called Gear Guru
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    Thanks. I'll check this out.
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    it doesnt work on my LG GT540 ;(
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    nice idea!
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    nice thanks !
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    Good idea, thank you :)
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    Looks interesting, I'll try it out!
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